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How to work with AutoIt

An example is given for a quick introduction to the program. Those interested can study Help and use the program to the maximum for their own purposes

  • Download and install the program.
  • Download our samples.
  • Sample files can be opened and edited using eg Notepad++, there you will see the use of regular expressions, which are different from those that Notepad ++. But the principle is the same and is quite understandable.
  • Edit our samples the way you need.
  • Click on the edited file MY-NEW-FILE.au3.
  • The program prompts you to select the edited file, specify it.
  • Wait until Notepad opens. We have to wait a little. Sometimes it takes several minutes. But for the ordinary Bible module it take some seconds.
  • Notepad opens, I copy the content and paste into my file. Correct header and save.