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The video shows how we create MyBible modules.

Order of MyBible module creating

The following describes the way of creating a Bible translation module. Other modules are created in a similar way, but they have a separate set of checking and corrective queries.

  • MyBible Modules Format is described but you don't have to create a module database from scratch. Instead you could download an existing module in a needed language.
  • We edit modules databases with SQLite Manager, but you could use another SQLite editor.
  • Download a module to be used as a basis. The closer a module to what you need, the less changes there are to make.
  • Change a module description in the info table.
  • Delete the verses table.
  • Import a prepared CSV file verses.csv into the verses table.
  • Update data types of the verses table fields according to the MyBible modules format description.
    Alternatively, write down the verses table fields datatypes before you delete this table.
  • Execute queries to create indexes and perform data checks.
  • Correct verses data as needed, according to results of the queries.
  • Compact Database.
  • Exit application.
  • Make sure that the module name is <desired abbreviation>.SQLite3.
  • Test the module - place to the /MyBible directory on your device and check from MyBible how it looks and works. If something is wrong, correct the module and test again - until it works fine for you.
  • Send the result to .