I have suddenly lost my modules and settings

It is very likely that you have the Clean Master or another "cleanup application" (e.g. 360 Security) which deletes MyBible's files. If this is the case, please change the cleanup app settings so that it does not touch MyBible.

You could clean Android with a lightweight app Fast Reboot (suitable for low-end smartphones), or with a more powerful All-In-One Toolbox.

By the way, all of the MyBible's files and settings are stored in the /MyBible directory on your device; backing that up is recommended using DropSync (see the "About" text available from the MyBible menu).

The modules are downloaded from the site as text files

This happens when they are downloaded via the browser of your smartphone. These browsers are usually very simple.

Ways to solve it:

  1. Download from computer. Actually we created the website for this.
  2. Use Opera browser.
  3. Rename the modules, for example, 'RST+.TXT' -> 'RST+.SQLite3'.

Do we plan to have a Bible module from Watchtower?

Christian churches are recognized as those that confess the Creed. Jehovah's Witnesses have a different teaching. MyBible does not and will not provide non-Christian Bibles.

How can I donate for MyBible?

MyBible is completely free and does not contain any ads. Authors of the project deliberately do not accept donations for MyBible in any form, as this is work for the glory of the Lord and for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let us give to those who really need it - and they are usually not far from us.

Does MyBible for iOS exist?

On February 15, 2017, the first version of MyBible for iOS has been published at Apple App Store.
The development of MyBible for iOS was started in October 2016 (for comparison, MyBible for Android was started in May 2011), so the iOS version is inevitably behind in functionality compared to the Android version (which continues to evolve).

However, since there is an already proven and polished functionality, user interfaces, and modules, MyBible for iOS in the not-too-distant future can gain enough means for daily reading and deep studying of the Bible.

Can I create modules for MyBible myself?

Yes, but it requires efforts and dedication. It makes no sense to try to master all what's needed to create a single module. It is much more affection to find a good source material and ask us to make a module out of it.

All information relevant to MyBible modules is available at the dedicated section of this site.

How do I access Strong's numbers?

  1. Make sure that MyBible is switched to the full mode (see the menu for the switching item)
  2. Make sure you have at least one Strong's lexicon dictionary module downloaded
  3. Double-tap the module selection button (the leftmost in the Bible window header) to show/hide Strong's numbers in the Bible text,
  4. Select the "Show" menu item, then check "Strong's numbers"
  5. Double-tap a Strong's number in the text to show a corresponding Strong's lexicon article.