Rules for module abbreviations

Deleted or renamed Modules

  1. A module abbreviation shall be unique among all modules in all languages.
  2. If an official abbreviation for a translation exists, it is to be used for a module. In absence of an official abbreviation, a stable, frequently used unofficial abbreviation is to be used, if exists.
  3. A module abbreviation can include a modification/clarification separated by a dash, for example: PMP-CZ, PMP-SK, SDK-C, SDK-L, NHEB-JM, NHEB-ME, NHEB-Y, NHEB-YS.
  4. For the first or the only module of a particular translation, only an abbreviation is used in a module name.
  5. For subsequent modules of a Bible translation, an apostrophe (a single quote) is to be added on the right, followed by an edition year or a revision number (whatever is more recognizable for a particular translation).
  6. A year in a module name - preferably four digits (to prevent ambiguity), for example KJ'1769, KJ'1611+. In cases when a translation is well recognizable and widely used with only two digits of an edition year, and if a year is from the 20th or the 21st century, 2 digits of an edition year can be used instead of 4, for example NRT'14.
  7. MyBible team has a decisive voice in assigning module abbreviations.