History of Releases

Download MyBible new and old releases

MyBible 5.3.3 - October 26, 2021

  1. Upon starting on Android 11 and newer, suggests to the user (up to 3 times) to automatically move the MyBible data from /MyBible to the app's private directory. The goal of this change is to prevent future situations with a seeming loss of MyBible data when the next MyBible version will start on Android 11 and Android 12 devices.
  2. Notes improvements.
    • For a more effective locating and selecting of notes, created a new window "Notes selection".
    • Added a new group of settings, "Notes", with radio buttons allowing to switch between the new "Notes selection" window usage and an old way of navigation in notes, using a popup menu.
    • In the Notes window, added configurable buttons "First", "Previous", "Next", "Last".
    • Eliminated a checkbox setting "Notes window next to Bible" which was no longer meaningful or practical.
  3. Added the night mode control setting "Follow system dark mode".
  4. In the "Bookmarks covering the verse" window added a button to quickly share comments for a bookmark.
  5. Copying of verses from the Search window now also copies the shown Strong's numbers and morphology information.
  1. Bible text search fixes:
    • Restored the "busy" indication when search results are being updated due to a results representing setting change.
    • Fixed a problem when morphology information was not shown in search results if there was no particular text entered for search.
    • Fixed not finding of an exact phrase in double quotes in Bible modules containing words morphology information.
    • Prevented influencing of earlier highlighted verse numbers to search results - verses with highlighted verse numbers were not being found.
    • Fixed a slow search in highlighted text when it is turned on by the "+h" search setting in the search text itself.
    • Fixed a broken search for a double quote itself, denoted in the text to search by a repeated double quote ("").
  2. Prevented highlighting of verse numbers, as not allowing to produce strict search results when searching for highlighted Bible text only.
  3. Notes fixes:
    • Fixed not saving of a selected font.
    • Prevented clearing of color highlighting in currently shown notes when accessing the search in notes functionality.
  4. Fixed a problem with incorrect scrolling of the activated verse popup on the notes entry full screen.
  5. When selecting another active Strong lexicon while Strong's numbers are shown and some replacement for Strong's numbers is specified in settings, the Bible window is updated to show the Strong's number replacements from the newly selected lexicon.
  6. When opening a Bible place from the widget, that place is getting opened in the first Bible window or in a Bible window that uses the same module which is specified in widget settings (earlier a Bible position was opened in a Bible window which the user has touched the last, which was not very predictable).
  7. The system date selection dialog, which MyBible is not able to fully adjust in appearance to match its current theme, is no longer adjusted at all, so that even though it does not fully harmonize with the MyBible theme, it is in return fully readable and legible.
  8. Prevented a possibility for the user to set a too small interface font size or scale, to prevent a situation where user interface texts are not legible and it is virtually impossible to adjust anything else because of this.
  9. Localization updates:
    • the search help is translated into Arabic
    • French localization is updated per a concrete corrective input from Emmanuel Gbêtigan

MyBible 5.3.2 - August 7, 2021

  1. When performing long-running background operations, like indexing of modules or the TTS, MyBible now informs the user and the system about that with a special notification in the system notification area, thus lowering the chance that the system will stop that background process or put the device into deep sleep.
  2. Changed the approach to navigation history in synchronized Bible windows.
    • Synchronized Bible windows used to fully copy the navigation history from a Bible window being scrolled by the user.
    • The above approach was losing the navigation history in individual Bible windows once the windows synchronization is turned on.
    • The above, in turn, was causing distortion of the navigation history when Bible module abbreviations are taken into account in the navigation history.
    • So now Bible windows do not lose their navigation history once the windows synchronization is turned on. Instead, the navigation history in synchronized windows follows the navigation history in the Bible window being scrolled by the user as long as the navigation history in those windows matches; otherwise, the navigation history in synchronized windows is being built further from the current point in their navigation history.
    • Navigation history can now be cleared individually for every Bible window.
  3. The "copy" and "go" check box settings are now separate between different screens having a list of items.
  4. In the full screen notes mode, activation of an auto-hyperlink to a Bible place no longer closes the notes window to show the corresponding Bible place but shows the referenced place in a popup at the bottom of the window. The text is taken from the current Bible module (from the active, that is, last touched, Bible window) unless a Bible module abbreviation is explicitly specified before the reference and the "Recognize module abbreviations in references" setting is on.
  5. When setting the font size for lists with Bible texts, using the "Bible text in lists" setting from the theme element "Interface: Fonts and sizes", the scaling ratio specified in a Bible module being used is now also taken into account.
  6. Supported the modules format extension to have morphology codes meaning stored in Bible modules (this is done for a more convenient support of morphology codes that are unique to particular Bible modules, rather than "standard").
  7. Random verse:
    • The "From sentence beginning" setting is added to the random verse settings.
    • For the random verse mode of the widget, added the "Entire sentence" setting.
  8. Book selection screen layout for modules with right-to-left texts:
    • Since there are Bible modules with Hebrew text and English book abbreviations, added special Bible modules parameters to control the direction of laying out buttons on the book selection screen (see the updated modules format description).
    • The last, incomplete row of book selection buttons with Hebrew abbreviations is now right-aligned.
  9. When selecting individual books (for search, for creating of a reading plan, etc.), a long touch on a book selects/unselects this book and all the immediately preceding books in the same selection state.
  10. When paragraphs and indents are present in a Bible module and are shown, a reading place marker is no longer tied to the left margin but is placed at the beginning of the first word of a verse.
  11. Prevented leaving of a verse number by itself at the very end of a line (a verse number will be wrapped to the next line, so that it stands next the first word of a verse)
  12. Localization updates that were missing in 5.3.0-5.3.1:
  1. Fixed a crash in Memorize when reaching the end of a fragment which does not fit a screen.
  2. Fixed the navigation history popup, which was not being shown in the dictionary window.
  3. Showing of a reading place marker in the Bible text:
    • Fixed a problem of a reading place marker placed in Psalms, shown incorrectly when switching between Bible modules with Russian and English numbering.
    • Prevented "jumping" of a reading place marker a line down when a line where it is drawn crosses the Bible window top boundary.
  4. Corrected accidentally swapped settings for every verse with the new line and usage of subscript/superscript for version numbers - for the "Referenced Bible verses" functionality in the Notes window.
  5. Prevented an undesirable and unexpected firing of a special gesture ("circling" or "horizontal rubbing" of a word) while selecting individual Bible words with a finger movement.
  6. Prevented an unneeded starting of the next verse from a new line when formatting of the current verse in a Bible module contains both the end of indentation and a paragraph break.
  7. Fixed showing of Strong's numbers in search results for non-space-separated Bible translations (e.g. Chinese).
  8. In the Strong's number usage window fixed a problem of not showing the morphology code explanation after tapping a particular morphology in the summary, when the "Summary by morphology first" setting is on.
  9. Fixed showing/not showing of words' morphology in search results.
  10. On the position selection screen prevented accidental starting with a too big chapter number, which was essentially blocking a normal position selection.
  11. Prevented showing in the modules window of the "Ga" language as "Irish".
  12. The ellipsis is no longer added at the copied verse text selected by individual words if the last word of the verse is selected.
  13. Corrected multiple typos in French localization (per a thorough corrective input from Hilaire Gbêtigan).

MyBible 5.3.1 - May 4, 2021

  1. Among the navigation settings for the Bible added a setting "In navigation history take into account switching between modules".
  2. Convenience enhancements for reading plans:
    • On the Start Screen, reading plans section, extended the functionality of the button which was shown only when you were ahead of the plan. The "adjust" button there now allows you to adjust/move the plan so that there is no shown advancing or lagging behind.
    • In the reading plans window added a setting "Show advancing and lagging". Un-checking of this settings results in not showing on the Start Screen, the reading plans section, of information whether you are ahead or behind your tracked reading plans. This lets you pause following your reading plans without the Start Screen unwittingly "rebuking" you. The "adjust" button (see above) will still hint you that you are off the current plan schedule, but you can correct the schedule with that button right away.
  3. Added a possibility to limit shown cross references by a set of books a reference may go to:
    • added a book selection setting in the cross references window (applies ony to that window)
    • for cross references shown in the Bible text added a separate book selection setting - in the "References in Bible text" window
  4. Strong's number usage window enhancements:
    • The overall Bible window settings to show accents and vowelizations are taken into account when grouping words in the summary.
    • When the "Use morphology" and "Alphabetical summary" settings are on, there is now an additional sorting setting "Summary by morphology first".
  5. Added a more obvious way of selecting individual books when selecting a book set: when the user taps the "My selection of books" on the book set selection screen, the selection of individual books is brought up automatically. Note that the long touch on the book set selection control still opens selection of individual books.
  6. Copying of verses from the "Verse in different Bible modules" window now carries descriptions of Bible modules if the user chooses to show module descriptions in that window.
  7. The "Referenced Bible verses" function in the Notes window now uses the settings of copying and sharing of Bible verses.
  8. Updated Polish localization.
  1. Provided auto-scrolling in the Memorize exercises when a fragment being memorized is taller than the available screen area height.
  2. Fixed a defect in handling the verses copying settings when the "Every verse from new line" setting was unintentionally applied when the "Every verse with a number" was off.
  3. Prevented a possible making of an undesired extra empty line upon a long touch of the "Add selected verse(s) to notes" button.
  4. The search settings popup for showing of Strong's numbers is made scrollable vertically, in case the font is enlarged and the phone is in landscape.
  5. Fixed a defect introduced in 5.3.0 with the title of the "Verse in different Bible modules" window not showing the book abbreviation (only showing the chapter and verse numbers).
  6. In the Search settings, fixed the not working setting for showing the word's morphology along with the Strong's number info.
  7. A double and triple tap on the Bible applies to an initially tapped word, not to a word where a repeated tap has landed. This addresses an ambiguous behavior on a sloppy double-tap.
  8. Prevented a crash on early Android versions when opening (with a vertical fling) the list of buttons that did not fit the Bible window header (the crash was happening when in the theme settings showing of list elements as elevated cards was turned on).
  9. The window control button extended settings popup's appearance is now being adjusted when the the appearance theme or the night mode state changes (this was forgotten before).

MyBible 5.3.0 - April 19, 2021

  1. Search-related enhancements:
    • Removed the confusing paintbrush button in the search window, as causing too many users to stumble; the already existing named settings for searching only in highlighted and underlined Bible text are considered to be sufficient and more clear.
    • Search settings button moved closer to the search buttons for an easier access to it, now that it has more frequently changed settings.
    • Highlighting of Jesus' words (in bold) and inserted words (in italic) in search results can now be turned on and off with the new search setting.
    • Added settings to show Strong's numbers in search results.
    • Changed semantics of the characters * and _ in the text entered for search: they used to mean any character (including spaces), now they mean letters of the same word. Thanks to this change, you can now search for word forms. See the updated help text for the search.
    • Now that searching of whole words is made more helpful using * (see above), supported searches like this:
      stand* ~stand
      which means to search for all words starting with "stand" except for the word "stand" itself (will be found words "standeth", "standing", etc.)
    • A couple of search settings is re-formulated, so that every search setting, when checked, only narrows down search results, and absence of checked search settings means the widest possible set of results.
    • Semantics of the "Search words in the specified order" setting is made more helpful: it means now that entered words need to follow each other, although possibly with other words between them (there is a separate improvement to ensure an exact sequence of words with no other words between them).
    • Introduced a special treatment of double quotes in the text to search, meaning "search for this exact text, with nothing additional in between words specified inside double quotes". If you need to search for the double quote character itself, repeat it in the text to search twice, "".
    • Added a search setting "Max number of verses between sought words", which allows you to find verses even if a number of words you remember for the search are not actually all in the same verse but in several verses on a small distance from each other.
    • Added a search setting "Search distinguishing quote and dash types".
    • Supported overwriting of search settings for a particular search using additional latin letters (lowercase or uppercase, does not matter) in the entered text for search: a plus sign followed by a letter means a corresponding search setting to be on for the search; a minus sign followed by a letter means a corresponding setting to be off for the search. The search settings window shows this correspondence of letters to particular search settings. Examples of using this feature in the entered text for search:
      • "Power +c" - means searching of the word "Power" case sensitive, no matter if the case sensitive search setting is on or off.
      • "creator heaven +10+s-m" - search for words "creator" and "heaven" being no more than 10 verses apart from each other; show Strong's numbers in the search results, do not show words of Jesus in bold and inserted words in italic.
    • Search help is fully reworked, to be more informative and helpful, and to cover all the search improvements made.
  2. Enhancements related to copying of verses:
    • For the "Copy" button in the action mode added a long touch handling. The dot is added to the button's icon and the button itself is re-titled in the configurable list of buttons to "Copy selected verses, only Bible text upon long touch". Thanks to this feature, whatever verse copying/sharing settings you have configured (reference style, copying of ancillary information, etc), a long touch on the copy button lets you copy only selected verses or words of the Bible.
    • In case you use selection of individual words in the Bible text but rarely, added the setting "Cancel individual words selection mode after its usage".
    • For enclosing of a cited text into quotes, added selection of the quotes type.
  3. Additional features in the Strong number usage window:
    • The "Use morphology" menu item gives an additional investigation power for Bible modules having original manuscript words morphology embedded in them.
    • The "Alphabetical summary" menu item allows to find different translation words in the summary easier, if that is of more interest than the number of translation word occurrences.
    • The "Summary in column" menu item allows to better grasp the Strong's number usage summary (but will require more vertical scrolling of the summary).
    • The "Copy with Strong's numbers" menu item allows to add shown Strong's numbers and morphology codes when copying verses.
    • A tap on the number of selected verses copies references to selected verses to Clipboard.
  4. TTS-related enhancements:
    • Removed the fixed additional 0.5 seconds pause between speaking of Bible verses.
    • In the "Word enhancements for TTS" window added a menu item "For current position initially", a checked state of which controls whether to auto-specify the current Bible position for a word enhancement when this window is opened. This settings being off is convenient when word enhancements are being created initially for a particular language or Bible module. This setting being on is convenient during a final pass of ironing an already created word enhancements set.
  5. When selecting a Bible book set (e.g. for search), removed a separate vertical triple dot button that was used to call the individual book selection; instead, added an icon with the dot to the the book set button, reminding that a long touch on the book set button calls individual books selection.
  6. The bookmarks button in the Bible window header now opens the bookmarks side panel; a long touch on this button opens the bookmarks window.
  7. When the balloon is closed, the Bible windows highlights for a moment a fragment the just closed balloon was shown for (as a helpful reminder).
  8. Balloon appearance in theme settings ("Windows and balloons" theme element):
    • added a possibility to place the balloon to the left or to the right (can be useful when the balloon width is set to less than 100%).
    • increased the maximum balloon height from 80% to 100%; please pay attention that buttons under the balloon get pushed down outside of the visible area as you approach 100%, so choose the desired height wisely.
  9. Gesture-related enhancements:
    • Simplified descriptions of settings under the "Recognize gestures" control setting.
    • Added a setting "Min horizontal fling distance", allowing to have more or less sensitivity to a horizontal finger movement.
    • Actions of left and right horizontal swipes with one or two fingers are made configurable.
  10. On the bookmark side panel and in the bookmark window the search/filtering fields are marked with the search icon, to more clearly denote what they are.
  1. Search corrections:
    • When searching for words in the specified order, fixed not finding of specified words in case if one or both of them are marked in the module as words of Jesus or words inserted by the translator.
    • Fixed not being able to find words in all capital, like "LORD".
  2. Corrections/clean-ups related to windows synchronization:
    • Removed the setting "Open references to the Bible in a dedicated Bible window, turning off windows synchronization", because un-checking of this setting was causing a confusing behavior and no longer has an obvious meaning.
    • Removed the very old logic of opening a reference in the second Bible window even if the user did not assign it explicitly for opening Bible references.
    • Now, if there is no Bible window explicitly assigned by the user for opening Bible references (such a window has the underlined icon on the window control button), the reference is opened without breaking Bible windows synchronization.
    • A double tap on the window control button toggles the assignment of the Bible window for opening Bible references (before it was able to only set such an assignment to a particular window but not to clear that assignment). As the result, the user now always (even when the "Show window control options upon a long touch of the Bible window control button" setting is off), has a convenient control on whether to break windows synchronization on opening a Bible reference. The indication that there will be no breaking of Bible windows synchronization is the absence of underlined icons on the window control button of Bible windows.
  3. Fixes for the "Verses in different Bible modules" window:
    • fixed a problem with proceeding to a wrong verse in Psalms when proceeding to a Bible module with a different numbering of Psalms.
    • Corrected copying of verses, so that it follows the verses copying settings and thus does not require manual correction after pasting next to verses copied directly from the Bible window.
  4. Fixed a defect of distorted remark balloon appearance after switching of the currently selected dictionary in the dictionary window.
  5. Fixed a defect with words occasionally glued together in a very narrow Bible window.
  6. Fixed a defect with a not working changing of modules order in a Bible module set in case if one or more module in the set is not actually present (not downloaded).
  7. Fixed a defect with the Start Screen automatically shown twice when the landscape orientation is locked in MyBible.
  8. Fixed a not working auto-updating of bundle type modules.
  9. WHen calling the Start Screen manually with a button, it is now shown even in case if there are no assigned reading places, selected reading plans, downloaded daily devotions (to to provide access to the Memorize functionality).
  10. When opening a Strong's number by a tap on a Bible word, with Strong's numbers not shown, fixed a problem of not taking into account a morphology specified for that concrete Strong's number usage.
  11. Fixed a problem with verse numbers not added for copied verses that follow subheadings copied as ancillary information. Also, enhanced placing of ellipsis for not selected words in some cases.
  12. Fixed the mechanism of sharing files, including Android 11 devices where direct sharing of files between apps is no longer allowed.
  13. For the "continuous text" show setting for Hebrew or other right-to-left language fixed a defect with an incorrect highlighting of a fully selected verse.
  14. Fixed a problem with Bible lines not using a space below a bookmark marker until the end of a chapter.
  15. Fixed a problem with a commentary hyperlink attached to the very beginning of a book not showing the book abbreviation and the commentaries module abbreviation.
  16. In the simplified mode, the dialog on applying the just automatically downloaded word enhancements for TTS is not shown, as not applicable for the simplified mode - postponed until the user starts MyBible in the full mode.
  17. Fixed a problem with losing bookmarks coloring in the Bible window after returning from the bookmarks window where only the current bookmark category color was changed.
  18. Enhanced detection of an empty line already present at the end of notes when adding selected verses to notes by a long touch of the "Add selected verses to notes" button, so that an extra (unneeded) empty line is no longer added there.

MyBible 5.2.1 - January 15, 2021

  • Improvements:
    1. Search in Bible text is now capable of finding punctuation characters.
    2. TTS-related enhancements:
      • Added support of bundle modules containing word enhancements for TTS:
        • After downloading of such a bundle MyBible will automatically select it for usage in the current profile, and suggest to select it for usage in other profiles as well (if they are present).
        • MyBible will also check that the Google TTS engine is present on the device and if it is not, or if it is not selected as the default TTS engine - will direct the user to the system TTS settings.
        • Note that the MyBible team has produced TTS enhancements only for the Russian Synodal translation (and even that requires more proofreading and corrections, which will be done with time, and the bundle module will be updated). People who want TTS enhancements for Bible translations in their language, or for other Russian translations, need to organize this work themselves; the MyBible team would only publish the completed work as a bundle module.
      • On the "Word enhancements for TTS" screen added a number of convenience tools in order to edit/polish the word enhancements list.
    3. In the theme window, for a brief time when a theme is modified but not yet saved and applied (giving the user a chance to make more related theme modifications), the theme name in the window header is shown with asterisk. This tells the user that the theme change will be applied in a moment, so they shall not try to scroll the theme editing window, as the scroll position will be affected by applying of the updated theme.
    4. The action of the "Copy ancillary information" setting is corrected to affect explanations as well (explanations were being copied unconditionally).
    5. The "Max entry" checkbox, existed in the portrait orientation of the bookmark entry window, is added also in the landscape orientation, as this is helpful to enter a bookmark description on some tablets.
    6. The information message that the current place is absent in the currently selected Bible module is made of the book title color and of the Bible verse text size.
    7. En Dash (U+2013) and Em Dash (U+2014) characters are now being considered as word separators, so tapping of words joined by those dashes with no spaces between lets those words to be looked up in dictionaries.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed a problem with missing chapters and overlapped Bible text upon a quick navigation from a just opened Bible book to another book.
    2. Bible text TTS:
      • Fixed not applying of the Bible text TTS speed until the speed is updated.
      • Prevented stopping on an empty verse.
      • Fixed not being able to share the word enhancements for TTS due to a grown file size - the file now is being zipped before sending.
    3. Prevented an incorrect numbering of a bookmark for Psalms created directly in the "Bookmarks" window.
    4. Fixes with numbering when selecting Psalms from a Russian Bible module when English numbering is turned on:
      • prevented repeating of chapter number from 5 to 90
      • corrected defining of a maximum verse number
    5. Corrected switching of the dictionary balloon mode and selection of the current dictionary in the balloon (the behavior was damaged in version 5.1.0).
    6. In the list of favorite devotions removed the unneeded empty lines at the end of every article.
    7. Prevented losing of changes in the Notes window when the user interface scale or the content scale changes.
    8. Prevented several reported crashes.

MyBible 5.2.0 - December 3, 2020

  • Improvements:
    1. Localization updates:
      • Serbian
      • Latvian
      • Portuguese
      • Slovak
      • Spanish
      • Romanian
      • French
      • Hungarian
      • Arabic
    2. Bookmark-related improvements:
      • A long touch of a bookmark on the bookmarks side panel now opens that bookmark for editing.
      • Swapped the tap action and the long touch action for the bookmarks information showing control button (in the bottom-right corner under the bookmarks list), so that a tap shows the popup with settings, which was overlooked by some users.
      • Bookmarks without timestamps are now at the end of the list when sorting by dates.
      • The list of bookmark categories now shows the number of bookmarks in each category.
    3. Remark-related improvements:
      • The "with timestamps" setting for showing remarks in the Bible window is now also applied to the Remarks window (so that undesirable timestamps do not interfere with filtering/searching of remarks in the Remarks window by chapter and/or verse number).
      • In the "Notes and remarks" group of setting added the "Check spelling" setting (the same setting is accessible via the header button of the Notes window).
    4. Search-related improvements:
      • In search setting, the setting of search only in highlighted/underlined text is now shown explicitly (in addition to the still available implicit access to this setting using the paint roller button in the settings window itself).
      • Added a setting to search only in words of Jesus.
      • Added a setting to search only in inserted words (added by translators).
      • In search results, found places are now highlighted with color only (not shown in bold anymore), words of Jesus (if they are marked in the Bible module) are shown in bold, inserted words (added by translators, if they are marked in the Bible module) are shown in italic, and words highlighted or underlined by you in the Bible module are still shown underlined.
    5. TTS-related improvements:
      • Added setting "Do not break continuous phrases at verse boundaries" (turned on by default).
      • Extended information in the list of word enhancements for TTS sets.
      • When entering a word enhancement for TTS, the already existing enhancement for the selected word is highlighted in the list.
      • Added a setting to select a current set of word enhancements for TTS.
    6. A long touch on the Bible window control button now opens extended window control options, allowing to turn off synchronization of individual Bible windows. This can be turned off (so that the long touch simply toggles the overall windows synchronization) by unchecking the new setting "Show window control options upon a long touch of the Bible window control button..."
    7. Added a navigation setting "Show verse counts when selecting chapter" (because unconditional showing of verse counts added in MyBible 5.1.0 turned out to be a distraction rather than help for some users).
    8. Corrected appearance of the undo/redo buttons.
    9. Used the backspace icon (instead of the "close" button with a diagonal cross) for the position entry field clearing.
    10. Corrected predefined background and foreground highlight colors in built-in themes, so that there are no repeating colors there (the second half of colors, which was just a copy of the first half, is now distinct and more bleak than the first half). To see these changes, reset themes to their default state (use the pencil button in the header of the Themes window).
    11. In theme settings, "Windows and balloons" theme element, added the "Balloon width" setting.
    12. Quick access to last shown cross references and last shown Strong's number usage:
      • The "Navigation history" Bible window header button now has two ancillary functions: one on a long-tap (last shown cross references, this already existed before), another on a double-tap (last Strong's number usage, this is an added shortcut to call that).
      • There is also a new setting "Navigation history button ancillary action".
      • Besides, the navigation history menu now contains the new item, "Last Strong's number".
      • A double-tap on the "Navigate back" and "Navigate forward" button now opens either the last shown cross references or the last Strong's number usage - whichever of those functionalities was used the last.
    13. When MyBible is used on a Chromebook, the [Esc] key de-maximizes the Bible window, closes the balloon, etc, and only if there is nothing like that, the [Esc] key starts the navigation via keyboard entry (as it did before).
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed the problem with an inability to install MyBible on devices where another application is installed that also uses the RTEditor library.
    2. Disabled auto-backup of MyBible data by Android means - in some cases it was causing MyBible to try to work with a data directory in a location not even present on the current device (resulting in a not working state of the app). Note that Android is not capable to fully auto backup MyBible data (due to the auto backup size limitation of 25Mb), and should you want to back up your MyBible data, please study the "Synchronization" section of the "About" text available from the menu.
    3. Showing of bookmark info in the Bible text:
      • fixed a problem with vertical placement of the first word in the second line
      • fixed not using the paragraph first line indent in the first line of a bookmark info
      • when a bookmark bar is not shown, optimized placement of the bookmark range info, to use less vertical space
    4. Fixed a problem with occasional wrong selection of a verse which is not shown on the screen when tapping verses for their selection.
    5. Corrected a defect when searching in highlighted/underlined text, with not finding a verse in which a sought word was present both as highlighted/underlined and not highlighted/underlined.
    6. Fixed an unexpected copying of a verse number when entering a TTS correction for a word and copying of verse numbers is turned on in settings.
    7. Corrected the initially shown reading plan item in the "Reading plans" window in case if a currently selected there reading plan has "empty days".
    8. The Undo in remarks is prevented from going beyond the initial state of the remarks being edited.
    9. Fixed a problem of the "Add selected verse(s) to notes" button removing HTML formatting from notes.
    10. Fixed a problem with bookmark info appearance in the Bible text when the content scale is not 100%.
    11. Prevented crashes on early Android versions (at least 4.x) after checking the theme setting "List elements as elevated cards".
    12. An attempt is made to prevent an occasionally occurring (hard to reproduce) problem with a missing chapter or a chapter rendered on top of another chapter.
    13. An attempt is made to prevent freezing of the app (white screen or black screen) upon startup on some devices.
    14. Fixed a problem in TTS for ancillary windows, when a reference like 21:12 was pronounced as a time of the day.
    15. Fixes for the bookmark editing window:
      • When editing several bookmarks in the portrait mode of the device, restored the functionality of moving them all to another category (was broken and showing just an empty window).
      • Prevented clearing of an initial comment of a bookmark being edited by the "Undo" button.
    16. Fixed a recently appeared problem with the Memorize exercise 3 ("First letter") when the keyboard was switching to English layout by itself after each letter entry (the problem was observed only on some Samsung devices, likely after a software update on these devices).
    17. When searching in multiple Bible modules, prevented jumping of the progress indicator a little back while searching.

MyBible 5.1.0 - September 5, 2020

  • Improvements:
    1. Supported basic HTML formatting in notes.
      • By default notes are still plain text; use a new button "Notes format, plain text or HTML" to switch to the formatting (HTML) mode and back to plain text.
      • Formatted notes have the ".html" file name extension (unformatted notes still have the ".txt" file name extension).
      • See a separate new theme element "Highlight colors".
    2. For fonts selection, added support of fonts located in /data/fonts, /system/fonts, /system/font.
    3. Added "Undo" and "Redo" buttons when editing texts.
    4. In Bible window header added the "Maximize Bible window" button, which gives maximum room to the Bible text; exit from the maximized Bible window mode (by the "Back" button) restores all windows to the state they were before the Bible window maximizing.
    5. Added a new Bible place selection option: a natural entry of a new Bible position on the keyboard.
      • There is an additional way to start a Bible navigation - a horizontal fling on the Bible position selection button. By default, this gesture opens a new way of entering the Bible position, by natural typing a short Bible place reference on the keyboard. The usage tip for the Bible position selection button is updated to mention this.
      • In the "Control" settings group added the setting "Bible position selection button action", which allows you to make the keyboard entry your main navigation method if you like.
      • When MyBible is used on a Chromebook, the [Esc] key starts the navigation via keyboard entry.
    6. When selecting a chapter number on a separate screen, added the number of verses for each chapter, shown if it fits the available space on the button.
    7. In the settings added a possibility to change the maximum number of Bible windows that can be opened simultaneously using the menu (this was fixed to 3 windows before, now it can be changed from 2 to 8).
    8. Added options to show bookmark info embedded into the Bible text, so that bookmarks from the active bookmark set are easy to remember and to use, when reading for yourself or when presenting a message to a congregation:
      • In the "Show" submenu there are now three bookmark-related checkboxes: "bookmarks: marker bar", "bookmarks: categories", "bookmarks: comments". Combinations of these checkboxes allow useful and convenient presenting of bookmarks in the Bible text.
      • In theme element "Bible: Margins and spaces" added a setting "Bookmark info indents".
      • In the theme element "Bible: Background, highlighting, underlining" added a checkbox "Bookmark info with colored background".
      • Added theme elements: "Bible: Bookmark category", "Bible: Bookmark comment", and "Bible: Bookmark comment - link".
    9. Other bookmarks-related improvements:
      • Bookmark side panel:
        • Rarely used tool buttons removed, so that the bottom part of the panel looks cleaner and is easier to use. The tools removed from the panel are still available from the menu of the "Bookmarks" window.
        • Added a button to select a bookmark set.
        • The number of shown bookmarks is added at the bottom.
        • Added a setting to show bookmark timestamps.
        • Added showing of a bookmark category fore every bookmark, when all bookmark categories are shown - this can also be turned on to be shown always.
        • The "Side panel" usage tip is re-titled to "Bookmarks side panel", as it apparently wasn't drawing attention to itself in the context of bookmarks.
      • Bookmarks window:
        • Now reuses the same configurable list of bookmarks as the bookmark side panel.
        • Creation of several bookmarks now requires less touches.
      • In the Settings window added a setting "covering heading lines" (related to the setting "bookmarks: marker bar") - this new setting allows to change behavior of a bookmark marker bar when it covers header lines preceding the first bookmarked verse: book name, chapter number, subheading.
      • In the list of bookmarks covering a verse (callable from a Bible window), after long-touching a bookmark in the list the appearing action buttons are no longer textual but image (easier to grasp and taking less space).
      • Applicability of the "Notes text" theme setting is extended to cover bookmark comments - that setting now reads: "User-entered text (notes, remarks, bookmark comments)".
      • In the "Show" submenu added the checkbox "bookmarks: active category", which allows to limit bookmarks shown in the Bible text to the currently selected (on the side panel or in the Bookmarks window) bookmark category.
      • In the window showing bookmarks info on tapping on a bookmark marker in the Bible text added a reaction on tap on the bookmark category name and on the bookmark category color bar: the side paned shows this category of bookmarks, with the tapped bookmark visible on it.
      • Elaborated and extended the 'Bookmarks" usage tip.
    10. Reworked settings on activating Bible words for dictionaries lookup:
      • The following types of gestures are now supported for Bible words:
        • activating a word as a hyperlink (single or double tap)
        • >activating a word as a hyperlink plus an extra tap (second or third)
        • rubbing a word horizontally
        • a circular gesture starting horizontally on a word
      • One of the following actions can now be assigned to each of the above gestures independently:
        • no action
        • look up in Strong's lexicons, then in dictionaries
        • look up in dictionaries, then in Strong's lexicons
        • look up in Strong's lexicons only
        • look up in dictionaries only
        • list of all found articles
      • The "Dictionary nuances" usage tip is extended to cover this.
    11. TTS enhancements:
      • MyBible now pauses TTS upon receiving an incoming phone call or upon starting an outgoing phone call - if you grant MyBible permission to the phone call status when it requests it (with a detailed explanation).
      • Added a possibility of correcting pronunciation of words which the system TTS engine pronounces incorrectly. To do that, in the Bible text select a single word that is being pronounced incorrectly, then use a button with an ear icon to adjust placement of the accent in that word or to change letters to be used for pronunciation of that word.
      • Added a usage tip on TTS enhancement.
    12. Auto-hyperlinks improvements:
      • In the "Notes and remarks" settings group added a setting "Recognize module abbreviations in references." This setting is off by default and has the following additional text: "Check this setting only if you really use references with Bible module abbreviations. Such references allow you to open a particular place in a particular Bible module (not just in the current Bible module), but this noticeably slows down auto-recognizing of Bible references in your notes, remarks, bookmark comments."
      • Somewhat increased performance of recognizing Bible references in a user-entered text.
    13. Reading plans-related improvements:
      • When opening the Reading Plans window, the first not yet read item is shown in the list rather than an item assigned to today's date.
      • When you are ahead of a reading plan you follow, on the Start Screen provided a button to "fast forward" the plan, for you to not seem ahead of it (and thus to not have a temptation to reduce the reading tempo).
    14. Memorize functionality improvements:
      • Ensured auto-scrolling to the verse being memorized in the "First Letter" exercise.
      • Supported easy switching between days of the memorize plan, back and forward (this was realized to be an essential feature while working with the Memorize functionality).
    15. Appearance themes-related improvements:
      • In the theme element "Interface: Fonts and sizes" added a group of settings "Presenting of list elements" with a checkbox "List elements as elevated cards" and several related settings.
      • Added adjustment of the color D08 (used for the above new settings along with the color C08). The D08 color is adjusted for built-in themes, so if you will use the above settings with a built-in theme, reset the theme from the Theme window.
      • Maximum text size in theme settings is increased from 40 to 100.
      • Highlight colors, which are now applicable not only to the Bible window but also to notes formatting, are moved to a separate new theme element "Highlight colors".
      • Configuring of a font and size of Bible text in lists is moved from the theme element "Bible: Verse text" to the theme element "Interface: Fonts and sizes".
    16. Eliminated the previously existed mechanism with automatic moving of the MyBible data directory to SD card and back to internal memory at MyBible startup after moving of the app itself by the user to SD card and back. This mechanism was proven to be not practical, because every MyBible app update always automatically moves the app back from SD card to internal memory. The data directory moving tools in the MyBible settings are updated to provide clear options on moving between possible data directory locations.
    17. Improved the approach to scrolling of the Bible text:
      • Immediately after proceeding to a new Bible place, scrolling of the Bible text will be a bit smoother than in previous versions, because the time consuming retrieving of Bible chapters from a Bible module has been moved to a background thread. Still, there could be some small delays in scrolling the Bible text immediately after proceeding to a new Bible place (a compromise that cannot be fully eliminated).
      • In a few seconds after proceeding to a new Bible place (when background retrieving of the current book's chapters is done) all the not yet inserted chapters get inserted at once, almost not noticeable for the user. As the result, in a few seconds after opening a Bible place, scrolling of the Bible text by inertia in both directions will be be smooth, with no delays and no stopping when scrolling towards the beginning of a book.
      • Removed the no longer needed setting "Background retrieval of chapters".<
    18. In the "Show" submenu added the check box "continuous text", which allows to explicitly control whether a verse starts with a new line or not, no matter the verse numbers are shown or not. This check box is mutually exclusive with the "paragraphs and indents" check box.
    19. Supported creation and modifications timestamps for new and updated remarks. Added a setting for showing remark timestamps (off by default).
    20. In the Notes window, a vertical fling on the widest button provides selection list for opening notes (a shortcut for opening other notes).
    21. Spell check in the Notes window can now be turned on and off with the new header button - helps to correct the "all words are red" situation that occasionally occurs in notes (likely due to a system defect).
    22. When rearranging window header buttons in settings, an improvement is made to not need to scroll the list of buttons, just to keep tapping on the same screen place to keep moving a particular button up or down.
    23. For configurable buttons in window headers added a new setting "Use one slot for drop down list opening button" - this allows to show one more button if desired.
    24. When switching a user interface language, and there is not yet a downloaded Bible module in a selected language, the Welcome screen is shown automatically, which starts automatic downloading of default modules in selected language.
    25. In the Strong Number Usage window added a checkable menu item "Single nearest word only".
    26. Switching between lexicons and a dictionaries for the same word using the long touch on the navigation button under the balloon no longer switches the global mode of activating a word hyperlink.
    27. In widget settings added a checkbox "Make the settings button on the widget invisible (no icon)".
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed selection of particular subheading modules for showing (broken in the version 5.0.5).
    2. Fixes related to bookmarks:
      • Fixed incorrect placing of a bookmark when the current numbering is "Native" and a bookmark is being placed to a Psalm having different Russian and English numbering.
      • Fixed maintaining of bookmark creation and modification timestamps. When a bookmark creation timestamp is the same as a bookmark modification timestamp, only one timestamp is shown for a bookmark.
      • Fixed not working entry of bookmark comments in landscape orientation of the device.
    3. Prevented a situation when an auto-updated Bible module, despite automatically prepared for a quick search after its auto-updating, was being considered by the app as not yet prepared for a quick search, and was being prepared for a quick searching again upon accessing the Bible search.
    4. Filtering and highlighting in lists:
      • Prevented appearance of unexpected characters when highlighting found fragments among the filtered items.
      • In the "Modules" window the filtering is now done as everywhere else: the user can enter several space-separated fragments in an arbitrary order.
    5. For searching without accents, fixed not removing the Greek Psili for correct search results. Re-download a Greek module you have a problem searching in without accents.
    6. In the "Settings" window:
      • added the accidentally forgotten there "accents" and "vowelizations" checkbox settings, so that they can be found by settings lookup
      • slightly rearranged settings in the "Show in Bible window" group and a few settings groups below that
    7. Fixed editing of user-defined cross references that point to Psalms (where the numbering is different between Russian and English Bibles).
    8. When auto-recognizing references to Bible places in notes, bookmark comments, remarks, special space characters no longer cause otherwise valid references to not be recognized.
    9. Prevented losing of the current reading plan item upon rotating the device on some reading plan items.
    10. When switching the book selection from a list to a grid of buttons, prevented a reduced height of the grid if the virtual keyboard was shown.
    11. Corrected appearance (fitting the screen, scrolling) of submenus when used in landscape mode with enlarged interface font.
    12. When tapping a concrete commentary in the list of all commentaries covering a verse, corrected opening of that tapped commentary in the commentaries window (could have been not actually shown before).
    13. Fixed action of the "remarks" checkbox in the "Show" submenu (was affecting showing of bookmarks instead of remarks).
    14. The setting "Word hyperlink opens a dictionary article in the balloon (when a dictionary window is not open)" now also works for opening of dictionary lookup from the menu.
    15. Fixed the "New Testament from new line" menu setting on the book selection screen, which was not working for modules that contain Apocrypha.
    16. Theme corrections:
      • "Cloud" theme is corrected per a received feedback for it.
      • Menu icon color corrected for the "Turquoise" theme.
    17. Small corrections of the French localization.
    18. Completed Polish localization.
    19. Prevented several reported crashes.

MyBible 5.0.5 - December 29, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. Favorite module in a Bible window:
      • A Bible module abbreviation is now underlined on the Bible module selection button when a favorite Bible module is shown (as selected by the "Favorite Bible module" button in the window header). The usage tip for the Bible module selection button is extended with this information.
      • A long touch of the "Favorite Bible module" button when a favorite Bible module is already assigned and shown (module abbreviation on the button is underlined) de-assigns a favorite module for this window.
    2. In the "Strong number usage" window added a possibility of selecting a Strong lexicon module for that window.
    3. In the "Topics in dictionaries" window added the standard controls to go to, to copy, or to do nothing on tap on shown dictionary articles, so that it is more convenient to work with found dictionary articles.
    4. Enhanced readability of some commentary articles presented as plain text in the list of commentaries.
    5. Added descriptions on the two action buttons in the Memorize window.
  • Fixes:
    1. When editing a bookmark, fixed not working selection of bookmark categories on Android 4.3 and older versions.
    2. On Android 5.1 and older, added a button to close the usage tips, as the system "Back" button quit closing the usage tips in some cases since the version 5.0.3.
    3. When opening a dictionary topic in the dictionary window for a word tapped in the Bible text, prevented ignoring of the current (that is, last explicitly selected by the user) dictionary module.
    4. Usage of the "Favorite Bible module" button now causes adjustment of the Bible window header buttons for the longest possible Bible position string in the selected module (this is natural but was forgotten in previous versions).
    5. Corrected appearance of the color selection dialog (several elements on it became not readable in 5.0.4).
    6. When selecting individual words in a Bible verse, long-touching to the right of the rightmost word selects the rightmost word (was selecting the leftmost word).
    7. Prevented several reported crashes.

MyBible 5.0.4 - December 15, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. When sending MyBible logs for a support request (e.g. by a long-touch of the "About" menu item), the application version, Android version, and device information is added at the beginning, as it may be absent in the logs.
    2. Added mapping of the Tagalog language code in modules ("tl") to the Filipino language code for Filipino TTS ("fil"), so that TTS actually works in MyBible for Tagalog modules.
  • Fixes:
    1. Prevented a problem of a too tall dialog that was pushing buttons out of the accessible area.
    2. Fixed a problem of not downloading automatically (for a clean installation) the default modules which are language-neutral (cross references). The problem appeared in the version 5.0.0, with introduction of the Welcome screen.
    3. An attempt is made to prevent a never closing splash screen in some cases.
    4. From the usage tips removed a long-obsolete statement regarding a separate set of notes for every profile.
    5. Prevented several reported crashes.

MyBible 5.0.3 - December 7, 2019

  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed an inconvenience of starting to enter a bookmark description - only the very top strip of the big bookmark description area was reacting on a tap to show the virtual keyboard.
    2. Prevented hiding of vowelizations and accents in the Bible text after an upgrade from MyBible 5.0.1, if individual window settings were used in Bible windows.
    3. Prevented a crash on an attempt to warn the user that they have the "Don't keep activities" developer's option turned on on the device.
    4. Prevented a reported crash when launching on older devices.

MyBible 5.0.2 - December 6, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. Interface font sizes:
      • Eliminated an unplanned dependency of the font size in HTML-based windows (commentaries, dictionary, devotions) from the fonts scale specified on the system level.
      • Changed approach to font usage in different lists:
        • For Bible texts in verse lists (in windows like Search, Verse in different modules, Strong number usage) added a new theme setting, "Font in list" in the "Bible: Verse text" theme element. Use auto-selection of a theme for a concrete Bible module or language to have verses in a list shown in different fonts for different Bible modules.
        • For lists of commentary articles, dictionary topics and so on the "Text in windows and balloons" theme setting is used (from the "Windows and balloons" theme element).
        • The rest of the lists use the "Interface text" theme setting (from the "Interface: Fonts and sizes" theme element).
        • In the "Scale" submenu added the interface scaling percentage, thus providing for easy adjustment of interface sizes for the entire user interface.
        • The "MyBible Interface Colors Guide" document available from mybible.zone is reworked into the "MyBible Interface Tuning Guide" to cover the fonts as well.
      • The "Notes text" theme setting now fully controls the remarks text (previously the remarks font size was taken from the "Windows and balloons" theme element).
      • On the Welcome screen added control of the interface and content fonts scale.
    2. Showing of Bible text:
      • In the "Show" submenu added the settings "accents" and "vowelizations"; tested on Hebrew and Russian modules.
      • When "paragraphs and indents" is checked in the "Show" submenu, the cross references, if also checked there, are shown as a continuation of the text on the last paragraph line; when "paragraphs and indents" is not checked, the cross references are shown on a separate line.
    3. Performance:
      • Somewhat shortened the MyBible start time.
      • Improved performance of auto-recognizing Bible references.
    4. Bookmark search improvements:
      • In the "Bookmarks" window added a possibility to filter bookmarks using a book set selection (can be hidden via the menu there).
      • The bookmarks side panel allows showing of all bookmarks, since there are filtering possibilities now.
      • When selecting a bookmark category, provided a possibility to filter categories in the selection list.
    5. Notes window header buttons:
      • For the "Referenced Bible verses" action the cross references icon is used instead of the "Send" icon.
      • Added the "Share" button for sending of currently open notes.
      • The "Show countdown to a particular time or for a particular duration" button is now hidden by default.
    6. Themes:
      • In theme settings added a checkbox "Wide dialog buttons (taking the entire width of a dialog window)".
      • Corrected the color adjustment approach for the virtual system navigation buttons.
      • The "Maximum font size for selection buttons" theme setting now actually works for sizes smaller than 14.
      • Added a new theme "Cloud", created by Ivan Bush.
    7. In the "About" text added a possibility of requesting support by sending MyBible logs.
    8. Welcome screen is rearranged to ensure that upon its opening the user always sees the scaling controls and the appearance theme selection.
    9. In the "Modules" window abbreviations of default modules (the ones being downloaded automatically for a particular language) are now underlined.
    10. Icons on the value changing buttons changed to more obvious "+" and "-".
    11. When selecting a Bible book using a list with a textual filter, the virtual keyboard is being closed on tapping on the list item.
    12. Where filtering/search by a text fragment is used, removed a separate button with the "backspace" icon and added another, more compact, appearing as needed button to clear the text.
    13. When editing a bookmark, the description scrolls more naturally now, and more space is given to enter a big bookmark description.
    14. On the individual book selection screen added the button "Select all".
    15. The action of the "Favorite Bible module" button in the Bible window header is improved to toggle between an assigned favorite Bible module and a Bible module selected before that. This way it is convenient to switch to a favorite Bible module for a moment, e.g. for a better understanding of the text, and then come back to the previous Bible module.
    16. In the "Screen" submenu added the setting "Clock on the menu button".
    17. Updated French localization.
  • Fixes:
    1. Search fixes:
      • Fixed search of highlighted/underlined words in Bible modules without spaces (e.g. Chinese).
      • Fixed marking of words highlight/underline in the search results.
      • Turning of the device's screen off while the search is in progress no longer stops the search and required indexing of modules. This shall prevent the situation in the future when a module indexing cannot complete before the search due to a short screen off delay set on the device, and the user thinks that the search functionality is broken.
      • Prevented distortion of some Church Slavic characters in search results when the "Search ignoring accents" search setting is on.
      • For searching in Russian Bible translations fixed not finding the letter "ё".
    2. Corrected a problem of dictionaries stopping to work normally (until the MyBible full restart) in case if a dictionary module was automatically updated on the background.
    3. Since the customised appearance of dialogs (according to MyBible theme settings) did not work on Android 10, reworked the implementation of dialogs; they are of the interface panel colors now.
    4. Corrected the color usage in the countdown timer in the Notes window: the fixed yellow color (for the expiring timer) and red color (for the expired timer) are no longer used; the highlighted element color (E05) is used for the expired timer.
      In the built-in themes Jeans, MyBible original, Red Bus, Turquoise the color E05 is corrected (taken from the color C05); in order to see this change, reset the theme to its initial state (using the Theme window).
    5. When filtering in "Remarks" and similar windows, prevented appearance of unexpected characters "br/>" where a line break is supposed to be.
    6. Enabled a mistakenly disabled copying of a default profile.
    7. Fixed a not always worked opening of the shown Bible place from the widget, when the widget is configured to a reading plan that points to entire chapters.
    8. Fixed the setting "but without abbreviation for:", which upon the repeated opening was showing not the selected module but the previous one in the list.
    9. Fixed copying of special Bible module set types.
    10. Fixed a problem with the text color in commentary articles containing tables (the problem was visible mostly in the night mode).
    11. Fixed action of the "Next Bible module" button: it now follows the order of Bible modules in the quick selection list also if a Bible module set is being used for quick selection of a Bible module.
    12. Notes window:
      • Corrected color appearance of the upper part of the separate notes window.
      • The scroll position of notes is now kept by the first visible line, including when switching between the notes window and the separate notes entry screen.
    13. Corrected color appearance of the upper part of the separate "Notes" window.
    14. Fixed highlighting of found words in bookmarks, remarks, etc. in case if found text contains accents.
    15. For speaking (TTS) of an ancillary window content prevented inappropriate transformation of normal words to Bible book names, e.g. word "He" to "Hebrews", "Son" to "Song of Solomon": such a transformation is now only performed if a word is followed by an integer, representing a chapter or verse number.
    16. Chinese localization corrections.
    17. Prevented reported crashes.

MyBible 5.0.1 - September 27, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. Prevented a message on automatic launching of the Start Screen when there is nothing to show there.
    2. Added the setting "Adjust system navigation bar color".
    3. Localization updates:
      • Romanian
      • Chinese traditional
      • Chinese simplified
      • Ukrainian - corrected reported imperfections
  • Fixes:
    1. Bible search fixes:
      • Fixed the search problem in the version 5.0.0 when re-indexing of Bible modules was happening with every search until the module was updated via the "Modules" window.
      • Since starting the version 5.0.0 punctuation characters are always ignored when searching, the indexing is now performed for modules that were not indexed before (e.g. English modules without embedded Strong's numbers), so that the search behaves the same in all the modules.
    2. Verses nn the bookmarks side panel now use the font configured for verse text in the Bible window, just as it is done in the Search window and in the "Verses in different Bible modules" window.
    3. Corrected small defects the the themes Jeans, Red Bus (you need to reset the theme to its predefined state to see the changes).
    4. Prevented a hangup/crash problem when the user configures two themes to borrow something from each other.
    5. Somewhat optimized internal operations on opening of a module, which shall potentially accelerate some operations on slower devices.
    6. Prevented reported crashes.

MyBible 5.0.0 - September 16, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. Reworked appearance of the user interface:
      • The outline-style Material Design icons have been used in the application.
      • Eliminated a dis-balance of the ancillary windows being always dark, no matter day or night mode selected in the Bible window. Colors of ancillary windows are now adjustable through theme settings for day and night modes separately.
      • Theme elements that belong to the Bible window are clearly named as such.
      • Several rather confusing theme elements merged together, so that there are more clear Bible window-related theme elements the following additional theme elements: "Interface: Colors", "Interface: Fonts and sizes", "Windows and balloons".
      • A color now can be edited in the hexadecimal form - by a long touch on a color square in the Themes window.
      • In the Theme window provided undo/redo for theme changes (in the list of actions opened by the triple vertical dot button).
      • Added built-in themes "Golden Compact", "Jeans", "Red Bus", "Turquoise" which use the new possibilities of the entire MyBible user interface adjustment.
      • In the Theme window added a possibility of borrowing (and copying) settings from other themes. This gives you a convenient starting point for tuning of your own theme.
      • A minimum adjustable font size is reduced from 10 to 5.
    2. Improved the first start of MyBible:
      • instead of opening the rather rich in content Modules window (which has been repeatedly reported as repelling a novice MyBible user), MyBible now shows the Welcome Screen that more clearly guides the user
      • the Welcome screen also stimulates the user to try different new appearance themes
      • the Welcome screen can be called manually, if desired, by a long touch on the Start Screen button, or a on a corresponding menu item
    3. The "Show navigation items in the Main Menu" setting is removed and replaced with a possibility to adjust the entire Main Menu - what items are shown, in how many columns and in what order. The menu adjustment mode is activated by a thin tappable bar at the very bottom of the menu.
    4. Added the screen setting "Hide buttons on scroll", which in combination with the "Full screen" setting provides a true "no distraction" mode for Bible reading.
    5. Book selection window improvements:
      • Added an option of using a list of book abbreviations and titles.
      • For landscape mode, added an option to place position entry buttons to the right.
      • In the "Interface: Colors" theme element provided more options on coloring when selecting a Bible book.
      • Added menu item to start New Testament books from new line.
      • In the window title added abbreviation of the current Bible module.
    6. Provided quick access to favorite dictionary topics (primarily for a quick access to favorite maps while reading the Bible).
      • In the Bible window header added the "Favorite dictionary topics" button.
      • In the dictionary balloon, added buttons at the bottom-left to add/remove a shown dictionary topic to favorite ones, and to move between favorite dictionary topics.
      • The sorting of favorite topics, alphabetically or by date of adding to favorites, is selected in the "Favorite dictionary topics" window.
    7. Added the "Topics in dictionaries" Main Menu item, allowing access to looking up dictionary topics without a need to open the Dictionary window first.
    8. Supported the concepts of module sets, that is, selections of modules by the user, in a particular order:
      • A module set can now be used for quick selection of a Bible module: when selecting Bible modules for a quick selection (upon a long-touch of the Bible module selection button), see the icon in the window header to switch to module sets and back to the full list of modules).
      • A module set can now be used for selection and ordering of Bible modules for comparison ("Verse in different Bible modules" functionality).
      • Module sets are now also used for searching in several Bible modules.
    9. Search improvements:
      • Reworked the concept of searching many Bible modules: now there are configurable module sets, with a user-defined order of Bible modules in a set.
      • When searching in a set of modules, added a setting on returning a single result for every found verse (from the first Bible module where it was found) - activated/deactivated on a double-tap on a search in modules button.
      • Punctuation characters are now always ignored when searching.
      • Added settings for searching within particular highlight/underline types - activated by a long-touch on the paint roller button.
      • When selecting found verses for copying, a tap on the number of selected verses now copies the selected verses reference to Clipboard.
    10. Notes, bookmarks, remarks now support external hyperlinks starting with "http://" or "https://
    11. Updated the function of the word hyperlink action button, that can be shown on a vertical fling on the module selection button in the header of the Bible window:
      • The button now affects a dictionary balloon content, if the dictionary balloon is shown. This button is now the second shortcut to switching the dictionary balloon content, the first shortcut being a long-tapping the navigation button under the balloon.
      • The default set of options of the word hyperlink action button, which is "Strong", "Dictionaries", and "No action", can be changed to a reduced set of options - only "Strong" and "Dictionaries" - by a long-tap on the button. This way the button becomes a convenient tool for checking/changing what type of a dictionary article will be shown when you double-tap a word in the Bible text. This is handy, for example, when you usually look up Strong's lexicon, but occasionally switch to dictionaries to check out some place on a map, and forget to switch back to the Strong's lexicons right away.
      • In the full mode, the usage tips for the Bible module button is extended with information on the word hyperlink action button.
    12. Updated the way the window control button in Bible windows indicates its function and the current state - see the updated usage tip on this button.
    13. In the Devotions window, added a separate configurable button to set a series start day (this functionality was only available upon a double-tap on the current day button - not very obviously).
    14. Added an explaining message when the Start Screen is called and yet there is nothing to show on it.
    15. Verse copying settings improvements:
      • For the "Every verse with a number" settings added the following sub-settings:
        • "Every verse from new line"
        • "Use subscript characters for verse numbers"
        • "Use superscript characters for verse numbers"
      • For the "Reference with Bible module abbreviation" setting added a sub-setting "but without abbreviation for", so that the abbreviation of a commonly used (user-selectable) Bible translation is omitted when sharing verses, but an abbreviation is specified when occasionally sharing verses from other Bible translations.
    16. In the Settings window added menu items to save a state of settings and to restore settings from a saved state. This allows an easy return to a known "good" state of settings, so you can safely experiment with not yet known settings without a need to memorize what exactly you were changing.
    17. In the verses selection mode, tapping the selected verses position(s) indicator now copies to clipboard a reference in a style configured in settings for verses copying (was copying always only a book abbreviation followed by selected chapter and verse information).
    18. Added a setting "Use Cantonese TTS for Chinese texts".
    19. In the Bible window header added the "Favorite Bible module" button.
    20. Supported external hyperlinks (starting with http:// or https://) in dictionaries, commentaries, devotions.
    21. A long touch on the "Previous chapter" button in the Bible window header and in the corresponding menu item, moves to the first chapter of the current book.
    22. The "copy" and "go" radio buttons present on different screens for working with items in the shown list are changed to checkboxes. This way the user can have neither of this action selected, which is more convenient if the user simply wants to rear through the shown list items, with no risk of accidental tepping or long-touching, and without any visual effect of touching.
    23. In the "Topics in dictionaries" window added history of shown topics.
    24. Maximum underline thickness is increased from 10 to 20 pixels.
    25. Start screen is available in the Simplified Mode as well.
    26. Improved the action of the fling right on the Bible text: if the current verse is not the first verse of the current chapter, moves to the beginning of the current chapter instead of the beginning of the previous chapter.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed the list of available themes in the Theme window - was not showing up on some devices when buttons are placed at the bottom of the window.
    2. Prevented resetting of search results after inserting a remark into the Bible text.
    3. Corrected appearance/behavior of the bookmark category entry window in landscape orientation.
    4. When deleting a module, added deletion of the -wal and -shm files that are being created by the SQLite engine on newer devices.
    5. In the "Verses in different Bible modules" window the Bible position is no longer repeated for every Bible module, if the verses being shown are all from the same chapter. When copying and sharing verses, the Bible position is still unconditionally shown for every Bible module, so that origin of the copied text is clear.
    6. In the Strong's number usage window fixed a problem of not showing pertinence of a Strong's number to a single word letter. E.g. G4314 was not shown in several cases as belonging to a Russian preposition "ะบ".
    7. Fixed a problem of auto-hyperlinks to Bible places "not seeing" an increased verse count in an updated Bible module and thus not recognizing references like Num 16:50 (as there are only 35 verses in Numbers 16 in several Bible modules while there are 50 verses in others).
    8. Corrected action of commentaries hyperlink for commentaries preceding a verse and for commentaries concluding a verse: for cases when there was both a preceding and a concluding commentary for the same verse both hyperlinks were showing the same combined commentaries article, now they show preceding and concluding commentary articles, respectively.
    9. In the "Modules" window, prevented a situation when the "Delete" button is not visible on small screens (the "Delete" button is now always in the overflow menu though).
    10. When adding a bookmark from the "Bookmarks" window, the "OK" button is disabled until the bookmark location (range of verses) is specified - to prevent creation of bookmarks pointing nowhere.
    11. When editing a custom reading plan, already existing progress of the plan is now being reset only in case of a change in the number of days or in the flag of breaking chapters.
    12. Fixed a problem of not showing dictionary modules as loaded if the Modules window is opened very soon after starting of MyBible (so that the background process of loading dictionaries for their usage from the Bible window was not completed yet).
    13. The current mode of a commentaries window can now be specified separately for each of the opened commentaries windows. (Previously due to an omission there was a single setting for the commentaries window mode, and that was causing a behavior confusion while using more than one commentaries window).
    14. Fixed the TTS in the Bible window - it did not want to continue speaking from the place where the user has scrolled the Bible text to while the TTS was ongoing.
    15. In the cross references window, references are no longer removed to books not present in the current Bible translation (they are now shown with empty texts instead).
    16. Automatic showing of the virtual keyboard, e.g. on tapping the "Clear" button in the Search window, is made more reliable (was not working well on Android 9).
    17. When renaming and copying profiles, notes etc., the "OK" button is no longer enabled until the entered name differs from the initial one.
    18. Fixes related to auto-recognized of hyperlinks to Bible places:
      • Fixed a problem of not taking into account specified Bible module abbreviations in remarks and in bookmark descriptions.
      • Fixed recognizing of module abbreviations containing special characters.
      • Fixed recognizing of Bible references in languages which is not the same as a language of the current Bible module.
    19. Search fixes:
      • Fixed not working stopping of Bible modules indexing while searching.
      • Fixed the logic of finding highlighted/underlined words: was looking for verses where any word is highlighted or underlined, now looks for verses where specified words are highlighted or underlined.
    20. Fixed opening of MyBible upon a tap on the widget if the widget is configured to open a verse in a profile other than the profile currently selected in MyBible.
    21. Fixed applying of the TTS rate to ancillary windows.

MyBible 4.8.9 - March 14, 2019

  • Improvements:
    1. Elements of the reading plans window laid out more rationally in the landscape mode.
    2. Icons for commentaries functionality are updated to less resemble the copy functionality icon.
    3. A minimum TTS rate is reduced from 0.5 to 0.05.
    4. In exercises of Memorize, the current verse is auto-scrolled to the top of the window.
    5. In the "Verse in different Bible modules" window, if more than one verse is shown, verse numbers are now shown for a better convenience of comparing.
    6. In the "References" window tapping on the verse at the top navigates to that verse in the Bible window (this is useful when the "Reference" window is called from the navigation history list, so that it is now easy to return to the initial point of the cross references investigation).
    7. A long touch of the "Navigation history" button in the Bible window header now performs the "Last references" action.
    8. In the "Strong's number usage" window added a possibility to call the "Verses in different Bible modules" window for verses selected in the list of found verses.
    9. In the the "Verses in different Bible modules" window corrected the way position information is represented (to suit the new usage of this window, see above).
    10. Default chapter and verse numbering is changed from being Russian on devices with Russian localization and English on other devices, to native - in order to avoid questions from beginner MyBible users on why is Psalms numbering "shifted".
    11. The action of the "Profiles" button in the header of the Bible window header is changed to show a dropdown list of available profiles to select from (a long touch on that button shows the "Profiles" window).
    12. Sorting of bookmarks and bookmark categories by description is made case-insensitive.
    13. Added missing parts of Latvian localization of the user interface.
    14. Added Serbian localization of the user interface.
  • Fixes:
    1. Deleted a problematic (causing a crash on an initial application launch) and no longer maintained Lithuanian localization of the user interface.
    2. Prevented a still existed possibility to show a context menu and paste text (overwriting the entire existing content) in the read-only mode of the Notes window.
    3. Small corrections of German localization texts.
    4. Prevented crashes reported for the version 4.8.8.

MyBible 4.8.8 - December 25, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. In a usage tip on reporting a module defect added words "mistake" and "typo", so that this usage tip will more likely be noticed by the user when searching for a way to report a module defect (this is done in English, Russian, and Ukrainian usage tips only).
    2. The navigation setting "Toggle night mode by the screen tap with three fingers..." is turned off by default to prevent accidental turning on the night mode by beginner users.
    3. When switching from the "Select verses..." action mode to the "Text-to-Speech (TTS)" action mode, selected verses are cleared. This way the "Text-to-Speech (TTS)" action mode clearly serves for speaking of the Bible text throughout from the current verse. There is still a possibility of speaking selected verses only - using the TTS button in the "Select verses..." action mode.
    4. When showing a commentary hyperlink in a balloon, the "Next" button is now available under the balloon, to switch to the next commentary hyperlink in the tapped verse (if there is more than one commentary hyperlink for that verse).
    5. In a Bible window, a vertical fling (showing configurable buttons which did not fit) now also works on the position selection button and on the menu button, so that even if none of configurable buttons is shown, it is still possible to access them.
    6. Small correction in the English localization, as the result of a review by native speakers.
  • Fixes:
    1. When setting a text scale, fixed not scaling of Strong's numbers and remark markers.
    2. In the "First letter" exercise of the Memorize functionality corrected a situation with impossibility to enter a letter if there is more than one punctuation character before a word (e.g., two different types of quotes).
    3. The "Memorize" button in a bookmark popup window in the Bible window now closes the bookmark popup window before performing its action.
    4. In some places of the user interface (messages in a commentaries window, messages in a dictionary window, etc.), fixed usage of texts in the system default language instead of texts in a language selected by the user in MyBible settings.
    5. In a dictionary window fixed the button "Next dictionary containing the current topic" that did not work in case if the current Bible module has Strong's numbers with morphology indications.
    6. Fixed not working reminder notifications for the Memorize functionality.
    7. In the Bookmarks window, fixed a not working showing of a bookmark modification date.
    8. Prevented crashes reported for the version 4.8.7.
    9. (Technical) Explicitly prevented leaving of unfinished activities when re-opening MyBible via the icon on the device's home screen.

MyBible 4.8.7 - November 25, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. In the "Data directory" settings group:
      • Removed tip texts that are not applicable in the current situation.
      • Disabled the "Select" button when the application itself is moved to SD card (a data directory in this case can only be located in the default directory on SD card, so there is no point in allowing the selection).
      • Tapping the "Select" button always starts the selection from internal memory, even if currently the data directory is located on SD card - it is done this way because it is always possible to navigate from internal memory to SD card, but not possible on some devices to navigate from SD card to internal memory.
    2. When a native numbering of chapters and verses is selected in settings, selection of another Bible module having different numbering now automatically adjusts the current position, so that the same original place of Scriptures shown in the selected Bible module as was shown in a previously selected Bible module.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed showing of all commentaries for a verse from a commentaries window if a commentary article for an entire book or chapter is shown there (was always showing commentaries for Genesis 1:1).
    2. Fixed showing of random verse settings when header buttons are configured to be shown at the bottom of the window.
    3. Corrected behavior of the "Select" button in the "Data directory" group of settings:
      • The "Select" button is disabled when the app itself is moved to SD card, because in this case the app only allows placing of the data directory into a default directory on SD card.
      • The "Select" button now always starts the selection from the built-in memory, because on some devices, if the selection starts from the SD card, there is no possibility to select a directory on the built-in memory.
    4. When starting the Action Mode by a long touch on the Bible text, prevented a situation with no selected verses and no selected words in the Active Mode, if a long touch was made not on a word of the Bible text while selecting of individual words is on.
    5. Corrected a problem of jumping to the beginning of the book in the second Bible window when a Bible module in the second window does not contain a book selected in the first window.
    6. Memorize corrections:
      • Fixed non-completion of the last day of a memorization program in case if the total number of verses to memorize is not a multiple of the number of verses to memorize per day.
      • Passing of an exercise from the history (pulled from the list at the bottom) no longer causes unexpected marking of a current day's exercise as passed.
    7. Fixed crashes reported for 4.8.6.

MyBible 4.8.6 - November 19, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. "Data directory" settings group clarifications:
      • Added a tip on how to move data to SD card in case if the device does not support relocation of the application itself to SD card.
      • Taking into account the added tip, corrected the information message on whether the current data directory will be automatically deleted if the application itself is deleted.
  • Fixes:
    1. Corrections related to cross references:
      • When cross references are shown in the Bible text, prevented repetition of the same cross references (there is no repetition in a cross references popup already).
      • Ensured re-displaying of cross references in the Bible window after the user changes the desired order of showing cross references in the "References" window.
      • Eliminated a small mismatch in the order of references when showing in a balloon and when showing in the Bible text.
    2. Corrected action of the word hyperlink action round button (called by a vertical swipe on a Bible module selection button) - the "No action" setting was not turning off hyperlinks on Bible words right way.
    3. Fixed several crashes reported for 4.8.5.

MyBible 4.8.5 - November 14, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. Improved functionality of the second dictionary window:
      • A dictionary window mode (Strong's lexicons or dictionaries) in the second dictionary window is now maintained independently, so that you can have the first (main) dictionary window showing a Strong's lexicon, and the second dictionary window showing a dictionary - both for the same word tapped in a Bible translation.
      • A preferred dictionary module in the second Bible window is now also maintained independently, so that you can simultaneously see articles for a tapped word from two of your favorite dictionaries.
    2. Showing of a map full-screen (upon a tap on it) is made truly full-screen (no system status bar) - for a more precise scaling of the map.
    3. Updated the Search help in translation into French.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed showing of reading plan items on Psalms when a reading plan is compiled in the English numbering but the Russian numbering is selected in MyBible - some additional corrections to what was already done in 4.8.4.
    2. Removed an extra period at the end when shortening a text by first several sentences, e.g. in the list of all commentaries for a verse.
    3. Corrected the way MyBible detects that the application itself is installed on SD - this shall overcome a problem reported by one user that MyBible detects that in a reversed way, causing moving its modules to SD card when the app itself is actually installed on internal memory.
    4. Prevented a problem of indexing a Bible module on every search in it (observed on some devices with Android 9, starting MyBible 4.8.0).
    5. Fixed a long time existed crash on an attempt to drag selected text in the Notes window. Note: if you select the setting "Auto-mark hyperlinks to verses in the Notes window and in the Remarks balloon as you type...", you may still get that crash, as it is apparently related to an internal error in Android on allowing hyperlinks in a text while the text is editable.
    6. Fixed several other crashes reported for 4.8.4.
    7. (For MyBible team members only, not visible for MyBible users):
      prevented a registry downloading problem after switching between a test modules registry and an officially published modules registry, if a registry switched to has an older version than a registry switched from.

MyBible 4.8.4 - October 21, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. Upon tapping the "Share" button in the Bible window, the header of the text being formed now contains a reference to verses being shared, which makes the header more informative.
    2. Improved caching of search results, so that there is no re-search delay upon returning to the Search window.
    3. Cross references in a balloon are now sorted in the order selected in the "References" window.
    4. When switching the dictionaries mode, the Bible window content no longer jumps to the beginning of the current verse.
    5. If several subheading modules are used in the Bible text, the subheadings for all languages (which carry references to parallel places) are now the last, similar to a standard approach to this in printed Bibles.
    6. In the widget header removed a selected Bible module abbreviation.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed highlighting of found text fragments when searching for entered text in bookmarks, modules, and other places - was showing unexpected characters in some cases, e.g. when searching for "all f".
    2. Fixed showing of reading plan items on Psalms when a reading plan is compiled in the English numbering but the Russian numbering is selected in MyBible.
    3. In the Dictionary window, switching from the Strong's lexicon mode to the dictionary mode is fixed to convert a tapped word to its normalized form before looking it up in a dictionary.
    4. Fixed localization of the Search help window title.
    5. Corrected showing of native numbering, so that it is not shown if the numbering matches.
    6. Fixed a problem of displaying long items in the dictionary topics list.
    7. Fixed a problem of the "Next book" function not working on Bible modules containing the New Testament only.
    8. Fixed several crashes reported for 4.8.3.

MyBible 4.8.3 - October 5, 2018

  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed showing of a dictionary article in the Strong Number Usage window (broken by a sloppy crash fix for the version 4.8.2).
    2. In the Bookmarks window, fixed an incorrect adjustment of a bookmark list item height to fit the description text.
    3. Prevented a problem of unexpected restarting of the app when a custom cross references module is updated externally.
    4. Corrections of a few typos in the French localization.
    5. Fixed several crashes reported for 4.8.2.

MyBible 4.8.2 - September 30, 2018

  • Fixes:
    1. Favorite items review:
      • Internally reworked the screens for showing of favorite items, so that the progress of retrieving favorite items is shown instead of a black screen.
      • Accelerated retrieving of texts for favorite dictionary articles.
      • Fixed not working saving of favorite items after their importing from another profile.
    2. Fixed an imprecise positioning when proceeding to the end of a book when Bible font size is significantly enlarged.
    3. Crash fixes.

MyBible 4.8.1 - September 26, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. When the "windows controls at the bottom" is selected in settings, the "Show, screen, scale..." submenu has its title and the next/previous buttons also shown at the bottom, so that it is easier to reach and switch the submenus with a finger.
    2. Localization updates: Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, French.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed widget buttons not working reliably or not working at all on some devices.
    2. When in the words highlighting mode, a long touch was also activating a verses selection mode - prevented.
    3. When in the remark insertion mode, prevented losing of the current place by an accidental horizontal fling.
    4. Prevented a problem of editing a remark in landscape mode on modern Samsung devices, when virtual system buttons appear on the side, cutting out a part of the application's screen area width and thus forcing the app to resize. A problem was that it was impossible to close the virtual keyboard in the above situation.
    5. Fixed a problem of incorrect handling of reading plan items that point to Psalms.
    6. Fixed action of the "Share" button on the bookmarks side panel, which was unconditionally including verses and comments into the text being shared instead of following the user's selection for the side panel content.
    7. Prevented an inability to open downloaded modules on some devices with Android 8.1.
    8. Fixed recognizing of Bible hyperlinks in a user-entered text (notes, bookmarks, remarks) for cases like "1 John 1:3" - this used to be incorrectly recognized as a reference to Gospel of John while it actually is a reference to the First Epistle of John.
    9. For TTS of the Bible text, fixed skipping of a short verse that takes only a part of a single line.
    10. When opening the Subheadings menu item, fixed the broken automatic opening of subheadings for the current place in the Bible.
    11. Fixed behavior of the settings window on the device screen rotation.
    12. Corrected width of a bookmark category color indicator, so that a category number consisting of two digits does not wrap.
    13. Memorize corrections:
      • Fixed slowness of the words ordering exercise of the Memorize functionality (slowness appeared in the version 4.8.0 due to attaching of fragments to memorize to concrete Bible modules, which was done in 4.8.0 in an ineffective way).
      • Fixed font size for Bible text in exercises.
    14. Fixed an incorrect selection of a footnote when a footnote is switched from a balloon into the commentaries window when the commentaries window is in the mode other than "Commentaries for the current verse" and there are similar footnote markers in different shown verses.
    15. Crash fixes.

MyBible 4.8.0 - September 10, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. Dynamic permissions (forced to be used by Google Play):
      • On the first startup, MyBible now requests access to the common storage area. If the user does not grant the access, MyBible will not be able to work with a previously created /MyBible directory. Also, in this case MyBible's data will no longer stay on the device when you uninstall the application itself to update or to downgrade it, so please make a backup copy of your data when you uninstall MyBible - see the "Data directory" group of settings.
      • Custom screen timeout set in MyBible is turned off; when you try to turn it back on, the system will ask you to explicitly allow MyBible write system settings.
      • Access to microphone is requested only when you try to enter the "Voice correction" exercise of the Memorize functionality.
    2. Simplified moving of MyBible's data to SD card and back to internal memory.
      In order to move MyBible data to SD card or back to internal memory, relocate the application itself, using Android means, to SD card or to internal memory. MyBible during its startup will then detect the application relocation and will automatically move the data directory as appropriate.
      See the "Data directory" group of settings for a reminder on this and some more info.
    3. Bible window appearance flexibility:
      • The former "Show" submenu is now called "Show, screen, scale..." and is split into several parts: "Show", "Screen", "Scale", "Themes".
      • The "Show" submenu now allows selecting of shown details individually for every Bible window. For example, you could show cross references only in the first Bible window, saving space in the second window.
      • The "Scale" submenu allows scaling of font sizes relative to sizes defined in a selected theme, for all the windows together or for particular Bible windows individually. This submenu is also called upon performing "pinch-to-zoom" gesture in a Bible window. (In previous versions the pinch-to-zoom was changing all the sizes in a selected theme; now a theme remains unchanged, only the scaling percentage changes).
      • The "Themes" submenu allows selecting a theme individually for every Bible window. It also allows to configure automatic selection of a theme for a Bible module, based on the abbreviation or language of that module.
    4. Added support of Biblical atlases:
        Created a set of special dictionary modules containing images of scanned Biblical maps, with a built-in mapping of geographical names to places on the maps.
        A dictionary/atlas article on a geographical name shows location of a corresponding place on map(s) in that article.
        You can pinch-and-stretch to zoom maps, double-tap them to enlarge twice, and tap to open full-screen.
        Atlas modules are in a few languages only so far, plan to add in the future - invite volunteers to perform actual mapping of names to places on maps.
    5. Improvements related to modules:
      • The term "Bible translation" in application texts is consistently replaced with a more correct term "Bible module".
      • Supported a new type of modules - bundles.
      • A Bible module can now refer to a particular appearance theme. So if you activate automatic selection of themes for particular modules (see above), this Bible module will be shown using that theme.
      • In the Modules window added usage tips to explain all the module types.
    6. Memorize functionality improvements:
      • In the text ordering and first letter exercises added coloring of words which are not entered correctly from the first time.
      • An exercise will not be completed if the user has not passed all the verses assigned for the the current iteration.
      • A particular Bible module is now being assigned to a fragment to memorize.
    7. Improvements in actions related to verses selection:
      • Supported selection of individual words in verses - there is a new button in the selection mode to switch the two selection submodes: individual words or entire verses.
      • Provided the "Add selected verse(s) to notes" button that adds selected verses to the end of the text in the Notes window. A simple tap on the button adds selected text after a space at the end of the current notes, a long touch of the button adds selected verses after an empty line at the end of the existing notes.
      • A tap on selected verses reference in the header copies that reference to clipboard.
    8. In the "Bookmarks" and "Remarks" windows added a possibility of exporting the selected/filtered items into a custom commentaries module.
    9. Improvements related to bookmarks:
      • Bookmarks window:
        • Several menu items in the Bookmarks window are named more clearly.
        • Once a bookmark is selected, a "Select all" button is now available.
        • Editing of several selected bookmarks is not available - moving them to another category.
        • When some bookmarks are selected, selecting of another bookmark category now suggest moving of selected bookmarks to that category.
        • When sending bookmarks for printing, a report content is now configurable: you can select whether to include bookmarked verses, bookmark comments, bookmark timestamps. The report format adjusts in a practical way to a selected content.
      • For bookmark categories added two properties (both are off by default): "Highlight background of bookmarked verses with the category color" and "When this category is current, a new bookmark is being added without showing the bookmark editing window".
      • On the bookmarks side panel added the "Share" button, which differs from the already existed "Send for printing" button in sending a generated report as text instead a file attachment (this way it is possible to share bookmarks info via SMS).
    10. Enhanced fonts support:
      • Added support of fonts with .otf file name extension. If font files with both .ttf and .otf extensions are present in the /MyBible/user/fonts directory (i.e. Helvetica.ttf and Helvetical.otf), MyBible will use the .ttf font.
      • Supported non-standard fonts in articles of dictionaries and commentaries.
    11. Text to speech (TTS):
      • In the Bible window header added the configurable TTS button - you can now start TTS in a bible window with a single tap.
      • Added a possibility to speak only selected verses, with a possibility to auto-repeat them.
      • The TTS rate setting, which was available only in the action mode, is made available also in the new "Text to Speech (TTS)" settings group.
      • In the new "Text to Speech" settings group added the setting "Pause between verses, seconds".
      • Speaking contents of commentary hyperlinks from the Bible window is made optional, controlled by a new setting in the TTS settings group, turned off by default.
    12. Strong's number usage window improvements:
      • Translation of an original word defined by a Strong's number is no longer considered to always be a single word, but all the words placed before a Strong's number, up to the previous Strong's number or to the nearest punctuation (whichever is closer).
      • Prevented a duplicated showing of the Strong's number itself in the summary area's header.
    13. Improvements related to notes:
      • In the Notes window added the button "Referenced Bible verses" (hidden by default). Via this button, MyBible can now provide Bible verses for all recognized Bible reference in your notes.
      • In the separate "Notes" screen supported the read-only mode.
    14. The settings group "Notes" is updated to be "Notes and remarks":
      • added a setting to auto-capitalize sentences
      • added settings allowing to start editing of a remark with a double tap instead of a long tap
    15. Enhanced word lookup in concordance dictionaries.
    16. The Search window, when searching for a single word or for an exact phrase, now also shows the number of found matches in found verses (which can be bigger than the number of found verses). In portrait screen orientation this information is available by tapping the number of found verses.
    17. Supported built-in subheadings that can be inserted in the middle of a verse.
    18. Several settings turned on by default:
      • showing of cross references in a balloon
      • hardware acceleration in Bible windows (and thus no worn edges effect)
      • a word acting like a hyperlink to a dictionary or to a Strong's number
    19. When selecting a chapter from a book that has not all the chapters present in a particular Bible module (e.g. if not all the Psalms are translated), the chapter selection window no longer shows numbers for missing chapters.
    20. The "Strong's numbers" item in the "Show" submenu now supports a long touch, opening the settings controlling what content to show for Strong's numbers.
    21. To the group of settings "Verse copying and sharing" added a setting "Reference on a separate line".
    22. In usage tips, the title of the current tip is now clickable, so that it is possible to see/navigate the full list of usage tips that match the selected category and the entered text fragment.
    23. Toggling of the "Allow editing" button in the Notes window header now saves the notes content.
    24. Improved performance of scrolling 2 or 3 Bible windows when they are synchronized.
    25. At the top of the "About" text added the "Need help?" hyperlink allowing to email to MyBible support.
    26. The "Profiles" menu item now shows the current profile name directly in the menu item.
    27. Confirming of user actions with vibration is turned off by default.
    28. Per a request from a U.S. user who shares verses via SMS, added a setting allowing to reduce a size of messages being sent: "Replace alternative non-ASCII characters (like non-symmetric quotation marks) with their ASCII equivalents".
    29. Provided an explaining text for window sizes in the "Ancillary windows" theme element.
    30. Bookmark indicators are now slightly wider and and shifted left, so that they do not cover the current reading plan fragment bar.
    31. Supported calling of MyBible from external Android applications.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed searching of the apostrophes (single quotes) and double quotes in Bible translations that use some special form of those characters (e.g. NLT'07).
    2. For Bible text, corrected vertical positioning of text fragments, so that they are placed on the same baseline even if different fonts are used for different parts.
    3. Fixed tracking of reading plan items on a day of a daylight savings change.
    4. In the Modules window, the "Clear cache" menu item is renamed to "Update modules list".
    5. When switching a profile, ensured that the settings of showing info for a String's number are reapplied for the selected profile.
    6. Corrected highlighting of the last word in a line when the Bible text justification option is used.
    7. Cross references in a balloon:
      • corrected calculation of a number of available unique cross references
      • corrected handling of cross references to Psalms in regard to different numbering modes
    8. Fixed switching of the interface language from MyBible settings - did not work on Android 8.
    9. Fixed showing of footnotes in the Commentaries window.
    10. Corrected the usage tip on the daily devotions - selecting of the series begin date can be made by a double-tap on the current day button (not by a long touch on it as the tip used to say).
    11. Corrected showing of verse ranges in reading plan items when there is an particular start verse but no particular end verse, or vice versa.
    12. For commentaries for a verse, fixed copying to Clipboard of commentaries containing characters expressed in HTML using their unicode codepoints in a decimal or hexadecimal form.
    13. Sorting by order in bookmark lists now follows a user-selected setting for the order of books.
    14. Morphology explanations are no longer forced to lowercase.
    15. Widget corrections:
      • Corrected applying of a profile selected in the widget.
      • Corrected showing in the widget of reading plan items consisting of a single verse (verses were shown to the end of a chapter in that case).
    16. Fixed a problem of not being able to create a bookmark from selected verses if "All bookmarks" was selected in the Bookmarks window.
    17. In the "Reading places" window, fixed editing and deleting of reading places when some filtering is applied to the list.
    18. Fixed a broken setting "Suggest verse selection after chapter selection".
    19. For the "Current heading" button, fixed showing of subheadings with references to parallel places (prevented showing of special control characters there).
    20. Fixed a problem of not selecting a bookmark position when the "Suggest verse selection after chapter selection" setting is off.
    21. When switching windows places, removed the incorrectly working yellow highlighting and added the second button having the same moving action - appears more obvious this way.
    22. On a clean installation, restored creation of three default reading places.
    23. Fixed TTS in ancillary windows - was speaking only one sentence.
    24. When switching a Bible module, the current position in the Bible window is no longer reset to the beginning of a current verse: a scrolling within a current verse is kept. Switching to another Bible module and then back now restores exactly the same screen state as before a Bible module switching.
    25. Fixed remembering of the scroll position in the bookmarks side panel (broken in the version 4.7).
    26. Time countdown in the Notes window no longer disappears on the screen rotation.
    27. Corrected action of the "All commentaries for a verse" button of the action mode in the Bible window.
    28. When starting or switching a profile, prevented a black screen when some one-time long operation is needed - it is now performed while a splash screen is shown, and thus the situation is more understandable for the user.
    29. Deleted the partial Indonesian localization, as not being maintained.

MyBible 4.7.1 - January 30, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. Memorize functionality:
      • For the Bible text in Memorize exercises used the font and size specified in the "Verse text" element of the theme settings.
      • A font scaling specified in a current Bible translation module is applied to the text size in the Memorize exercise windows.
      • Calling of an exercise from the right panel now opens the entire text for memorizing. Opening of the exercise from the program panel at the bottom still selects for memorizing only verse(s) per the current progress of the memorizing program.
    2. In the app widget, book abbreviations are now used instead of full book names to avoid pushing of the chapter and verse reference beyond the right boundary.
    3. Subheading settings can now be called from the "Show" submenu, by a long touch of the "subheadings" checkbox (an ellipsis is added to its text to indicate this).
    4. Localization updates: Spanish, Arabic, Mossi
  • Fixes:
    1. When the hardware acceleration option is on, the worn edges effect of the old paper background is no longer used (and is absent in theme settings), because it is incompatible with the hardware acceleration and causes a "black window" on some devices.
    2. The application no longer requests the system permission to auto-start after the device restart; scheduling of the memorize reminders begins upon the first access to MyBible after the device restart.
    3. Fixed opening of a reading place tapped in the Reading Places window (was broken in version 4.7.0).
    4. Memorize functionality:
      • Fixed a problem of exercise windows not visually reacting to user's actions on Android 5.x.
      • Ensured that the same Psalm is shown in the left side panel and in the exercises when the numbering mode is switched in the application settings.
    5. App widget:
      • In the "Bookmarks" mode, corrected retrieving of verses by bookmarks to take into account the current numbering mode.
    6. Fixed showing of footnotes from a Bible module as commentary hyperlinks in another Bible module (hyperlink context was not found upon a hyperlink tap tap in some cases).
    7. Crash fixes.
    8. Removed code of supporting bookmarks in XML format (as the bookmarks have been switched to JSON many major versions ago).

MyBible 4.7.0 - January 22, 2018

  • Improvements:
    1. Scrolling of the Bible text:
      • Engaged the hardware acceleration, so that the Bible text scrolling is more smooth.
      • Unfortunately, with the hardware acceleration turned on, the patterned underlines look like solid lines, so a setting is added to turn the hardware acceleration off if patterned underlines are highly desirable.
      • Added a setting to adjust the speed of the smooth page scrolling.
    2. Improved access to MyBible settings:
      • You can now search/filter for a setting you need by a fragment of its text.
      • Settings are grouped into more categories, but you can also see all the settings in a single list.
      • You can select your favorite settings (the ones you change more often) using the star icon next to them, and then see only them in the "Favorites" category.
      • Settings on showing commentary hyperlinks in the Bible text are made more explicit.
      • Settings on selecting cross reference modules to be shown in the Bible text added to "Settings" window.
      • In the Settings window added a menu item to reset all the settings (of the current profile) to their default state.
      • Added a setting on sorting Bible books in a custom order, if that is defined for a particular Bible translation module.
      • Settings from the "Show" submenu added also to the "Settings" window, so that the user can look up those settings, too.
      • Removed the obsolete setting "Hide accent characters which are not supported (at least in Android 2.2.1)", because the "MyBible alternative" theme (or the Tahoma font assigned to ancillary windows in another theme) works well.
    3. Modules downloading:
      • In the Modules window, the "Downloaded" radio button for language selection, a purpose of which was not obvious, is renamed to "My", meaning "all modules in all my downloaded languages"
      • More filtering means added in the Modules window: "Already downloaded", "Updated among already downloaded", "All new and updated".
      • Downloading of modules is made more reliable, so that when you start downloading from the "Modules" window and exit the window, downloading of modules will still continue until done (or until canceled by you from the "Modules" window).
      • Reduced the Internet traffic consumption on downloading of the MyBible registry, in the "Modules" window and when performing an automated check for updated modules: the MyBible registry is no longer being downloaded if it was not actually updated since it was downloaded for the last time.
    4. New Verses Memorizing feature:
      • MyBible can now help you memorize a verse or a set of adjacent verses - any Bible fragment that you can mark with a bookmark in MyBible.
      • MyBible offers three different exercises for memorizing, which are more or less known and used in existing specialized applications (like "Remember Me"): word hiding, first letter, text ordering.
      • MyBible also offers a rather unique exercise, called voice correction. It will help you speak out loud a Bible fragment being memorized, while MyBible listens to you, checks what you have said against a corresponding Bible module, and corrects you with a voice if it hears a mistake. So this way you could work on memorizing important Bible passages while on a walk - with no need to look at the screen of your mobile device often.
      • You can access the Verses Memorizing feature from the Start Screen, from the bookmarks side panel, from the action mode for selected verse(s), and from an already existing bookmark, after long-touching it in the Bible window.
      • Verses Memorizing lets you select and keep track of the bookmarks which you want to memorize. For each bookmark selected for memorizing MyBible lets you create and configure a memorizing program: which of the 4 exercise types to engage, how many times a day each, and for how many days.
      • Verses Memorizing keeps track of your progress and percentage of mistakes you make.
      • MyBible can notify you when it is time of the day that you have assigned to do some Bible verses memorizing.
    5. Commentaries support update:
      • Commentary articles are now distinguished into "preceding" and "concluding" (before this all the commentary articles were considered to be "concluding" and were shown after the Bible verses commented by them).
      • Changed semantics of the second mode of the commentary window: it is now called "Show commentaries relevant to the shown fragment", where the "shown fragment" are verses currently visible in the active Bible window.
      • In the Commentaries window, the "Show commentaries relevant to the current fragment" option, the overall commentaries for a book or for a chapter are only shown when the first verse of a chapter is current.
    6. Improved the random verse functionality: added an option of opening a random verse from a particular single chapter - useful for accessing random verses of long chapters, like Psalm 119.
    7. Created the app widget for the device's Home screen, which has the following modes:
      • Random verse from specified books or from a selected single chapter
      • Bookmarks from a selected bookmark category, random or in order
      • Portions from a selected reading plan
    8. "Notes" window Improvements:
      • Buttons in the Notes window header are made configurable from the Settings. For this particular window unchecked buttons are not totally removed but hidden yet available from the dropdown list of hidden buttons.
      • Added the minute countdown timer - for those MyBible users who preach using material prepared as MyBible notes.
    9. Provided a possibility of hiding navigation items from the Main Menu (a prompt fot the user to hide them and a setting on showing them in the Main Menu).
    10. Reading places Improvements:
      • On the Start Screen, if there are more than 5 reading places set, a possibility is provided to filter/search reading places by their name fragment.
      • In the Reading Places window, a possibility is provided to filter/search reading places by their name fragment.
      • In the Reading Places window, a possibility is provided to change sorting order of reading places. A selected sorting order of reading places affects both the Reading Places window and the Start Screen.
    11. Improved forming of auto-hyperlinks to Bible places in notes, remarks, bookmarks:
      • Developed (and implemented) a formal specification on how to recognize references to Bible places in a user-entered text, see "Reference materials" at mybible.zone.
      • Supported a possibility of specifying a concrete Bible module for a reference (this is also described in the specification).
        "This is reference to Gen 1:3 in the currently open Bible translation"
        "And this opens the last chapter of Revelation in ancient Greek: FS35+ Rev 22:3"
      • Recognizing of hyperlinks to Bible places is tested for typical cases found in commentaries and dictionaries.
    12. Along with already existed support of cognate Strong's numbers, added support of synonymous String's numbers in Strong's lexicon modules.
    13. Upon a long-touch of the "copy" radio button in the "Search" and "Strong's number usage" windows, MyBible now selects/copies all the items in the list.
    14. In the "Remarks" and "Subheadings" windows, if there are so many items that their loading takes more than 5 seconds, an automatic filtering in 1 second after the filtering text change is replaced with an explicit button to apply the filtering.
    15. Added a warning to the user in case if the Developer setting "Do not keep activities" is detected, which is not compatible with MyBible's normal navigation.
    16. When editing a bookmark, added a confirmation for closing the window with discarding bookmark changes.
    17. Usage tips on dictionaries are grouped into an additional tips category "Dictionaries".
    18. In theme settings added spacing between verses (works when paragraphs are not shown).
    19. Discontinued auto-conversion of old, XML-based settings (were replaced with JSON in MyBible 4.4).
    20. Removed a confirmation of a bookmark deletion when deleting a Bookmark from the Bible window: a special action, a bookmark long touch, is required in any case to access the "Delete" button, so having also a confirmation dialog there was excessive (as was pointed out by one user).
    21. Enhanced the convenience of using the "Commentaries in Bible text" window: for a flexible selection, the "Add" button is moved to a more obvious place, and is never adding to the list a commentary that is already present there.
    22. Maximum left and right margin in theme settings is increased from 20 to 100.
    23. Closing of the separate Notes window with the back button saves the notes changes.
    24. Corrected semantics of the setting "Footnote marker opens the text in balloon" and "Commentary hyperlink opens the text in balloon": the action here is no longer dependent on whether the commentaries window is open - this provides for more possibilities of looking at different commentaries at the same time. Note that a similar settings for dictionaries and Strong lexicons is kept as it was - dependent on whether the dictionary window is open.
    25. When selecting individual books for search, added the "Reset" button that clears selection of all the currently selected books.
  • Fixes:
    1. Several key parts of the codebase cleaned up for better maintenance of the code. This can potentially cause breakages - watch for them when testing:
      • incorrect functions called by menu items
      • incorrect manipulation with windows
      • incorrect forming of Bible text lines
    2. In the "Commentaries in Bible text" window, moving of a commentary up and down in the list is made visually more obvious.
    3. Dictionary lookup:
      • Corrected lookup in non-Hebrew and non-Greek dictionaries, for languages with accent characters (e.g. French).
      • Fixed hyperlinks from a dictionary article to other dictionary topics when a Bible translation in another language is open.
      • Significantly accelerated indexing of dictionaries for some languages (especially Eastern).
      • Supported a more compact description of word forms in dictionary modules. If MyBible with a version older than 4.7.0 does not search word forms in your language, update MyBible to 4.7.0.
      • Optimised data structures for dictionaries lookup, fixed search in some dictionaries (like Aramaic-English). Dictionaries will be automatically re-indexed.
    4. Fixed an incorrect action of a Bible hyperlink from the commentaries window (the Bible windows synchronization was not broken as expected).
    5. Supported configurable colors in Bible translation introductions (added support of the "html_style" module parameter for Bible translations).
    6. Prevented a false detection of spaces in Chinese Bible translations, which was causing Chinese texts to wrap to the next line unexpectedly in some cases.
    7. Restored keeping of the window content state on the device rotation (Modules window and some other windows), which was accidentally broken by user interface improvements for Arabic support in MyBible 4.6.2.
    8. Corrected retrieving of favorite dictionary articles - articles with morphology and several sequential Strong's numbers marked as favorites were missing in the list of favorites.
    9. Prevented cutting at the end of a very long bookmark description upon tapping a bookmark marker.
    10. Fixed displaying of a custom line selection for underlining the Bible text.
    11. Prevented a possible crash on switching of a remark into the editable mode.
    12. Fixed displaying of the Strong's number usage summary for Chinese Bible translations.
    13. In the full screen mode, prevented an undesirable (confusing) reaction of the header buttons when the user pulls down the system notification drawer.

MyBible 4.6.6 - August 30 2017

  • Improvements:
    1. Reading places are provided with timestamps, so that on the Start Screen the most recently set reading places are shown first.
    2. Timestamps (on bookmarks, etc) are now shown in the date/time format selected on the device.
    3. For footnote (commentary) modules, added support of coloring footnote markers with the same color as used for footnote markers in the Bible text.
    4. Updated Lithuanian usage tips.
    5. Updated Hungarian usage tips and the "About" text.
  • Fixes:
    1. A special case of tapping on a footnote marker, introduced in 4.6.5, is now applied to the commentaries window as well (in 4.6.5 was applied only to the footnotes balloon).
    2. Fixed functioning of hyperlinks within a dictionary or commentaries article (the text was jumping back to a beginning of an article).
    3. The setting affecting the order of the New Testament books is applied to the "Subheadings" window, the "Remarks" window, and to a custom reading plan being generated.
    4. When deleting a bookmark category and selecting to delete only the category (not the bookmarks), the bookmarks are actually preserved in the default category (were being deleted in this case, too).
    5. Following a Bible hyperlink from the commentaries window no longer turns off the overall synchronization of the windows (which was causing an inconvenience of using the commentaries window).
    6. Loading of reading plan items is optimized, so that the Start Screen is shown faster upon its calling.
    7. Prevented a situation with creating of new notes when an already opened virtual keyboard was causing the Bible window to become shorter and located above the virtual keyboard.
    8. Prevented a visually too short translation selection list on some devices when control buttons are located below the window.
    9. Fixed not showing of multiple selected items in the Bookmarks window and some other windows (observed on new devices, like Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7).

MyBible 4.6.5 - July 8, 2017

  • Improvements:
    1. In the commentaries balloon, a commentaries module abbreviation is now shown at the top.
    2. Updated Spanish translation of the Search help.
    3. Tapping of a footnote marker no longer shows an error in case if there are other footnotes for this verse. In case if there is no separate footnote with a tapped marker, MyBible will now show all the footnotes for the verse. This is needed for modules that contain critical apparatus in footnotes (e.g. NA27).
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed yet another place of crash on devices with Android 2.1-2.2.
    2. Corrections related to Arabic (right-to-left writing):
      • In usage tips shown in Arabic localization, corrected placement of the hand icon pointing to a button being explained.
      • Corrected presenting of Bible references using national digits: removed imperfect internal logic attempted to provide a visually correct order of characters; instead, added extra spaces around separator characters.
    3. Fixed broken TTS in the dictionary window.
    4. When deleting a bookmark in the Bible window, added a deletion confirmation, and prevented appearance of an empty list of bookmarks after the deletion.
    5. Corrected action of the function "References to selected verse from active dictionaries" - it was showing references from all the dictionaries, not just active ones.
    6. Corrected a suspicious place that could have caused occasional distortion of font sizes in the Bible window.
    7. Fixed several crashes reported for MyBible 4.6.4.

MyBible 4.6.4 - June 28, 2017

  • Improvements:
    1. Updated Hungarian localization.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed another place of crash on devices with API level less than 17 (4.2).

MyBible 4.6.3 - June 27, 2017

  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed a crash on devices with API level less than 17 (4.2).

MyBible 4.6.2 - June 26, 2017

  • Improvements:
    1. Provided special treatment of modules removed for copyright reasons:
      • Such modules are still shown in the "Modules" window, but in strike-through font, and the users cannot download or update such modules.
      • Upon a tap on such module, a popup message is shown with reference and contact information of a copyright holder who has requested the module to be deleted from the list of freely available MyBible modules.
    2. Improved placement of windows:
      • When more than one window is shown, you now have an ability to individually resize and rearrange these windows. Enter the window placement mode by a long touch of the widest button (position/topic selection button) in any of the shown windows.
      • The window placement mode allows to reset window position to the initial state, that is to the order suggested by MyBible, with all window sizes set according to the "Ancillary windows" element of the current theme.
      • When you close a window and open it again, it now opens at the same place where it was before closing, with the same module selected in it. Example: you have two Bible windows and close the upper one, then open the second Bible window again - in this situation the new window will be opened at the top and with the same Bible translation that it had before closing.
      • See the new "Window placement" usage tip for more details.
      • Calling of the Themes window no longer closes all the windows but one, as it used to do before.
    3. Added search in notes.
    4. Modules window Improvements:
      • Added filter by module type.
      • Changed displaying of module items, so that an abbreviation is not wrapped and a module language is shown, if different from shown for the group.
      • Selection of a language for modules filtering is now more convenient - by first letters.
    5. Supported generation of HTML or plain text reports on user's remarks.
    6. The email address to report module defects is now MyBible.Modules@gmail.com
    7. On the third tab of settings, the "Action of Bible words as hyperlinks" tab, added setting "Repeated activation of the same word shows the list of applicable topics from all dictionaries and lexicons". This setting is on by default, repeating the behavior of MyBible 4.6.0-4.6.1.
    8. Updated displaying of overlapping bookmarks:
      • bookmarks no longer occupy an additional width if they overlap
      • a text can no longer approach and "touch" a bookmark but stays on a small distance from it
      • a tap on a bookmark shows the list of bookmarks that cover a tapped verse
      • a long-touch on a bookmark in the list allows to edit or delete it
    9. "Verse in different translations" and "All commentaries for a verse" screens no longer re-query data upon the device screen rotation.
    10. Improvements in "copy/go" options:
      • The second (not selected) option of these two is performed on a long-touch. That is, when "go" is selected, a long touch on an item highlights it and copies all the highlighted items to Clipboard. And when "copy" is selected, a long touch proceeds to the touched item.
      • The "Share" button appears when some items have been highlighted.
    11. TTS voice pitch can now be controlled on the third tab of settings, separately for the Bible text and for ancillary texts.
    12. If more than one Strong's number is specified for a word, a word hyperlink activation now shows articles for all those Strong's numbers.
    13. When a non-Strong lexicon dictionary is downloaded and a setting of activating a dictionary on tapping a word is off, that setting is turned on automatically, so that the user is able to see an action of a downloaded dictionary right away.
    14. The display setting to arrange windows horizontally is improved to allow this in both orientation or in landscape only.
    15. Convenience improvements for the "Reading plans" window:
      • Can go to the "Modules" window and back directly from here.
      • Prevented creation of a custom reading plan when no books for readings are selected.
    16. In the Bible position entry window, a chapter number entry field and a verse number entry field is considered complete when an additional entered digit cannot produce a valid number for a selected book. This speeds up entering of a required Bible position.
    17. Search help is extended to cover features added in previous releases.
    18. On the third tab of settings, "Data directory" section, added the "Synchronization" button to access data directory synchronization information (in addition to a link to this information from the "About" text).
    19. Arabic user interface:
      • re-translated to reach a better consistency and correctness
      • rearranged to go right-to-left on all the screens
  • Fixes:
    1. Prevented a problem of disappearing keyboard when starting to enter remarks (the problem was manifesting itself on some devices).
    2. "OK"/"Cancel" buttons moved back to the bottom of the bookmark entry, bookmark category entry, reading place entry, custom reading plan entry windows - these buttons position at the top made entering of the description text in these places more difficult (less room).
    3. For hyperlinks to commentaries shown on a book title or on an chapter number prevented mistaken including of commentaries that are more detailed.
    4. In the Strong's number usage window fixed not working hyperlinks to other Strong's number topics.
    5. Fixed handling of "(" and ")" in extended search criteria.
    6. Fixed the "Show native numbering" setting that could not be cleared once it is set.
    7. The "Mark hyperlinks to verses in Notes window as you type" setting for notes no longer conflicts with custom keyboards, so it is safe tu turn it on now.
    8. Corrected the Simplified Chinese localization.
    9. Prevented a number of crash reported for MyBible 4.6.1.
    10. Fixed a problem of emailing a crash report with cut out details.

MyBible 4.6.1 - February 26, 2017

  • Improvements:
    1. Added support of bundling an initial set of modules and settings into the application. Builds with bundled modules are available at https://mybible.zone/mybible.php.
    2. "OK"/"Cancel" buttons moved to the top right corner of the bookmark entry, bookmark category entry, reading place entry, custom reading plan entry windows - for easier access to them when the virtual keyboard is open.
    3. On closing of the Bookmark entry window with the "Back" hardware button, bookmark changes are saved (were discarded).
    4. In the cross references balloon, the same cross references from different modules are now grouped.
    5. Added Simplified Chinese localization.
    6. Themes:
      • in the predefined themes, font sizes are increased a little and the style of words of Jesus is corrected
      • added the "MyBible compact" theme
    7. Maximum underline thickness increased from 5 to 10 pixels.
  • Fixes:
    1. Reverted the "faster indexing for search" change made for MyBible 4.6.0 - that was causing an incorrect behavior of a case sensitive search.
    2. Prevented appearance of unexpected characters when highlighting search results in some cases.
    3. On the book selection screen, prevented activation of the landscape mode layout (11 columns) in the portrait mode on small-screen phones.
    4. Fixed not finding of results when searching in Hungarian Bible translations with ignoring of accents (all the translations will be re-indexed).
    5. Reading plan handling corrections:
      • Self-restarting of a reading plan upon achieving of its end date is no longer performed.
      • Any start date can be assigned now, including further in the past than a plan duration.
      • Upon a reading plan completion, it is still shown on the Start Screen, with a status indicating its completion - so that the user can appreciate the achievement and reset the plan beginning when desired.
    6. Correction to the Dictionary Lookup Algorithm to fix missing Strong numbers in the full list of dictionary topics for a tapped word.
    7. Corrected the Dictionary Lookup Algorithm: in case if more than one topic is found for a word in the current dictionary, shown the list of applicable topics only from the current dictionary. Otherwise, shows the list of applicable topics from all the dictionaries.
    8. Empty table of subheadings (the "stories" table) in a Bible translation module is no longer treated as presence of built-in subheadings.
    9. Fixed a problem of not cancelling windows synchronization in case if a cross reference is activated in a Bible window that is currently assigned as a Bible hyperlink target.
    10. Prevented a number of crashes reported for MyBible 4.6.0.

MyBible 4.6.0 - February 11, 2017

  1. Improvements:
    • Appearance of the start screen, Bible position selection screens, main window headers, and buttons in ancillary windows is touched to look somewhat cleaner.
    • Added support of multi-window mode:
      • Samsung and LG implementation of multi-window support (restart your device after installing of this version to see MyBible in the multi-window launcher).
      • Native support of multi-window in Android 7.0 and above.
    • Pinch-to-zoom in the Bible window:
      • To scale all font sizes at once, start a pinch gesture and hold it for about a second to enter the zooming mode.
      • You can turn this feature off in the Navigation settings.
    • Dictionaries support Improvements:
      • Search in dictionaries is now much faster, due to a new indexing approach.
      • The process of dictionaries re-indexing is now performed in the to background; MyBible can be normally used while dictionaries are getting re-indexed.
      • Search in dictionaries is now more precise - takes into account the upper/lower case and accents in the shown list of topics.
      • Introduced a classification of dictionaries which provides for a more intuitive and helpful selection/displaying of dictionary topics depending on the current dictionary (that is, a dictionary explicitly selected by the user in the dictionary window).
      • When showing a list of dictionary topics for a clicked word, MyBible now also shows dictionary abbreviations and allows handy selection of a dictionary to show an article from.
      • Settings related to Bible words acting as hyperlinks have been simplified and clarified.
      • Added a setting "Copy tapped word to Clipboard".
      • Added a setting "Show topics from lexicon modules in the list when performing dictionary lookup".
      • A word being looked up is getting automatically copied to Clipboard.
      • The current dictionary (explicitly selected by the user) is marked by a bullet at the end of its abbreviation in the dictionary window and in the dictionary balloon, and can be selected also from the dictionary balloon, via the dictionary abbreviation hyperlink.
      • The setting "Show Strong's numbers" in the "Show" submenu became much more helpful now, because on the second tab of settings, in the "Dictionaries" group, added a possibility of replacing the shown Strong's numbers with pieces of brief information about them from the current Strong's lexicon.
    • Strong's number usage and cognate Strong's numbers:
      • Cognate Strong's numbers are shown at the end of a Strong's lexicon article. Added a setting to turn this off if not desired.
      • Strong's number usage window is improved:
        • You can now call the Strong's number usage window from a Strong's lexicon article balloon - by tapping the Strong's number in the header there.
        • Added summary information on translation words used for the specified Strong's number(s). Using that summary, you can refine your search by tapping a particular word used the Bible translation for a Strong's number.
        • Added a possibility to change the Bible translation to search in, directly in this window.
        • You can enter several Strong's numbers to search for their usage at once (space-separated). You have a choice: to search for verses containing all the entered Strong\'s numbers or to search for any of the entered Strong\'s numbers in a verse.
        • When entering several Strong's numbers to search for their usage, there is a possibility to automatically enter all the cognate Strong's numbers for the first entered Strong's number.
      • Added the "Strong's number usage" tip.
    • Search screen:
      • Added a button to search in several Bible translations. Long touch on this button allows to select whether to search in Bible translations in the same language as the current Bible translation, or to search in all the downloaded Bible translations.
      • Triple dot is added to the "Search" button on the "Search" screen, to indicate that a search history is available on a long touch.
      • When a search in the Bible text returns nothing, a hint is shown to change search settings.
    • Commentary hyperlinks in the Bible text made flexibly configurable - see the new usage tip.
    • MyBible now supports a system of notes instead of a single note per profile - see the "Notes Window" usage tips.
    • Balloon Improvements:
      • When a balloon is shown, the buttons "Back" and "Forward" in the Bible window header are disabled, to avoid confusion of the "Back" button in the header with the similarly-looking "Back" button under the balloon.
      • Balloon is no longer closed on the device rotation.
      • Cross references balloon is no longer closed when a cross reference opens the second window to follow a hyperlink while the device is in landscape orientation.
      • After following a hyperlink in a balloon from a commentary to a dictionary article, you can now come back to a commentary using the "Back" button under the balloon (such a coming back was only working between dictionary articles).
    • Bible references (hyperlinks) Improvements:
      • On the third tab of settings, the "Navigation" section, there is an altered setting "Open references to the Bible in a dedicated Bible window...". Also, there now is a possibility to assign any Bible window for opening references to the Bible (previously this was fixed to the second Bible window). See the updated usage tip on the window control button.
      • On the third tab of settings, the "Navigation" section, added a setting to open references to the Bible from the Notes window always in the first Bible window.
      • A hyperlink to a cross references balloon now shows how many of the hyperlinks in the balloon are user-defined (if there are any, the number of them is shown in subscript digits after the total number of hyperlinks in the balloon).
    • On the second tab of settings, "Verse copying and sharing" group, added an option "Shortened reference by itself".
    • A confirmation message is added when un-selecting a reading plan while the reading plans progress tracking is turned on - to prevent an accidental clearing of a reading plan progress.
    • In the Bible window header added a "Next translation" button that switches between Bible translations selected for quick access.
    • TTS:
      • Per request from a user, the maximum TTS speed is increased form 2.0 to 4.0.
      • Long touch on the TTS speed control buttons changes the speed by 0.5, while regular touch still changes the speed by 0.05.
    • The "Themes" menu item is renamed to "Themes: styles & sizes", to clarify what it is for.
    • When sending a module defect notification to the MyBible team, the subheadings are always included now, along with their module abbreviations.
    • Application's icon:
      • Prevented an unexpected appearance of the MyBible icon without a cross on Android 7 devices.
      • From the "About" text removed mentioning of the MoreLocale 2 application as means to affect MyBible's icon (because the recommendation was not easily doable on new Android versions).
      • Updated a description regarding the application's icon in the "About" text: the icon without cross is now applicable to Kyrgyz/Kyrgyzstan, Tajik/Tajikistan, and Arabic.
    • In the "Remarks" window remarks are now shown in a context of a verse where they are placed.
    • In the Bible window action mode, the leftmost button (that allows to select a concrete mode) is updated to demonstrate the vertical triple dot, thus inviting to press it for a menu of modes.
    • In the Bible window header added the "Night mode" configurable button.
    • In the Book & position selection window, in the chapter and verse entry fields the maximum chapter and verse number is shown to assist the positioning.
    • Updated the "MyBible original" theme to have a bit bigger default text sizes.
    • Supported messages from the MyBible team to the users.
    • An application crash report to the developer is made more informative.
  2. Fixes:
    • In the "Modules" window added a check for availability of the MyBible modules repository; an advice to wait or to download modules manually is given if there is a problem.
    • Removed the "Experimental settings" tab, as not needed (a confusing setting "Creative reading" is eliminated).
    • Prevented highlighting/underlining of commentaries hyperlinks and cross reference balloon hyperlinks.
    • Prevented simultaneous showing of the remark balloon and some other balloon.
    • Fixed a problem with incorrect placing of a commentary hyperlink in case if a linked commentary is related to a range of verses that crosses a chapter boundary.
    • Fixed a problem with the Search not finding words containing a single quote in them (reported for searching of a Ukrainian word "iм'я").
    • Fixed a problem with unexpected replacing of a user-selected translation in a Bible window, when more than one Bible window is open and the user employs navigation history controls.
    • Fixed a problem with possible showing of additional (unsupported) tags for a selected verse in the "References" window (could have happened for custom-made modules containing additional tags which are not directly supported by MyBible).
    • Fixed a problem with unexpected resetting of a reading plan beginning and progress when scrolling across a reading plan fragment end.
    • When switching the data directory to another one from the third tab of settings, the switching is made complete.
    • Fixes of the "Modules" window:
      • Fixed a problem with indefinite "Loading..." message when the "Modules" window was opened right away after the MyBible startup.
      • When the user stops downloading of a module, the module status is updated correctly (was remaining in the intermediate state).
    • Line breaks specified in a Bible module are now processed even if the "paragraphs and indents" setting in the "Show" submenu is unchecked.
    • Fixed a problem with possible losing of MyBible bookmarks when they are transferred onto another device with a different time displaying format specified on it.
    • Fixed action of Bible hyperlinks to Psalms activated in the balloon (did not handle the Russian/English numbering differences correctly).
    • Fixed retrieving of cross references in the "References" window for Psalms - was showing an empty list in some cases.
    • Fixed a problem when MyBible, if searching for highlighted words only, was considering all the words highlighted in a Bible translation where no highlighting was ever applied.
    • Fixed a problem with counting the number of verses in a user-defined reading plan (verses in the last chapter of a book were not counted).
    • When auto-creating Bible hyperlinks in notes, bookmarks, remarks, full book names are more reliably recognized now, including the ones with a space-separated digit at front (e.g. 1 Corinthians).
    • Fixed a problem of a missing space where an indent is specified within a verse while showing of paragraphs and indents is turned off. Example: RST+, Am 7:8.
    • Clarified the message shown in red when the Bible text cannot be shown.
    • When auto-updating modules, removed calculating an auto-updating probability of 25% introduced in MyBible 4.5.4 to stretch a peak loading to the modules repository.
    • Corrected displaying of reading plan items referring to books having different Russian and English numbering, like PS-p referring to all the Psalms in English numbering.
    • "Reading plans" menu item is now enabled even if there are no downloaded reading plans, so that the user can create his custom reading plans, or be reminded when trying to select a reading plan that plans should be downloaded.
    • Fixed a problem of showing on the bookmarks side panel an incorrect text of bookmarked verses for bookmarks placed on books having different Russian and English numbering, e.g. Psalms.
    • Corrected merging of two bookmark sets, so that bookmarks are considered identical (and thus not merged) not only by description (as it was), but also by the category and Bible position assigned.
    • When the theme item "Control buttons -> Highlight book selection with colors" is not checked, Old Testament books are shown in the color specified by the theme element "Lists -> Color of ancillary text in lists", thus making the Old Testament books easily distinguishable from the New Testament books.
    • In the list of bookmarks and in other lists where filtering by a text fragment is possible, a new line entered in the text is shown as a new line in the list.
    • Synchronization of windows is automatically turned on when closing a Bible window only if it was automatically turned off on opening an additional (dedicated) window to show a particular Bible reference.
    • Updating of a Bible translation module no longer affects searching in the currently present version of that Bible translation (switching to the updated module is performed seamlessly).
    • Corrected a number of crash problems reported for MyBible 4.5.1-4.5.4.

MyBible 4.5.4 - Dec 8, 2016

  1. Fixes:
    • Fixed a problem with not displaying downloadable modules not connected to a particular language: reading plans, cross references.
    • When auto-updating modules, an updated module is taken with a probability of 25% (to stretch a peak loading to the modules repository).
    • Fixed several reported crashes.

MyBible 4.5.3 - Dec 7, 2016

  1. Fixes:
    • Fixed an crash upon entry into the Modules window after a fresh installation (the crash is accidentally brought into MyBible 4.5.2).

MyBible 4.5.2 - Dec 7, 2016

  1. Fixes:
    • Reworked from using a single repository of modules to supporting several instances of the repository of modules. As the result, blocking of a repository by its hosting company (e.g. due to exceeding a traffic quota) no longer blocks downloading of modules in MyBible.

MyBible 4.5.1 - May 3, 2016

  1. Improvements:
    • Added support of hyperlinks to dictionary articles from commentaries.
    • For devices connected to a mobile network in Tajikistan, an icon without a cross is provided.
    • Added Portuguese MyBible localization.
    • MyBible version number information is added to the Splash Screen.
  2. Fixes:
    • Fixed retrieving of cross references for Psalms existed in the version 4.5.0: when the Russian numbering of Psalms was used, cross references from the OBX module in the version 4.5.0 were retrieved incorrectly (for another verse).
    • Fixed a number of places in the code and in the Arabic localization that could have caused crashes when running on a device with Arabic localization.
    • Fixed an unexpected closing of a cross references balloon after clicking a hyperlink in it in some cases.
    • Corrected action of a commentary hyperlink in a commentary balloon: a hyperlinked commentary is no longer open in the commentary window but in the commentary balloon, with a possibility to go back to an initial commentary opened in the balloon by activating a commentary hyperlink in the Bible text.
    • Fixed a problem with a balloon's pointer that was not drawn smoothly in some cases.
    • "Modules" window:
      • Eliminated a couple of crash causes.
      • Selected modules and a current position in the list are no longer lost on the device's screen rotation.
    • Balloons and touch action:
      • Prevented unexpected closing of balloons when they are opened in several windows and the user scrolls a text in a Bible window.
      • A touch on a balloon makes active a Bible window where the balloon is located.
    • Prevented freezing of the user interface on rotation of the screen and rotation back immediately after the screen orientation change.
    • Prevented appearance of the unused stripe of the screen area at the bottom after closing of a window or a balloon in which a text was selected, and thus the edit toolbar was shown.
    • Corrected positioning of a bookmark popup in case if the Notes window is shown.
    • Fixed omissions in files synchronization between devices: added missing checking for external updates for the Bible text markup and for custom cross references.
    • Supported usage of an apostrophe in a module abbreviation.
    • Fixed several places causing crashes, as it was reported for MyBible 4.5.0.
    • For editing of reading places, corrected operation of the "Current book" option.
    • When another Bible translation is selected in a Bible window, the balloon in the window gets closed (as it can be inapplicable or misplaced in a selected Bible translation).
    • Prevented a small Bible text scrolling delay on reaching the end of a marked reading plan portion.

MyBible 4.5.0 - April 9, 2016

  1. Improvements:
    • Added splash screen at startup.
    • Cross references Improvements:
      • Previously built-in cross references have been extracted into a downloadable cross references module "RST-x".
      • Cross references to be displayed in the "References for a verse" window and in the Bible text are independently configurable now from the action bar in the "References for a verse" window.
      • In the "References for a verse" window a source cross references module is indicated for every shown cross reference.
      • Added a possibility to create user-defined additional cross references:
        • When some Bible verse(s) selected, there is a new button "Add cross reference" in the Bible window header, which brings up the "Custom x-refs" popup.
        • You can define a cross reference of your own by long-touching verses that are to become sides of a cross reference. The bright underline in the "Custom x-refs" popup indicates which side of a cross reference will be defined when you long-touch a verse.
        • Appearance of user-defined cross references and of downloaded cross references can be configured in the "Theme" window independently.
      • In Bible translations with not all Bible books present, cross references to not present books are no longer hidden. If such a cross reference is activated, MyBible switches to a Bible translation that was last used to see the text of a book a cross reference points to.
      • Added a setting in the "Show" submenu to show cross references in a popup. This way only a cross references presence indicator is shown in the Bible text instead of cross references themselves. A cross references popup is then shown on a double-touch of a cross references presence indicator.
    • Reading plans improvement:
      • The "Track reading plans" option in the "Reading Plans" window helps you not to rush in case if you did not do the reading during some day(s), and allows you to read ahead of a plan if desired. MyBible will remind you what exactly this option does when you check/uncheck it.
      • A reading plan item is getting marked as completed after you scroll it so that its end is fully visible on the screen.
      • Added support of custom reading plans. If you want MyBible to help you read certain Bible books in a certain number of days, add a custom reading plan by touching the "+" in the "Reading Plans" window header.
      • On the Start Screen, a long touch on a reading plan item re-highlights the reading plan item by the vertical bar on the right, but does NOT jump to the reading plan item beginning if a current position is already within the reading plan item.
      • In the "Reading plans" window added a possibility to "Move this to today" for an item of a shown reading plan, achieved by moving a start date of this reading plan.
    • Subheadings Improvements:
      • Added support of subheadings with hyperlinks in them:
        • Added the "Links-s" subheadings module with links to parallel passages in the New Testament (this subheadings module is suitable for any language).
        • Added two new theme elements: "Subheading - hyperlink" and "Subheading with hyperlinks".
      • Subheading settings are moved from the "Settings" window to the "Subheadings" window, for a better convenience of these settings manipulation. You can still get to subheading settings from the "Settings" window.
      • Added a subheading setting "Subheadings built-in to a Bible translation replace all the other subheadings".
      • Added a possibility to flexibly configure a set of subheadings to be shown for each language of Bible translations.
    • Search functionality Improvements:
      • By default, the search functionality now looks for entered words or fragments of words in an arbitrary order.
      • Added the search setting "Search entered words in an arbitrary order, if special characters like & | ~ are not entered" (controlling the behavior change specified above).
      • In the "Search" window on the virtual keyboard added the "Search" button. This prevented the search text entry field to from wrapping the text, so the buttons on the search screen are rearranged to give more horizontal room to the search text entry field.
    • Commentaries functionality Improvements:
      • Added a possibility to have links to commentaries directly in the Bible text:
        • Added a new setting in the "Show" submenu, "commentary links".
        • Links in the Bible text are for the last commentaries module selected in the first commentaries window. Note that you can also select the commentaries module to use for hyperlinks by long touching the "Commentaries window" button in the Bible window header.
      • To the two existed commentaries displaying modes added the third one, so now there are three commentaries displaying modes selectable using buttons in the commentaries window header:
        • Show commentaries relevant to the current verse. Note that the semantics is corrected in this display mode: a commentary for a range of verses is now shown not for the first verse in a range as it was before but for the last verse in a range. The rationale for this is to maintain the MyBible's principle "The Scripture comes first, an ancillary material comes second". I.e. a commentary is not "forced" onto a reader until they have actually read all the Bible verses in a commented range.
        • Show commentaries relevant to the current fragment. These are all the commentaries that overlap the current verse by their applicability range.
        • Show commentaries relevant to the current verse.
      • Theme element "Footnote marker" is renamed to "Footnote and commentary hyperlink".
      • In the theme element "Ancillary windows" added a setting for size of the commentaries/footnotes balloon.
    • Favorites:
      • Favorites allow you to easily mark a dictionary article, a commentary article, or a daily reading article as your favorite, for a quick access to them later.
      • Favorites previously existed for Daily Devotions, now extended to dictionaries and commentaries, and improved.
      • See the (new) usage tip on favorites.
    • Balloon usage Improvements:
      • Not only footnotes, but also commentaries, dictionary articles, Strong's lexicon articles can now be shown in a balloon.
      • A text shown in a balloon can be sent to the corresponding special window with a button click.
      • There are new settings for this on the third tab of settings, in the "Balloon usage" group.
    • Text To Speech (TTS) Improvements:
      • TTS support is added to the Commentaries, Daily Devotions, Dictionaries windows.
      • When commentary links are shown directly in the Bible text, and opening of commentaries in a balloon is specified in the settings, the TTS of the Bible text automatically opens and speaks commentaries as it reaches links to them. The commentaries are being spoken with a voice of a higher pitch, so that it is possible to tell apart by the voice whether you are listening to the Bible text or to commentaries.
      • In the Bible text, the TTS now also speaks chapter numbers, if they are shown.
    • Scroll on touch Improvements:
      • The settings on scrolling by a single verse, that used to exist for volume buttons only, are now also applied to scrolling by touch.
      • The scroll on touch settings are re-arranged for clarity.
      • The scroll on touch settings for screen quarters are updated to have only "Scroll Up", "Scroll Down", and "None" (selection of scrolling by page or by verse is now done by other settings).
      • Added a group of settings "Ancillary window touch action".
      • Added a setting "Scroll by touch" for ancillary windows, turned off by default.
    • Modules window Improvements:
      • Once information on the available modules is requested from the MyBible repository, it is cached locally, so that opening of the Modules window is quick. This information is still being requested from the MyBible repository on the background, so that the list of modules is up-to-date.
      • Added a possibility of modules filtering by their language.
      • Added a possibility of modules filtering by user-entered fragment of an abbreviation, or description, or detailed information.
    • The action of an automatic link to a Bible place from a remark takes into account the setting "Open cross references in the second window".
    • In the Main Menu and in the headers of windows, the items which react to a long touch now have icons with an ellipsis (or a star) in the lower-right corner. This will remind you that some additional functionality can be called there by a long touch, which could save you a few seconds occasionally.
    • In the numeric buttons for selection of chapter and verse, the "0" button is moved from the very left position to the very right, to better resemble the standard keyboard.
    • Color selection for bookmark categories:
      • a color order number is now shown on top of a color itself
      • for available colors, the number of their usages in bookmark categories is shown
    • The "Verse in different translations" functionality can now be used not just for one but for several selected verses.
    • Commentaries, dictionaries, daily devotionals are no linger hidden in the "Modules" window in the Simplified mode. On an attempt to download them, a confirmation to switch to the Full Mode is shown.
    • Applicable book selection for reading places is made flexible.
    • Filtering of items in the list by a user-entered text (for remarks, bookmarks, subheadings, favorite items) is made more useful: if the user has entered there several space-separated words, filtering looks for corresponding text fragments in any order.
    • Application icon without the cross is provided for Kyrgyz localization of the device.
  2. Fixes:
    • Showing of the Bible text on the application start and on opening of another Bible place is made visually quicker (similar to what is was in MyBible 4.3.2).
    • Inconsistently missing "Back" button is added to the headers of the Bookmarks window and the Settings window.
    • When the user deletes an additional local module (marked with "+"), the module is now being removed from the list of modules (before it was staying in the list with a zero size).
    • When there is some selected text in an ancillary window (Commentaries, Dictionary, Daily Devotion), a touch on the text lo longer causes a content scroll (because a scroll in this situation was rather confusing).
    • Prevented a repeated checking of modules updates on the same day.
    • In the Search window, corrected appearance of the button and indication to search for highlighted/underlined words.
    • Prevented appearance of the <br> tag in a text copied from an ancillary window (this was happening on some devices).
    • Removed no longer needed re-loading of Bible windows on switching a dictionary window between the Strong's Lexicon Mode and Dictionary Mode - this has improved the switching time.
    • Fixed sometimes appearing incorrect commentary scroll position on auto-synchronization of the Bible text position and a corresponding commentary article.
    • When entering a chapter or a verse number to proceed to, a quick tap on a numeric button twice is now recognized as the same digit two times (a quick second tap was ignored before).
    • Line feeds entered into remarks are kept after remarks re-opening (in the previous version line feeds were replaced with spaces).
    • Fixed a problem with long starting of MyBible in case if the current place was the pre-last Psalm.
    • Fixed a problem with handling of the screen timeout, when the screen timeout set in MyBible settings was propagated to the system level.
    • In the "Subheadings" and "Remarks" screen, entered text to filter by now works ignoring accents, i.e. you can enter there a text without accents and its forms with accents will also be found.
    • Support of hyperlinks to the Internet has been added for the Bible text introductions.
    • Fixed action of a chapter/verse hyperlink at the beginning of commentaries text (was not working on some devices).
    • When paragraphs and indents are shown, several consecutive verses in the same paragraph, having an indent, are no longer shown each on a new line, but compose a continuous paragraph (e.g. RST+, 2Tim 2:11-13, Joel 1:1-2).
    • Prevented a crash on quick clicking several times of the words highlighting option button in the "Search" window.
    • Opening of Internet links from the "About" page is now being redirected to an external browser.
    • Fixed TTS for Chinese modules.
    • Prevented stopping of TTS when it meets a double quote followed by a period.
    • Fixed a problem with entering the action mode with two and three fingers long touch which did not work in the second and third Bible window.
    • When both settings "A word acts like a hyperlink to a dictionary" and "When Strong's numbers are NOT shown, a word acts like a hyperlink to a Strong's number" are set, touching of a word in a Bible translation without Strong's numbers now opens the dictionary article (was doing nothing for Bible translation without Strong's numbers).
    • Auto-hyperlinks in the Notes window, in a bookmark description, in a remark now interpret a comma and a semicolon differently: the following text: "Mat 5:7,9;12" now means the following 3 hyperlinks: Mat 5:7, Mat 5:9, Mat 12:1.
    • Fixed automatic updating of Bible modules that come with footnotes, e.g. NRT.

MyBible 4.4.3 - January 15, 2016

  1. Improvements:
    • Added Romanian localization.

MyBible 4.4.2 - October 6, 2015

  1. Fixes:
    • Fixed a crash (happening in C code below Android API) when trying to open a hyperlink in the Commentaries window.
    • Fixed a crash in case if bookmarks file was deleted or damaged from outside of MyBible.
    • Fixed a crash on opening a dictionary article from the dictionary articles lookup tool (from the list of articles found in dictionaries).
    • Fixed a detected crash when showing all topics from a dictionary. When reviewing all topics in a particular dictionary, a dictionary is now taken from a corresponding dictionary window (before was always taken from the first dictionary window).
    • A single dictionary window automatically switches between the Strong's lexicon mode and the dictionary mode as the user clicks words with and without Strong's numbers behind them (was sticking to the dictionary mode once a word without a Strong's number behind it was clicked).
    • Fixed a reported crash on trying to select a range of verses with a long touch, on Android 2.x.
    • Prevented crash in the Modules window in case if modules update acknowledge dates configuration file (/MyBible/user/settings/-modules_update_acknowledge_dates.json) was damaged (by means external to MyBible).
    • In the cross references for a verse window, expanding of a several-verse cross reference is fixed when in some cases it was not actually showing additional verses.
    • Fixed a problem with a touch on hyperlink in the Dictionary window causing scrolling by a page rather than a hyperlink activation (this problem existed only on some devices, e.g. HTC Desire 310).

MyBible 4.4.1 - October 4, 2015

  1. Fixes:
    • Prevented a crash on clicking a Strong's number when a dictionary topic (not a Strong's lexicon item) is shown in the Dictionary window.
    • Prevented a couple of crashes reported while running on different devices.

MyBible 4.4.0 - October 3, 2015

  1. Improvements:
    • Bible translations in languages, for which there is no 2-letter language code in Android, are now grouped in the "Modules" window by the territory where they are mostly used, e.g. "Brazil", "India", "Egypt" - instead of a single previously existed group "Small languages".
    • Provided support for separation of Traditional and Simplified Chinese modules.
    • Added support of footnotes in a Bible translation.
      • Footnote markers can now be present in a Bible translation, which act as hyperlinks, opening a corresponding footnote in a special balloon.
      • Footnotes are being stored in a special commentaries module, which has the same abbreviation as a translation module, and is being downloaded automatically together with a translation.
      • There is a setting to open all footnotes for the visible text in the commentaries window instead of showing a balloon with a clicked footnote.
      • Russian Bible translation modules with footnotes:
        • NRT
        • BTI
        • Sonch
      • English Bible translation module with footnotes:
        • NET
      • Armenian Bible translation module with footnotes:
        • Ararat
      • Greek Bible translation modules with footnotes:
        • F35+
        • SBLGNT+
      • Czech Bible translation modules with footnotes:
        • CSP
        • PMP-CZ
      • Chinese Bible translations with footnotes:
        • traditional - CNET
        • simplified - CNETS
    • Provided an alternative way of selecting a chapter and verse number when navigating - by convenient entering of their numbers instead of picking them from a table of pre-populated numbers. Switching between the new and old way of selecting a chapter and verse is available in the header of the book selection screen.
    • Introduced the Simplified Mode:
      • when you start MyBible for the first time, it opens in the Simplified Mode, so that you can get used to the application without being overwhelmed with all the Bible study possibilities
      • only basic Bible reading, navigation, and bookmarking
      • special gestures support turned off
      • Strong numbers, commentaries, dictionaries, daily devotions, Text-to-Speech support hidden
      • You can activate Full Mode from the Main Menu; Settings allow switching between Full Mode and Simplified mode.
    • Added support of introduction texts for Bible modules:
      • Overall introduction is added to several Bible modules: SBLGNT+, ...
      • Overall introduction is accessible in two ways:
        • touching the new configurable button "i" in the Bible window header
        • double-touching the "Introduction" word at the beginning of any book
      • Introductions for particular books can also be provided in a Bible module; name of a book having an introduction is shown in underlined font.
      • Introduction for a book is accessible in two ways:
        • long-touching the button "i" in the Bible window header
        • double-touching the book name
      • The introduction popup has two states: half-window and full-window; the first case lets you browse an introduction while continuing reading the Bible text.
      • Greek translations with introductions:
        • SBLGNT+
        • F35+
        • ABPGR+
        • ABPEN+
    • Added Bible text view mode with no numbering, for better submerging into the text. For that, in the "Show" submenu added the following items:
      • chapters numbering
      • verses numbering
    • Added support of Bible translations with verses grouped into paragraphs.
      • There are new settings in the "Margins and spaces" theme element.
      • Several Bible translation modules group verses into paragraphs. Greek: SBLGNT+
      • There is a new setting in the "Show" submenu to turn off verses grouping into paragraphs.
    • The Action Mode button, the leftmost one in the Bible window header, which is shown after the Bible text long touch, is made mode user-friendly:
      • the Action Mode button is made wider
      • the Action Mode button, after it is shown, blinks twice to draw the user's attention to itself
      • the dropdown list of possible actions, opened by the Action Mode button, is provided with textual descriptions for all the actions
    • A long touch with one finger, a long touch with two fingers, and a long touch with three fingers on the Bible text activate different initial action modes. This way you can have a quicker access to three different action modes, say, a single-finger long touch for verses selection, a two-finger long touch for words highlighting, and a three-finger long touch for a remark insertion.
    • Verses selection improvement:
      • long-touch on the Bible text starts verses selection, as it was before (selects the long-touched verse)
      • in the verses selection mode, a simple touch selects/unselects a touched verse
      • in the verses selection mode, a long touch on a NOT SELECTED verse selects a range of verses from the previously selected verse to the long-touched verse (this helps to select an entire chapter, if desired)
      • in the verses selection mode, a long touch on a SELECTED verse unselect a touched verse and all selected verses adjacent to it
    • When downloading a module, the indexing stage that is automatically performed after the module downloading is completed is now explicitly indicated for a module, so that the user does not think that the downloading process has stuck and/or keeps eating traffic for no use.
    • Provided popup tips for all buttons in the main window:
      • Popup tips can be shown by pointing (not touching) S-Pen to a button on Samsung devices equipped with S-Pen.
      • Tips can also be shown on mouse hovering over a button - if a mouse is connected to the device, or when MyBible is used on a PC or Mac (see mybible.zone on how to run MyBible on a PC or Mac).
    • Maintaining of the navigation history is improved, to ensure that exact jump locations are preserved:
      • the exact position after a jump stays in the navigation history
      • scrolling after a jump results in an additional entry in the navigation history
    • "Search" functionality Improvements:
      • Added a possibility to search for verses containing words highlighting/underlining.
      • In the search results, words are shown underlined that are highlighted/underlined in a Bible translation.
    • To the header of activities added the standard "Back" button.
    • Automatically created hyperlinks to Bible places are now shown in the remark popup and the bookmark popup.
    • In the Strong's number usage search window:
      • provided an option to copy selected verses
      • scroll position is remembered for last 50 Strong's numbers for which this window was called
    • In the dictionary lookup window added a possibility to see all the topics available in the current dictionary.
    • Refined action of words as hyperlinks:
      • If a word has two Strong's numbers following it, a word hyperlink activation shows the first Strong's number in the Dictionary window (was showing the second one).
      • If a word has no Strong's number, prevented showing of the previous word's Strong's number on a word hyperlink activation.
      • Added a setting "If there is no Strong's number on a word, a word acts like a hyperlink to a dictionary (works with downloaded dictionaries)". This setting is set by default, keeping the behavior of MyBible 4.3.0-4.3.2. Unchecking this setting prevents showing dictionary topics if only Strong's lexicon topics are desired in the Dictionary window.
    • In the navigation history dropdown list added the "Last references" item that reopens the cross references window in its last used state (for the same verse, with the same scrolling position of the list).
    • Verses copying and sharing:
      • Added a setting "Enclose cited text into quotes" (turned on by default).
      • Added a setting "Copy ancillary information (subheadings, cross references)" (turned off by default).
    • When morphology information is shown in the Strong's lexicon window, provided a hyperlink to dedicated Strong's lexicon topic describing that morphological form, if applicable. Note: the Russian Strong Lexicon module "Strong" has been updated with data needed for this.
    • On the second tab of settings, removed settings that are more conveniently available via the "Show" submenu.
    • Provided settings to control the volume buttons action (page scroll or single verse scroll) in different situations.
    • When subheadings are opened from the Menu, a subheading closest to the current Bible position is automatically opened.
    • Text justification is improved.
    • Added confirmation for remark deletion.
    • Opening a word in the Dictionary window is accelerated, especially for the first access to the dictionary.
    • Navigation history is now being stored between sessions for the Strong's lexicon window and for the dictionary window.
    • In the half-screen Notes window a button is added to expand the window full screen.
    • Popup colors are updated and are configurable in the "Ancillary windows" theme element.
    • Search history size is limited by 30 entries.
    • Improved the "Reading places" window behavior: go there on an item click, long-touch to edit reading place settings.
    • When sharing text from a dictionary article, commentary, devotions, a module abbreviation is provided, for better indication of the text origin.
    • Switching of MyBible data directory to SD card on Android 4.4.2 or a newer version is provided with a warning that the functionality will be limited then (as SD card is read-only for 3rd party applications on Android 4.4.2+).
    • On the 3rd tab of settings, at the end, provided a hint on moving MyBible data to the SD card on Android 4.4.2+ devices.
    • Scroll position of several last viewed articles is now preserved stored for dictionaries, commentaries, devotions, even if a corresponding window was closed and re-opened.
    • Creation timestamp and and updating timestamp in bookmarks now have a one-second precision, which provides for sorting of bookmarks in the exact order of their creation during the same day.
    • Format of all the MyBible configuration files is changed from XML to JSON, in order to speed up loading and saving of configuration data. Conversion of each configuration file is performed automatically, on the first access to it.
    • Added MyBible localizations:
      • Mossi
      • Czech
  2. Fixes:
    • Eliminated a previously observed delay with adjustment of header buttons upon appearance of windows.
    • In order to address the complaint on impossibility to normally enter a notes text using SwiftKey, added the following setting, on the second tab of settings, "Notes" group:
      "Mark hyperlinks to verses in Notes window as you type (uncheck this if you use SwiftKey or a similar keyboard improvement software)".
    • Remarks being entered no longer disappear on the device rotation.
    • A remark attached to a verse number is now visible and clickable/editable (was hidden and only accessible via the "Remarks" menu item).
    • Fixed manual searching in dictionaries ignoring accents.
    • Strong numbers navigation history in the Dictionary window no longer changes the currently selected dictionary.
    • Verses copying settings are now applied to the Search window and to the Cross References window.
    • Fixed a problem with occasional incomplete page scrolling on screen touch after highlighting or underlining of some text.
    • In the "References" window, a subject verse can no longer take more than 1/5 of the screen area (it is scrollable if it does not fit).
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect elimination of redundant cross references for the "References" window (not all defined cross references were shown).
    • When usage tips are accessed for the first time on a device, their showing starts in the "All tips" category. The "New tips" category is automatically selected after the application update only if the user has manually selected the "New tips" category at least once before.
    • Fixed a problem with not carrying on a new line very long words, e.g. TNH5, Isa 9:4, the name "Pele-ioeitc-eil-gibbor-aviad-sar-shalom".
    • Fixed handling of hyperlinks from English commentaries to a Russian Bible translation, where numbering does not match (Psalms).
    • Landscape and portrait orientation locking flags are made a part of a profile.

MyBible 4.3.2 - May 21, 2015

  1. Improvements:
    • French localization is updated, with "bookmark" and "highlight" terms translations corrected to conform the current trend.
  2. Fixes:
    • Fixed a crash when entering notes on Android 4.2.2.
    • Restored compatibility of MyBible with Android 2.1-2.2 (was crashing on an attempt to download a Bible translation module or to search in the Bible text, and in some other places).

MyBible 4.3.1 - May 18, 2015

  1. Fixes:
    • Prevented a crash on startup in some cases when a reading places file from the previous MyBible version was present on the device.
    • Small corrections to Arabic localization.

MyBible 4.3.0 - May 16, 2015

  1. Improvements:
    • Added "Text to Speech" functionality - an additional action mode when a verse is long-touched.
    • Added support of dictionaries.
      • Provided for downloading Biblical dictionaries in several languages.
      • Added a set of settings on the third tab, captioned "Action of Bible words as hyperlinks".
      • Dictionary window can now be switched between the "Strong's lexicon mode" and "dictionary mode".
      • In "word dictionary mode", the topic selection button in the dictionary window header calls a dictionary lookup tool.
      • For a single selected verse added the button to show dictionary topics explicitly referencing that verse.
    • Added "Commentaries for a verse" functionality, available when a single verse is selected, and also available from the Commentaries window header.
    • Search Improvements:
      • Supported search in Bible translation having accents and similar characters, when a sought text is entered without accents (important for searching in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, even Spanish, etc.) - turned on by default, can be turned off from the search settings.
      • Eliminated a confusing case sensitivity-related search setting. As the result, case-insensitive search and combining of sought fragments by & and | is now available on any device.
    • Notes window improvements, to make it more helpful for preparing and following lesson or sermon notes:
      • References to Bible positions are automatically becoming hyperlinks to corresponding Bible places.
        Note: book abbreviations from references are being searched in the currently open Bible translation(s), so, for example, English book abbreviations will not become hyperlinks if a Russian Bible translation is open.
      • Notes window can be made read-only using a button in the header, so that prepared notes cannot be accidentally deleted, and clicking on a hyperlink in notes does not cause the virtual keyboard to appear (and obscure Bible windows).
    • Usage Tips Improvements:
      • Provided several thematic, selectable subsets of usage tips, including new usage tips (which is a default subset).
      • Supported searching in usage tips by a user-entered fragment (word).
    • Improvements of configurable buttons in headers:
      • The order and presence of action buttons for selected verses in the Bible window is now configurable, as well as buttons in all the ancillary windows.
      • Configuring of buttons in all headers is placed onto a separate new tab of Settings.
      • Vertical fling on a shown configurable button opens a dropdown list of the remaining configurable buttons that did not fit the header.
      • Provided a way to reset configurable buttons to their initial state.
    • In Commentaries, Dictionaries, Daily Devotions added the "Share selected fragment / report a module defect" button (long touch to report a module defect).
    • Startup time is reduced by 0.5-1 second.
    • Added an option to show/hide explanations built-in to the Bible text.
    • Navigation history:
      • Provided a configurable header button "Navigation history".
      • Long touch on the "Navigate back" and "Navigate forward" menu items shows navigation history (as well as long touch on the "Back" and "Forward" Bible window header buttons, which was already working in previous versions).
    • Reading places:
      • Each profile now has its own set of reading places.
      • Reading places created with a previous version of MyBible are taken to the currently active profile during the first start of the new MyBible version.
    • In settings, at the end of the second tab, provided the option "Automatically copy selected verses to clipboard when creating bookmarks and sharing verses".
    • Improved commentaries handling when windows synchronization is turned off:
      • Opening a commentaries window in this case positions the commentaries to the current place in the Bible window.
      • The button to do one-time synchronization with the current position in the active Bible window is shown in the commentaries window header in this case.
    • Added support of quotation indents (to mark Old Testament quotations in the New Testament, as it is done in some printed Bible versions).
    • Modules update acknowledge dates are moved from the settings (profiles) to a separate single file: yellow highlighting is now the same for all the profiles, and a profile loading/saving time is improved a bit.
    • When a filter is entered for bookmarks, it is no longer cleared on closing of the Bookmarks window.
    • In themes, the "Lists" theme element, provided a setting to control font size of dropdown lists.
    • When more than one Bible window is open and no other windows, the "Back" button press closes the last Bible window.
    • In the window showing cross references for a verse added a possibility to copy verses to Clipboard.
    • Windows synchronization is automatically turned back on when closing the second Bible window after it was automatically opened to show a cross reference.
    • Added Latvian localization.
  2. Fixes:
    • Fixed unexpected clearing of previous search results, accidentally made in MyBible 4.2.1. When returning to the Search window, the already found results of the previous search are now shown again, scrolled to to last scroll position.
    • Fixed a problem with overlapping Hebrew/Arabic (any right-to-left) words in the Bible text in case if the line justification setting is on.
    • When another profile is selected that has another theme specified, switching of the theme is made complete (subheadings appearance was not switched in the previous version).
    • Fixed a problem with navigation history showing empty items after closing the upper window among the two shown Bible windows.
    • Corrected horizontal placement of Strong's numbers in right-to-left Bible modules (Hebrew).
    • When closing certain windows by a button click on them, the virtual keyboard is now forcibly hidden (was staying visible on some devices): done for bookmarks editing, bookmark category editing, theme renaming.
    • Fixed search of Hebrew Strong's number usage in Septuagint where all Strong's numbers point to Greek lexicon, not Hebrew (search of Hebrew Strong's number in Septuagint returns nothing now, used to return false occurrences).
    • Search of Strong's number usage works much faster now (all the modules with Strong's numbers were updated to support this).
    • Fixed a problem with impossibility to select last couple of lines of text in the Commentaries, Devotions, Dictionary windows on devices where the text selection toolbar appears at the top ow the window, shifting the entire layout down.
    • Fixed handling of hyperlinks from Strong's lexicon to Bible verses.
    • Eliminated possible several spaces in between words when copying verses from Bible translations having Strong's numbers.
    • Fixed a defect with the single touch not working on some devices.
    • Fixed a problem with reading plan item highlighting not appearing when a reading plan item is opened while the required place is already on the screen.

MyBible 4.2.1 - February 21, 2015

  1. Improvements:
    • Words highlighting/underlining:
      • Highlighting/underlining control panel is eliminated as unreasonably consuming screen space. Instead, corresponding controls are provided in the Bible window header.
      • Words highlighting, underlining, and erasing of highlighting is made more natural and convenient: once the highlighting finger movement is started, all the words in the range between the starting touch point and the current touch point are affected.
      • Highlighting erasing functionality is made easily accessible in the words highlighting and words underlining mode. Note: highlighting erasing is still available as a separate mode, too.
    • Introduced MyBible profiles:
      • MyBible now allows having several named sets of settings, essentially forming "profiles" that allow switching between different configurations/saved states of MyBible.
      • You can have different sets of windows, theme selection, navigation history and virtually all the other MyBible settings configured/prepared independently in each profile.
      • You can create, select, rename, delete, share MyBible profiles via the "Profiles" menu item.
      • The same single set of themes, bookmark sets, reading places, words highlighting/ underlining and remarks is used by all the profiles.
      • Notes are no longer stored in a file in the /MyBible/user/notes directory but are incorporated into a settings (profile) file, so that each profile has its own notes.
    • Configurable control buttons that do not fit the Bible window header width are now available via a dropdown list that can be open by a fling up or down on a shown configurable control button.
    • Identical menu and buttons icons for Bible window, commentaries window, dictionary window are replaced with more appropriate ones.
    • Added two more settings for touching screen quarters: verse up and verse down.
    • Added orientation setting "Landscape only".
  2. Fixes:
    • Prevented a cyclic restart problem observed on Android 5.0.
    • Prevented a problem with modules auto-updating causing damage of a module if the user has turned off the device's screen in the process of modules auto-updating (the modules auto-updating process was and still is invisible for the user).
    • Suppressed a possible crash on showing a bookmarks usage tip.
    • Prevented possible crash on attempt to close the auto-opened main menu during startup.
    • Prevented possible crash on highlighting with a finger.
    • Fixed windows synchronization after jumping to a random verse and after using a hyperlink in a commentary.
    • When "Verses copying and sharing" indicates a reference at the end, missing quotes are provided for the Bible text.
    • Fixed a defect of the "Open cross references in the second window" setting handling, when the selected Bible translation in the second window was unexpectedly changed to a translation from the first window.
    • Fixed a problem with switching to another Bible translation when going back and forward by navigation history.
    • When exporting bookmarks, a default file name for export is modified from the current bookmarks file name, to avoid rewriting own bookmarks with the export operation.
    • In the color picker dialog, when a color component value is being changed by holding the "+" or "-" button, prevented accidental "crossing the value boundary".

MyBible 4.2.0 - January 17, 2015

  1. Improvements:
    • Added words highlighting and underlining support.
      • Separate words of the Bible text can now be highlighted or underlined.
        Note: words highlighting/underlining is separate for every Bible translation.
      • After a long-touch on the Bible text, you now have a choice:
        • select verses by touching them,
        • highlight/underline words by moving your finger over them in the horizontal direction, or by touching individual words
        • erase highlighting
        • insert remarks (see below)
      • Highlighting of words can be turned on and off via the "Show" menu item.
      • Theme item "Bookmark categories colors" is renamed to "Highlight colors" - these colors can now be used for bookmark categories and for words highlighting.
      • Theme item "Underline colors" is added.
    • Added support of remarks for the Bible text.
      • A remark can be inserted after any word of a Bible translation.
        Note: remarks are separate for every Bible translation.
      • Adding of remarks is available after a long touch on the Bible text.
      • A remark indicator is shown after a word after each a remark is inserted.
      • Double-touch of a remark indicator opens the remark popup.
      • Long touch on a remark popup switches it to the edit/delete mode.
      • Added the "Remarks" window (available from the menu).
      • Remarks indicators can be turned on and off via the "Show" menu item.
    • "Commentaries" window improvements for more convenient studying.
      • Commentary articles that exceed the commentaries screen height now remember their scroll position. There is no longer an inconvenience of losing the place in a long commentary article after an accidental switch to another article.
      • Click on the commentaries header button with a book abbreviation scrolls to the beginning of the current commentary article (that button was doing nothing in previous MyBible versions).
      • Once a hyperlink in an article is activated, synchronization of the commentaries window with the current position in the Bible text is temporary turned off. This allows reading/scrolling the Bible text at a referenced parallel place without an inconvenience of abandoning a place in a commentary article being studied.
      • The "Synchronize" button (with a pointer down) now appears in the commentaries window header once the synchronization was turned off (after following a hyperlink). Click this button to turn on synchronization of the current commentary article with the current position in the Bible window.
      • Commentaries applicability marker, chapter and verse(s) number, at the beginning of commentaries articles has become a hyperlink, returning a Bible position corresponding to the open commentaries article and automatically turning on commentaries synchronization.
    • "Verse in different translations" window:
      • Provided descriptions of shown Bible translations (can be turned on and off with the "i" button in the header).
      • More convenient sorting of translations: the current Bible translation is always first, then all the other translations in the current translation's language, then the remaining translations grouped by language.
      • The current Bible translation is shown in the list, even if it is not selected for comparison.
    • Favorite Daily Devotions:
      • In the daily devotions window added a button to mark / unmark a particular devotion as favorite (the star button).
      • Favorite devotions are accessible by the long touch of the favorite button in the devotions window.
      • Favorite devotions are also accessible from the Start Screen - the star button on the right there.
    • Downloadable modules updates: there are settings now to control checking for updates and to automatically download modules updates.
    • "Random verse" menu item and header button are now configurable on a long touch on them:
      • you can now select book(s) to open a random verses from
      • you can request the "First verse of a random chapter"
      • usage tip on the random verse is added
    • When Strong's numbers are hidden by a double-tap on the translation selection button, dictionary windows are hidden, too.
    • When an empty Dictionary window is opened from the menu, a tip is shown in it, explaining how to use it.
    • Ancillary text windows (commentaries, devotions, dictionaries) in themes:
      • Theme element "Dictionary, Notes, Comments" is renamed to "Ancillary windows".
      • Reworked sizing of these windows: their sizes are now expressed in percent of a Bible window.
      • Font selection provided in the "Ancillary windows" theme element.
    • Lists in themes:
      • Added the font selection to the "Lists" theme element.
    • Search window layout is reworked for landscape orientation.
    • Usage tips updates:
      • Updated usage tips on reading places.
      • Added usage tips on bookmark sets.
    • Upon insistent requests from one user, added the "Experimental settings" group, with the "Creative reading (right to left)" setting there.
    • Reading plans Improvements:
      • Reading plan start date is now attached to a particular date (was: to particular day of a year). This helps to have natural repetitions of reading plans shorter than a year.
      • Reading plan duration is now shown in the "Reading plans" window.
      • Dropdown list of reading plans is now sorted by their descriptions.
      • You can now select more than one reading plan to be shown in the Start Screen.
    • Added a control setting "Scroll on touch, activate hyperlink on touch" (third tab of settings, "Screen touch action" group).
    • Screen areas touch action:
      • Added "No action" option
    • Provided a navigation option "Show chapter selection for single chapter books" (off by default).
    • Provided an option to show Notes window next to the Bible window (selected by default).
    • Provided an option "Open cross references in the second window (turning off windows synchronization)".
    • Provided an option to confirm exiting the application on Back button (set by default).
    • Provided the "Copy" item in the Bible window navigation history, that copies the navigation history list to clipboard.
  2. Fixes:
    • Restored loading of fonts located in the /fonts directory of the flash storage where /MyBible directory is located (this was accidentally broken in MyBible 4.1.0).
    • Prevented MyBible hang-up (black screen, making a device almost not responsive) in case if MyBible detects that one of the settings files was externally modified and there is an error in that file.
    • Fixed selection of chapter/verse when creating/editing a bookmark - did not work in case if the "Suggest verse selection after chapter selection" setting is off.
    • Fixed a problem when settings, bookmarks, reading places, themes were not stored in case if a corresponding subdirectory was manually deleted from the /MyBible/user directory.
    • Corrected displaying of bookmarks as popups - scrolling is used when a bookmark description does not fit the screen.
    • Fixed an intermittent defect with incorrect yellow highlighting in the Modules window.
    • Fixed the out-of-memory problem appearing while rendering Bible chapters containing the "........." characters sequence, e.g. IBS Neh 7. This defect is spotted and fixed thank to a non-indifferent user who cooperated with the MyBible developer by email to have the issue resolved rather than complain in the feedback at Google Play and do nothing else.
    • Prevented occasional not precise positioning when jumping to another place in the Bible.
    • Reading plan items that point to books not existing in the current Bible translation are now disabled and labeled "Not in module" (was showing "null").
    • Fixed plain text format of sending bookmarks for printing.
    • Corrected morphology indication description.

MyBible 4.1.0 - October 24, 2014

  1. Improvements:
    • Added daily devotions support:
      • Devotions is a new kind of downloadable modules, providing a series of devotional meditations on a Bible subject or theme, with a reference to Bible verse(s), one devotion a day. Downloadable devotions are authored by known Biblical scholars and evangelists.
      • Once a devotions module is downloaded, the "Devotions" menu item can be used to open the Devotions window.
      • Touching Bible verse hyperlink in the devotions window opens a corresponding Bible place in the active Bible window.
      • You can assign a start date to every devotions series separately (a default start day is January 1st).
      • You can navigate to the previous and next devotions, and open devotions for a particular date.
      • Devotions are accessible from the Start Screen.
    • Added support of MyBible synchronization between different devices of the same user.
      • MyBible data files organization is adjusted to clearly separate data entered/collected by the user from data downloaded from the MyBible modules repository and used "as is."
      • Actual synchronization of MyBible data between devices of the same user is to be performed by external software, like "Drive Autosync" or "Dropsync".
      • Upon bringing up the Bible window, MyBible now checks for external updates of the user data (MyBible settings, bookmarks, reading places, current theme). If an external change is detected, MyBible loads and applies externally modified user data.
      • See the "Synchronization" section in "About" for details.
    • Added support of morphology in Bible translations with embedded Strong's numbers:
      • Morphology forms indication is provided in several Bible translation modules (only Greek NT so far: TR+, UBS4+).
      • Morphology indication interpretation information is added to the Russian Strong's dictionary (please make sure you have updated the Russian Strong's dictionary module).
      • If a Strong number is activated that has a morphology indication following it, the word's morphology form information is shown at the beginning of the Strong's dictionary article.
    • MyBible icon can now be selected by the user, for preaching to people for whom the cross is a stumbling block. Three options of an icon are available: the original MyBible icon with the cross, the icon with the David's star instead of the cross, and the icon with no sign on the book's cover (for muslims). Explanation is available via the "About" menu item.
    • Added a possibility to open a second commentaries window.
    • Volume buttons now scroll by a single verse (instead of a whole page) when the Commentaries window is shown, thus helping to study all the commentaries, verse-by-verse.
    • The "Verse in different translations" functionality now reacts faster and provides visual progress while retrieving.
    • A two-finger swipe left/right in the Bible window now navigates to the next/previous book.
      • Added corresponding menu items.
      • Added corresponding configurable header buttons.
      • Added a complimentary setting "Recognize two-finger swipe left/right, as a jump to the next/previous book. If not checked, two-finger touch calls the book selection window".
    • In full screen mode, the menu button of the topmost Bible window shows the current time.
    • Bookmarks report for printing can now be sent in either HTML or plain text format.
    • Module quick selection now provides a module description in addition to abbreviation.
    • Added a setting to specify a verse number in every verse when copying/sending verses.
    • Added a setting to justify verses text.
    • Spanish localization is completed.
  2. Fixes:
    • Corrected appearance and scrolling behavior of the Reading Plans window.
    • Font size in the Commentaries window is now controlled by the "Dictionary, Notes, Comments text size" setting of the "Dictionary, Notes, Comments" theme element (before it was mistakenly controlled by the text size in the "Verse text" theme element).
    • Navigation history size is limited by 30 entries, to prevent its unlimited growing with time, causing bloating of the MyBible configuration file and thus increasing of the MyBible startup time.
    • Fixed a problem with incorrect page up/page down functionality (scrolling a few lines too far) in case if MyBible is switched from the full screen mode to the normal mode.
    • Fixed a feature allowing some modules to have Bible window text sizes increased by a certain ratio (used in Orig+ to increase text sizes by the factor of 1.2).
    • When scrolling the Bible text one-hand (with a thumb), reduced a probability of a false horizontal fling detection, causing an unexpected jump to the next or previous chapter.
    • Somewhat reduced an amount of memory taken by MyBible when loading Bible chapters. This might help avoid an "out of memory" problem reported by several users (via MyBible crash reports).
    • Fixed a defect with moving to from the first chapter to the last chapter of the previous book: last chapter number of the previous book was defined incorrectly.
    • Fixed a weird MyBible behavior after a gentle short scrolling touch, when the current place was lost due to a falsely detected page up or page down command.
    • When the Commentaries window is opened for the first time, MyBible now auto-selects some commentary module among downloaded. This addresses a question that was frequently asked by users about MyBible 4.0.x: "I've opened the Commentaries window and it says that it couldn't open commentaries module... What do I do?", with the standard answer to that being "open some commentary module using the leftmost button in the commentaries window header".
    • Fixed handling of hyperlinks in Strong's dictionary (hyperlinks did not work on some devices).
    • Corrected displaying of Greek texts in commentaries:
      • The option of hiding Greek accents unsupported by the system font is now in the new "Greek texts" settings group (was in the "Dictionaries" settings group).
    • Fixed initial selection of Bible books to search, from several individual books to the entire Bible.
    • Fixed a problem with the current Bible translation in a window getting lost (changed to another Bible translation).

MyBible 4.0.5 - September 2, 2014

  1. Fixes:
    • Fixed a problem with MyBible 4.0.3/4.0.4 crash at startup on a device where it was not installed yet.
  2. Improvements:
    • Added Spanish localization for MyBible user interface (first cut - to be finished in future versions).

MyBible 4.0.4 - August 31, 2014

  1. Improvements:
    • Improvement for quick selection of Bible translation:
      • Bible translation selection dropdown list (used when "Quick selection of modules" setting is on) can now be limited to show not all of the downloaded Bible translations.
      • Long touch on the Bible translation selection button now serves for selection of Bible translations (among downloaded ones) to show in the translation selection dropdown list.
    • Improvement for quick selection of commentaries: similar to how it is done for Bible translations (see above).
    • Improvement for comparison of verses in different Bible translations: translations for comparison can now be selected/limited, so that the comparison can be more focused on the translations of the most user's interest.
    • In the "Show" submenu of the Bible window, added the "Portrait only" checkbox (for a convenient access to this feature).
  2. Fixes:
    • Detection of a long touch on a verse is made more reliable. (Increased a maximum distance from an initial touch point withing which a finger can wiggle and still produce a long touch).

MyBible 4.0.3 - August 29, 2014

  1. Improvements:
    • In the Modules window, modules are now grouped by types after grouping by languages - for a better convenience of managing them.
    • In the Modules window, the count of Bible translation languages is corrected to count each of of the "small languages" as a separate language.
    • Reading plans Improvements:
      • Reading plans are downloadable modules now, with their format described along with the format of other MyBible modules (see MyBible description at Google Play).
      • Each reading plan now has a separate start date.
      • Built-in reading plans are removed from MyBible - please download the plans you need using "Modules" menu item - reading plans are at the top, as they are language-neutral.
    • In the "Verse in different translations" window a click on a translation opens a verse in that translation in the lowest Bible window.
    • Only those modules are now yellow-highlighted in the Modules window which were added/updated after MyBible was installed on the user's device. It essentially means that when the user installs MyBible, he/she has a chance to browse through all the modules - all of them would be "new", so no reason to highlight them then.
    • Hyperlinks in the commentaries window and in the dictionary window now use cross references color from the theme.
    • If selected an option of placing window control buttons at the bottom, it now applies also to the Commentaries window and to the Dictionary window.
  2. Fixes:
    • Prevented several possible MyBible crashes per crash reports received from the users. In particular, MyBible should no longer crash if the last used Bible translation cannot be opened anymore.

MyBible 4.0.2 - August 1, 2014

  1. Improvements:
    • Improved horizontal gesture handling in the Bible window: gesture left (next chapter) and gesture right (previous chapter), as well as pulling out the bookmarks panel, can now be made "one-hand".
    • New buttons added to the commentaries window header, allowing to switch between the two commentaries displaying modes:
      • all commentaries covering the current verse
      • only comments starting with the current verse
    • Added the "Verse in different translations" functionality - accessible via the new button in the Bible reading window header when a single verse is selected.
    • Cross references for a verse:
      • Duplicate cross references are no longer shown for a verse.
      • For extensive cross references, only the first referenced verse in shown initially, and you can expand/collapse such a cross reference as needed.
    • Added settings on the format of reference in verses being copied or shared (see the second tab of settings, at the end).
    • MyBible now looks for additional fonts in the /fonts directory on the SD card. Note: MyBible still also looks for additional fonts in the /MyBible/fonts directory on the SD card.
    • Storage of MyBible settings is reworked to go to the mybible_settings.xml file instead of the standard Android storage of application preferences. (This is a preparation to synchronizing MyBible between different devices of the same user).
    • The commentaries window now indicates why it is empty.
    • When selecting a new position in the Bible, MyBible suggests (highlights) the last visited verse only in the last visited chapter. So when you see a highlighted verse number on the verse selection screen, you can be sure this is the last visited place in the book being selected. (Note: MyBible used to remember and highlight last visited verse in every visited chapter of every book, but this behavior was confusing rather than helpful).
    • The number of adjustable bookmark category colors (configured in the Themes window) is no longer a fixed 10 but can be increased or decreased for a theme.
    • Upon clearing of the search text, the soft keyboard is now shown automatically.
    • Added a setting to provide a Bible translation abbreviation when copying/sharing verses.
    • Long touch on the "Share verses" button (when some verses are selected) prepares a Bible module defect report email.
      Note: this feature is described in the automatically shown new usage tip.
    • MyBible will now suggest to show new usage tips, if they have appeared in the new version. Usage tips that are new (i.e. added since the previous release of Mybible) have a red marker on them.
  2. Fixes:
    • An attempt is made to correct a reported problem with an unexpected changing of a selected user interface language to the system language.
    • Search results are no longer cleared after bookmarks manipulation.
    • Next chapter/previous chapter functionality now takes into account the setting of Russian New Testament books order.
    • On the bookmark editing screen the OK/Cancel buttons are now normally accessible on smartphones in the landscape mode.
    • Fixed a defect with not taking into account the Russian numbering of Psalms when displaying comments for them (comments for a wrong Psalm were displayed).
    • Corrected reading plans "Psalms + OT + NT" and "Chronological order" (defects have been observed and fixed by an active user).

MyBible 4.0.1 - June 10, 2014

  1. Fixes:
    • Fixed a scrolling problem reported for MyBible 4.0.0 by several users.
    • Fixed several possible MyBible crash reasons, according to crash reports sent by users since MyBible 4.0.0 was released.
    • Fixed a problem with missing MyBible icon on devices with low screen resolutions (the default Android icon was shown instead) .
    • Fixed a defect in the Themes window, the "Background" theme element, when the "Color highlighting opacity" selection was not shown when the "Old paper" background was not checked.
    • Fixed a problematic appearance of usage tips. Usage tips prompt is now automatically shown only once for every screen having usage tips.
  2. Improvements:
    • Added a possibility to turn off displaying of the Bible subheadings.
    • Turning windows synchronization on and off is now also available from the "Show" submenu.
    • Added the "never" option for the "Automatic screen off" setting.
    • Page scrolling by volume buttons can now be turned off by a new setting.
    • Sending of bookmarks for printing (in HTML) is improved:
      • bookmarks sorting information is shown
      • a comment for a bookmark is moved below the bookmarked verses text
      • bookmark creation and modification dates are now shown in HTML
      • when sending all the bookmarks for printing, added a possibility of grouping bookmarks by categories, keeping the current sorting within categories
    • Added vibration confirmation to the horizontal fling (which moves to the next/previous chapters and pulls out the side bookmarks panel).

MyBible 4.0.0 - June 4, 2014

  1. User interface is reworked for more modern and consistent look and feel and for easier access to the entire MyBible functionality.
    • The old-fashion Options menu is replaced with a neat menu panel that provides obvious access to all the MyBible possibilities.
    • Context menus are no longer used in MyBible. Instead, a modern approach with the Action Bar is applied:
      • Long touch selects items.
      • When one or more items are selected, available actions for selected items appear in the header.
      • Frequently needed actions are shown in the header with icons.
      • Additional actions are accessible by clicking the Overflow (tipple vertical dot) button.
    • Major improvements made in bookmarks.
      • Bookmarks no longer color the verse background but are shown as vertical bars on the right. Note: this way a bookmarked span of verses is more obvious. Besides, with this approach a verse background coloring can be used for individual words (that is planned for future versions).
        • A touch on a bookmark bar shows the bookmark info.
        • A long touch on a bookmark bar allows to edit or delete the bookmark.
      • Added a possibility to send information on bookmarks of the selected category for printing (as an HTML attachment).
      • Added an alternative convenience way to access the bookmarks and the bookmarked text: the bookmarks panel which can be pulled with a swipe from the left edge of the Bible window.
    • Introduced the concept of reading places.
      • You can now mark several places in the Bible as your reading places (places you have stopped reading at).
      • Reading place markers are color-coded per your preference.
      • You can have as many different reading place markers as you want.
      • A reading place marker is very easy to set after selecting a verse.
    • Introduced the Start Screen:
      • Appears when you open MyBible after closing it with the "Back" hardware button (can also be called from the Options menu).
      • Provides all your reading places for easy choosing.
      • Also provides today's items of your currently selected Bible reading plan.
    • Added more shortcut buttons into the Bible window header:
      • buttons to be shown in the header can be selected via Options
      • as many of selected buttons are shown as the header room permits
    • The interface colors are changed to be closer to the modern Android bluish color scheme.
    • Android-style icons are used throughout the application.
  2. Added support of Bible commentaries.
    • Bible commentaries modules in the Downloadable Modules window are available among the Common Modules for a particular language.
    • There is a menu item to open the commentaries window.
    • The commentaries window shows commentaries applicable to the current position in the active Bible window.
    • A touch on a hyperlink in the commentaries window opens a corresponding Bible location in the active Bible window.
    • Synchronization of Bible windows (controlled by a long touch on the second button of a Bible window header) also affects commentaries window.
  3. Smaller Improvements:
    • Usage tips are reworked to point to elements in animated form instead of providing static screen shots.
    • In the "MyBible original" and "MyBible alternative" themes corrected the colors for words of Jesus (day and night mode) and for the verse text in the night mode, so that it is softer for the eyes (if you use these themes, reset them to the predefined state to apply the updates).
    • By default, there is no active reading plan. This is done to make sure that the Start Screen does not show reading plan items if the user has not explicitly selected a reading plan to follow.
    • Alternative MyBible icon, with the David's star instead of the cross, is now used not only if a device's system language is Hebrew, but also if Android is able to detect that the device is functioning on the territory of Israel.
    • Added an option to show Bible window controls at the bottom.
  4. Fixes:
    • Corrected windows synchronization and current position displaying in a situation when the current book does not exist in a Bible translation selected in a Bible window (black window).
    • Prevented a problem with modules not being actually open (empty Bible window after downloading a Bible translation), which was reported by a user for the V9+ tablet (Android 2.3.5).
    • Fixed a problem with some reading plan items not being indicated with the red bar.

MyBible 3.4.3 - April 21, 2014

  1. Themes Improvements:
    • Added a possibility to limit the font size increasing on the book/chapter/verse selection buttons - see the "Control buttons" theme element.
    • The predefined theme "MyBible alternative" is updated to limit the font size on the book/chapter/verse selection buttons (if you use this theme, reset it to the predefined state to apply the updates).
    • Fixed a not working "Left and right margin" setting in themes (under the "Margins and spaces" theme element).
  2. Fixed a problem with opening during MyBible start/restart of not exactly the same Bible position where the reader was the last time (but a position few pages above).
  3. Fixed a problem when the second Bible window was sometimes by itself switching to the same Bible translation as used in the first Bible window.
  4. Fixed a problem with showing descriptions in the bookmarks list: a correct amount of vertical space is now reserved for bookmark descriptions.
  5. In the Septuagint (LXX+) Bible translation (Old Testament), Strong's numbers now point to Greek Strong's lexicon, as appropriate.
  6. MyBible startup time is shortened slightly more.

MyBible 3.4.2 - March 25, 2014

  1. Performance Improvements:
    • Application startup time is noticeably shortened.
    • Book selection and chapter/verse selection windows appear somewhat faster.
  2. Added more reading plans:
    • Canonical order
    • Chronological order
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
    • Psalms + OT + NT
    • Thematic
    • 10 chapters a day
    • 71 days in Isaiah
    • Christmas
    • NT in 3 months, chronologically
    • Gospel daily
    • Psalms daily
    • Wisdom daily
    • Words of Jesus
    • Epistles, Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, Gospels a week
  3. Appearance themes Improvements:
    • The "Ancillary windows" theme item is reworked for clarity into "Lists" and "Dictionaries, Notes, Commentaries" items.
    • For Dictionaries, Notes, Commentaries windows there are now separate appearance theme settings for the text color and background color.
    • Built-in appearance themes are updated to have the dictionary/notes/commentaries background color and text color matching the corresponding Bible windows colors. If you have not made your personal changes in an appearance theme you use, it is recommended that you reset your theme appearance to the default state.
    • When increasing/decreasing font size for all text theme element at once, the lists font size and the dictionaries/notes/commentaries font size are also affected correspondingly.
  4. Navigation Improvements:
    • Quick selection of Bible translations and commentaries - using dropdown list of abbreviations only. More informative selection that shows modules with descriptions, grouped by languages, can be activated by unchecking the quick modules selection setting.
    • When selecting a new Bible location, it is now possible (via Settings) to turn off selection of a verse after selection of a book and chapter. This way the first verse of a selected chapter is opened, making the navigation process faster (although less precise).
  5. In the Downloadable Modules window added the "Remove all highlighting" service menu item.
  6. Fixed a problem of a punctuation sign carrying onto a new line by itself after an inserted word, a word of Jesus, or a note.
  7. Fixed a problem of not retrieving enough chapters to cover the screen when scrolling short chapters (Psalm 120 and the following ones) on a big-screen device (a tablet).

MyBible 3.4.1 - February 10, 2014

  1. Appearance themes Improvements:
    • Provided access to appearance theme selection/editing from Options.
      This is done mostly to address user's confusion "Why did the font size adjustment disappeared?" - there were many questions like this to the developer after the MyBible 3.4.0 release. Access to appearance themes from the menu is still kept as a shortcut.
    • All font sizes within a theme can now be changed at once by either big or small increment. (This feature is still available via the "..." button in the theme editing window).
    • "Lines spacing" theme item is changed into "Margins and spaces".
      "Left and right margin" setting added there.
    • Added a setting to control a dictionary window height - in the "Ancillary windows" theme element, scroll down if not visible.
    • Provided more predefined appearance themes.
  2. Search functionality Improvements:
    • Provided predefined sets of books for searching, matching the color categories in the book selection window.
    • Books for searching can now be also flexibly and conveniently selected - any arbitrary selection of books can be searched.
    • The case insensitive search workaround option is now turned on by default if MyBible detects that SQLite engine on the user's device cannot find a record with mixed-case Russian text.
  3. Side-by-side Bible windows arrangement in landscape mode:
    • When two or three Bible windows are shown, in the landscape screen orientation mode Bible windows are located side-by-side now instead of being on top of each other.
    • If not desired, this behavior can be turned off using via the Settings.
  4. Added a new menu item "To random verse".
  5. Order of books/chapters/verses on the navigation screens for the Orig+ Bible module is changed to be more natural: right-to-left for Hebrew books, left-to-right for Greek books.
  6. Data directory relocation/control functionality is reworked to be more clear and safe, and to support several switchable MyBible data directories on a device, if needed.
  7. Vibration action confirmation is made shorter.
  8. Fixed a problem with context menu calling on Android 4.4, when lifting a finger up after a long touch was causing firing of simple touch event behind the appeared context menu.
  9. Checking of built-in cross references is completed.

MyBible 3.4.0 - January 11, 2014

  1. Added support of MyBible appearance themes:
    • Selection and editing of themes is available from the menu, "Appearance themes" item.
    • Provided several predefined appearance themes.
    • The user can select/copy/modify/delete themes.
    • Several of the MyBible settings have been moved to themes.
  2. Bookmark category color highlighting approach is changed to work with appearance themes:
    • Bookmark category color is now selected from a set of 10 bookmark category colors defined within an appearance theme.
    • Color selection now assumes a pair of colors: one for the day mode and one for the night mode.
    • Bookmark category colors configured in an earlier MyBible version are automatically replaced with a reference to some color pair number within an appearance theme. So re-adjustment of your bookmark category colors will likely be needed after switching to MyBible 3.4.0.
  3. Bible window touch action has two options now:
    • Single touch scrolls by a page, double touch activates a hyperlink (default).
    • Single touch activates a hyperlink, double touch does nothing.
  4. On the bookmark editing window provided a text of verses being bookmarked - for the bookmark location editing convenience.
  5. Sorting of bookmarks by date is corrected to have most recently created bookmarks at the top of the list.
  6. Improved windows synchronization on parallel scrolling when there is a difference in subheadings location or height in the windows.
  7. Added support of bi-lingual Bible modules - for correct displaying of the newly added module Orig+ (Old Testament in Hebrew, New Testament in Greek).
  8. Added an option to explicitly set on the book selection screen the Russian order of the New Testament books (Paul's epistles at the end, before Revelation).
  9. Corrected noticed entry mistakes in several tens of cross references pointing to Exodus, which are actually references to Isaiah.
  10. Corrected the control buttons appearance for large screen resolutions.
  11. Fixed a problem with bookmarks not being isHighlighted in some cases.
  12. Added a new Settings tab to switch the MyBible interface language independently of the system locale.
  13. Added Ukrainian user interface localization.
  14. Added Indonesian user interface localization.
  15. Deleted imperfect Italian and Spanish user interface localizations (there are no native speakers willing to help the developer with this, decided not to keep these localizations which were not updated for several MyBible releases).

MyBible 3.3.1 - November 18, 2013

  1. Added MyBible usage tips:
    • Automatically brought up by default on opening of every screen for which usage tips are defined.
    • Can be called using the "Show usage tips" menu item.
  2. Added bookmarks creation and modification timestamps, and corresponding sorting in the Bookmarks window.
  3. Presentation of a chapter and verse number for Bible translations in right-to-left languages is changed to be natural for a right-to-left reading user. In particular, for an Arabic user:
    • English Bible translation: John 3:16
    • Arabic Bible translation: 16:3 يو
    • Arabic Bible translation, when national digits are used: يو ١٦:٣
  4. In the Downloadable Modules window, all the available languages are again shown by default. The menu item "Show all languages" is changed into "Limit shown languages". This change was prompted by complaints from several Russian users after the MyBible 3.3.0 release, like "Where did the English Bible translations go??" :)
  5. Several noticed mistakes are corrected in built-in cross references.
  6. Built-in daily reading plans corrected for the book of Jeremiah - all the chapters of Jeremiah are now in the plans in their natural order.
  7. Several corrections to prevent MyBible crashes (a follow-up to received automatic crash report emails).
  8. Corrected handling of two-finger touch and three-finder touch in the Bible reading window (no more accidentally called several book selection windows on top of each other).
  9. Fixed a problem with MyBible usage after an external SD card has been removed.

MyBible 3.3.0 - November 3, 2013

  1. Bible text scrolling is made more smooth when old paper background is turned on.
  2. Bible navigation Improvements:
    • Increased font size in the book selection window.
    • On long touch in the book selection window the beginning of the first book's chapter is opened.
    • On long touch in the chapter selection window the beginning of the chapter is opened.
  3. Search functionality Improvements:
    • Added search options:
      • case sensitive search
      • whole words search
    • Added search possibilities help text.
    • Added a button to clear search text entry.
    • When a search book range is changed, search re-query is auto-performed for the new book range.
    • Added an option to selectively copy found verses to Clipboard.
    • Search history:
      • now called by a long touch on the Search button
      • order of history items is corrected to have the most recent at the top
    • Long search operation can now be canceled.
  4. Added text size adjustment possibilities:
    • added an option to change text size of Bible hyperlinks (cross references, Strong's numbers)
    • added an option to change text size of search results (and other similar lists - bookmarks, cross references)
    • added an option to change text size of a dictionary window
  5. Downloadable Modules window is improved:
    • When called, it only shows modules in languages of the user interest, that is:
      • languages of already downloaded modules
      • device's system language
      • language-neutral modules (cross references)
    • All available languages can be shown/hidden using the "Show all languages" menu item.
  6. The Navigate Back button is never disabled when the Navigation Forward button is not shown. This allows to always perform a long touch on the Navigate Back button to call the Navigation History list.
  7. Occasional unneeded spaces around punctuation and quotes (prevented by the previous release in the reading window) are now also prevented when copying and sharing verses.
  8. Notes window:
    • now stores in the file "notes.txt" so that your notes will not disappear if you will uninstall the application and install it again.
    • you can transfer notes to PC by copying the file "notes.txt".
  9. Embedded additional fonts are removed from the program installation, as they could potentially be copyrighted. Additional .ttf fonts are still taken from /MyBible/fonts SD card directory - place your additional Android TTF fonts there if desired.
  10. Removed the option "Retrieve all chapters":
    • This option was not useful: even on the fastest phones, the many-chapter books like Isaiah or Psalms would take too many seconds to load completely, making this function rather annoying.
    • Also, there were cases of a negative feedback on MyBible performance when the users have set this option (just to try things out).
  11. Measures are taken to prevent an occasional MyBible crash on startup after a period of inactivity.

MyBible 3.2.0 - August 31, 2013

  1. Added Strong's number usage search functionality:
    • Allows to study where and how words of the original denoted by particular Strong's numbers are used in a Bible translation.
    • Accessible by the Search button in a dictionary window header.
  2. Added informing the user on added and/or updated downloadable modules which became available:
    • At startup, MyBible will show a popup notification that there are new modules of potential interest.
    • In the Downloadable Modules window, the added and updated modules are isHighlighted in yellow.
    • Downloading the module will clear its highlighting.
    • The user can also prevent a module highlighting using the context menu.
  3. Prevented (mostly) occasional unneeded spaces around punctuation and quotes.
  4. Improved support of Chinese Bible translations displaying.
  5. Added support of emphasized words (used in some Bible translations).
  6. Found verses font is made bigger, found places are isHighlighted in color.
  7. New user interface localizations:
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Lithuanian
  8. Fixed the data directory relocation function (became broken in MyBible 3.0.4).
  9. Fixed bookmarks behavior when they are filtered in the list by a description fragment.

MyBible 3.1.0 - August 2, 2013

  1. MyBible now supports Bible text subheadings, downloadable as separate modules.
    • Subheadings help better follow intense Bible chapters when reading.
    • Subheadings also provide an alternative way to navigate in the Bible.
    • One common set of downloaded subheadings can be applied to multiple Bible translations (in the same language as the subheadings language or in any language - the user's choice).
    • Provided two Russian subheadings modules, sourced from a printed pastor Getse's Bible:
      • Bible chapters chronology
      • Bible text subheadings
    • No longer needed built-in subheadings are removed from the downloadable Russian Bible translation modules:
      • RSTG became RST
      • MDRG became MDR
    • Provided English subheadings from a printed King James Bible translation.
    • Added the context menu item "Navigate by subheadings" (for the current book).
    • Added the Options menu item "Navigate by subheadings" (for the entire Bible).
  2. MyBible now supports searching in bookmarks by a bookmark description: added a "Filter by" input in the Bookmarks window.
  3. Added options:
    • Force a case insensitive search workaround (this is apparently needed for some devices with a custom-built Android version).
    • When Strong's numbers are shown, do NOT scroll a page per a single tap (turned on by default).
  4. Fixes:
    • Fixed a problem of extra lines scrolled on page up / page down, after the screen is switched to full screen and back.
    • Fixed a problem of slow user interface reaction when a custom font is selected for the reading window.
    • Fixed a problem with not restoring the system screen switch off time on activating another application.

MyBible 3.0.4 - July 8, 2013

  1. Added "Share selected verses" option in the context menu.
  2. Added a full screen mode, turned on by default for screens no more than 6 inches.
    Can be turned on and off:
    • by a double-tap on the Sel button
    • from the menu
    • from Options
  3. Added an alternative way to start selection of another position in the Bible: touching the Bible reading window with two fingers simultaneously.
  4. Added a night reading mode, which can be turned on and off:
    • via the menu
    • by touching the Bible reading window with three fingers simultaneously
  5. Provided several additional selectable fonts for the Bible reading window.
    • You can have additional fonts available for selection by placing .ttf font files into the /MyBible/fonts directory on the SD card.
  6. Added an option to lock portrait screen orientation (turned on by default for screens no more than 6 inches).
  7. Added an option turn off Jesus' words highlighting in red.
  8. Added an option turn off showing of subtitles.
  9. Action of a fling left/right on the Bible reading window is reversed for a more natural flipping of chapter:
    • fling left now moves to the next chapter
    • fling right now moves to the previous chapter
  10. Bible reading plan can now be started at any day.
  11. Access to bookmark category adding/editing possibilities is made more obvious by adding a "..." button on the right of the bookmark category selection control.
  12. Added support of the right-to-left-writing languages (Hebrew Bible modules will be available for downloading soon).

MyBible 3.0.3 - June 24, 2013

  1. Better support of bigger screen sizes (tablets) by the Bible reading window:
    • Header is scaled separately for large and extra large screens (7" and 10", respectively).
    • Font size of the book/chapter/verse selection buttons is increased automatically, depending on the available screen space and the number of the buttons shown.
  2. Provided a shortcut to navigate within the currently selected book - double-tap on the current Bible position button in the header:
    • Single tap still allows to navigate starting from the book selection.
    • Double-tap simply skips the book selection, jumping to the chapter selection.
  3. Bible text font can now be chosen from the three Android built-in fonts: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Droid Sans Monospace.

MyBible 3.0.2 - June 13, 2013

  1. Improvements and fixes related to the first start, when there is no Bible translations downloaded yet.
    • Menu items and buttons are disabled which were causing exceptions without a Bible translation open.
    • Downloadable Modules window is made full-screen.
    • A reminder is shown to download and open a Bible translation if the user closes the automatically open Downloadable Modules window without downloading a Bible translation.
  2. Navigation history access changes.
    • Clearing of navigation history is removed from Options menu, to free up a slot for a more frequently needed menu item.
    • Clearing of navigation history is now available as the first item in the navigation history list (menu), callable by a long touch on the Back or Forward button.
  3. Unnecessary menu items are removed, Options menu item is now more easily accessible.
  4. Unnecessary confirmation popup message is removed on copying selected verses to Clipboard.

MyBible 3.0.1 - June 8, 2013

  1. Improved appearance of the context menus.
  2. Fixed the problem with searching of several words (a phrase) not finding anything in translations with embedded Strong numbers.
    • Search in translations with embedded Strong numbers is now as fast and capable as in translations containing plain Bible text only.
    • A price of this, however, is creation of a translation copy with Strong's numbers removed on the SD card:
      • When you perform a search for the first time in a Bible translation containing Strong's numbers, MyBible will delay your search up to about a minute to create a modified copy of the translation.
      • A created translation copy is a bit smaller than the original translation, but still takes several megabytes on your SD card.
  3. Fixed a crash situation on return from Options when there is no Bible translation open.
  4. Fixed a problem with sometimes disappearing translation abbreviation indication.

MyBible 3.0.0 - May 29, 2013

  1. MyBible distribution moved to Google Play! This became possible because:
    • Volker Burggräf suggested to use Zefania free resources as the source of Bible translation modules.
    • Volker Burggräf has also invested his personal time into creation of the Zefania -> MyBible converter - coming online soon!
  2. Bible text search functionality Improvements:
    • The '*' character can now be used instead of the '%' character to specify any number of any characters.
    • Search is accelerated on Android 4 and newer devices (non-working SQLite case conversion workaround is no longer needed starting Android 4).
    • Added a possibility to combine several search criteria using 'and', 'or', 'not'. To simplify this feature usage, brief reference info is provided in the Search window.
    • Added storing of search history.
  3. Downloadable modules changes:
    • Downloadable modules are now split into groups by the Bible translation language.
    • Provided many more Bible translations for several European languages (if not yet available for you - please keep checking, coming soon).
  4. Select Bible translation functionality improvement: available Bible translation are now grouped by translation languages.
  5. New features regarding the reading window header buttons:
    • Search button is now shown in the header if there is room for it (e.g. in landscape screen orientation). If there is no room, Search button can be shown instead of Forward button - if the corresponding option is set.
    • In case of a long current translation abbreviation, both Search button and Forward buttons hide to give more room for the current position selection button.
  6. New features in the reading window (used in some Bible translations):
    • Notes text highlighting.
    • Explicit line breaks.
  7. Appearance of all the windows other than the reading window is reworked to use the Dialog style.
  8. When the old paper background is used, added the optional "work edges" effect - many thanks to Evgeniy Zolotko for his efforts to develop this feature.
  9. Options are split into several tabs.
  10. For Android 4.0 and above, switched the order of buttons on the dialogs, to match the system defaults: OK/Cancel -> Cancel/OK
  11. Corrections and Fixes:
    • Added words (the words not present in the original) among Jesus' words are now shown in light red (was in light grey).
    • Switched places "+" and "-" buttons in the Options.
    • Fixed a defect with not allowing to scroll up in some cases after the "Previous chapter" feature usage.
    • "Chapter Description" context menu item is renamed to "Info".
    • Back button action is restored to the standard Android behavior.
  12. Added a possibility to move the MyBible data directory from the standard place /mnt/sdcard/MyBible to any other location per the user's preference.

MyBible 2.2.7 - February 24, 2013

  1. Appearance of buttons is improved:
    • Top edge is made sparkling.
    • Corners rounded.
  2. Windows header height is increased for buttons access convenience.
  3. Further corrections for better screen rotation support:
    • Verses selection is now kept on the screen rotation.
  4. Fixes:
    • Fixed a defect with blocking scrolling up after a jump several chapters up in the same book.
    • Jump using extended cross references no longer clears the current Bible reading plan item.
    • Fling right (calling the next chapter) and fling left (calling the previous chapter) shall now be at least 1 centimeter long (protection from accidental jump on very sensitive screens).

MyBible 2.2.6 - February 9, 2013

  1. Adjustment for Android 4.x devices:
    • "Search in Books" menu item is moved to the first part of the options menu (it is more convenient this way with devices having no "Search" hardware button).
  2. Corrections for better screen rotation support:
    • Fixed crash of the bookmark category editing window on the screen rotation.
    • Fixed behavior of the bookmark and bookmark category editing windows on the screen rotation (preserve edited data state).
    • Fixed behavior of the 'Search in Books' window on the screen rotation (preserve a selected book to search from and a selected book to search to).
  3. Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • Restored the functionality of emailing crash notifications to the author (was accidentally broken many releases ago without noticing by the author).
    • Fixed the first double-touch in inactive window (was working as a single touch).
    • 'Search in Books' for KJV+ no longer shows Strong's numbers in the search results.
    • Corrected a priority of initial translation selection: first look for RST, if not available - look for KJV+, if not available - select an alphabetically first available translation.
    • Removed the not working and not needed 'Exit' menu item.

MyBible 2.2.5 - January 23, 2013

  1. "Translations and Dictionaries" MyBible menu item is renamed to "Downloadable Modules"
  2. Provided detailed cross references for the entire Bible.
    • Adopted cross references from the OpenBible project - more than 340 thousand Bible cross references, which makes an average of more than 10 cross references per a Bible verse.
    • These additional cross references can be downloaded from the MyBible web site - use the "Downloadable Modules" MyBible menu item (look for OBX).
    • In the Bible reading window MyBible still shows the built-in set of cross references taken from the Russian Synodal Bible translation - about 10.7 thousand cross references, which makes an average of 1 cross reference per 3 Bible verses.
    • All available cross references are shown in the new window "Cross References".
      • Can be open via the context menu invoked for a verse.
      • Can also be called by a double-tap on a verse number.

MyBible 2.2.4 - January 12, 2013

  1. Windows synchronization state is now persistent.
    • Windows synchronization is still on by default.
    • If windows synchronization was turned off it will be off after MyBile restart.
    • If windows synchronization is turned off, the navigation history is stored separately for each window.
  2. Added bookmarks sorting options:
    • sequentially by Bible books (default)
    • by description
  3. Changed windows synchronization indication: "=" means synchronized windows, "≈" means not synchronized windows.
  4. Russian numbering of verses is now automatically selected after installation only for the Russian system locale.
  5. Removed incorrect cross reference from Revelation 14:15 to non-existent Joel 7.

MyBible 2.2.3 - December 22, 2012

  1. Localization is improved:
    • Created separate versions of the initial (sample) bookmarks for English, Russian, and German locales.
    • Built-in Bible reading plan names are translated into English and German.
    • "About" information is translated into German (by Volker Burggräf).
  2. Color picker on the bookmark category editor is slightly improved for more convenient selection of the leftmost and rightmost available colors.

MyBible 2.2.2 - December 19, 2012

  1. Fixed a bug with growing left and right text indent on devices with large screen densities.
  2. Added German localization of the user interface (translated by Volker Burggräf).
  3. Added German Bible translation LUT - download from MyBible site if you want it.
  4. Added support for story titles.
  5. Translation abbreviation is now defined only by the translation file name ("info.short_name" field within a translation database is no longer used).
  6. Scrolling of notes is improved.

MyBible 2.2.1 - December 13, 2012

  1. Fixed the defect with disappearing of the translation name (hopefully fixed - could not reproduce reliably)
  2. Activated hyperlink highlighting is made more visible - yellow background.
  3. Vibration confirmation is added to the Bible reading plan item selection.
  4. Corrected transition to the next chapter and to the previous chapter(on fling right and fling left) to proceed to the very beginning of the first verse.

MyBible 2.2.0 - November 17, 2012

  1. Cross references entered for the entire Bible - thank you my beloved wife for helping with this!
  2. Touch and hold the translation abbreviation area in the header to turn cross references on/off (underlined Bible translation name means that cross references are on).
  3. Double-tap the KJV+ translation abbreviation in the header to turn Strong's Numbers on/off.
  4. RST translation is corrected for Daniel 3:31 incompleteness (re-download RST to have this change).
  5. Downloading progress indication is corrected to show round progress numbers.
  6. 'Notes' window appearance is improved.
  7. Reaction on some user actions is accelerated (preferences are saved only when necessary).
  8. Default settings are adjusted for the developer's preference.
  9. New dictionary window menu item is disabled if there are no downloaded dictionaries.
  10. Alphabetically first Bible translation is automatically selected after initial downloading of Bible translations (after-installation behavior improvement).
  11. Bookmark info no longer shows tags when called for KJV+.
  12. Space after a verse number is changed from 5 scalable pixels to 1 whitespace.

MyBible 2.1.0 - August 14, 2012

  1. Added cross-references for the books of Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Daniel, Hosea.
  2. Ukrainian Bible translation is made available (UBIO).
  3. Location of the epistles of James, Peter, John, Jude in the list of Bible books is now controlled by the selected chapters and verses numbering: for Russian numbering these books are located right after the book of Acts.
  4. Correction of words spacing.
  5. Minor correction of Strong Numbers spacing.
  6. Prevented a crash (reported by the user).

MyBible 2.0.0 - July 8, 2012

  1. Added support of dictionary windows next to Bible reading windows.
  2. Added (available for downloading) Strong's Dictionary of the Bible Hebrew and Greek words.
  3. Added (available for downloading) KJV+ Bible translation, with Strong's numbers and Jesus' words in red.
  4. Downloading from MyBible site is significantly accelerated.
  5. Added lines spacing option.
  6. Current daily reading plan item is saved when the program is closed.
  7. Provided English-Russian verses numbering correspondence for the book of Daniel (chapters 3 and 4). RST translation is updated on the MyBible site to remove non-canon verses from Daniel 4.
  8. Navigation history positioning is made more precise (scrolling within a verse is also stored now).
  9. Touch and hold of a daily reading plan item activates it without a jump to its beginning.

MyBible 1.4.11 - May 2, 2012

  1. Provided an option to show the Bible text on an old paper-like background (more pleasant for the eyes and apparently more aesthetic).
  2. Added cross references for the books of Job and Psalms.
  3. Selected Bible reading plan item is now shown by a red stripe on the right edge of the text.
  4. Added an option to override a system setting of the screen auto-off timeout while a Bible text is shown.
  5. Bookmark color picker is improved.

MyBible 1.4.10 - March 24, 2012

  1. Provided an option of smooth page up and page down scrolling on the volume buttons, trackball, up and down keys.
  2. Visual and vibration feedback on buttons and on double-clicking of cross-references is improved.
  3. Provided an option to turn on and off a vibration feedback.
  4. Touching and holding the "Sel" header turns on and off showing of the bookmarks. When the bookmarks are shown, the "Sel" header area has bold font.

MyBible 1.4.9 - March 17, 2012

  1. Added cross references for the books of 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.
  2. Added adjustment of actions on touching of screen quarters (which way to scroll, smooth scroll or not).

MyBible 1.4.8 - March 4, 2012

  1. Fixed scrolling defect on scrolling up to the previous chapter (unexpected jump over a chapter) when the user keeps manually dragging down (does not use a fling down).
  2. Added cross references for the book of Acts.
  3. Long texts of menu items shortened.

MyBible 1.4.7 - March 3, 2012

  1. Added cross references for the books 1 Kings, 2 Kings.

MyBible 1.4.6 - February 28, 2012

  1. Added cross references for the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel.

MyBible 1.4.5 - February 25, 2012

  1. Program startup time is reduced (loading of cross references is optimized).
  2. Added Russian localization of the program (automatically turned on when the Russian locale is activated on the device).

MyBible 1.4.4 - February 18, 2012

  1. Added cross references for Numbers, Deuteronomy, Luke.
  2. More room is provided to enter a bookmark note. An entire bookmark note is visible in the list of bookmarks.
  3. Bookmark Info feature is made more convenient.

MyBible 1.4.3 - February 10, 2012

  1. Scrolling and font size are improved in the Notes window.
  2. "Features and Their Usage" is added to the "About" text - this is essentially a brief user manual.

MyBible 1.4.2 - January 28, 2012

  1. Added cross references for Leviticus, Matthew, Mark, John.

MyBible 1.4.1 - January 14, 2012

  1. Scrolling is fixed/improved again.
  2. Fixed a defect with unexpected jumps several chapters up on "fling down and wait".
  3. Button sizes improvements for high resolution screens (navigation, Bible reading plan).
  4. Added cross references for Exodus and Proverbs.

MyBible 1.4.0 - January 7, 2012

  1. Chapter description context menu item is provided. It shows a nearest preceding chapter description above a touched place. For the RST and MDRG translations this allows to see an approximate date to which a touched Bible place is related. (This is possible because the supplied RST and MDRG Bible translations carry dates from the Pastor Getse's Russian Bible as chapters descriptions).
  2. Added support of cross references. Started population of cross references information from the Russian Synodal translation (created cross references for the book of Genesis).
  3. Improved navigation history functioning.
  4. Fixed an initial scrolling defect on the MyBible Reading Plan activity.
  5. Provided English-Russian numbering correspondence for the Song of Solomon.
  6. MyBible versions numbering is changed - a third digit is now used instead of an alpha to indicate a subversion number.

MyBible 1.3b - December 24, 2011

  1. A visual defect on navigation is fixed (no more jump to the beginning of a chapter before jumping to a required place in a chapter).
  2. Provided storing of navigation history between MyBible sessions.
  3. Added Exit menu item.

MyBible 1.3a - December 17, 2011

  1. Bookmarks manipulation possibilities are improved to support bookmark exchange between MyBible users.
    • MyBible now allows having several bookmark sets. One bookmark set at a time can be selected as active.
    • Each bookmark set is stored in a separate file.
    • You can export your bookmark category (or all categories) into a separate bookmark set file and then email it to someone.
    • If you receive a bookmark set file via email, you can store it to the MyBible directory on SD card and use.
    • You can also merge into your active bookmark set some other bookmark set.
    Note: When switching from MyBible 1.2g to MyBible 1.3, please export your bookmarks first. Default bookmark set name 'bookmarks' would be fine when exporting. This is needed because MyBible stores bookmarks differently. (Never mind if you did not use the bookmarks feature before).

MyBible 1.2g - December 10, 2011

  1. MyBible Bookmarks activity got a menu item to export selected category of bookmarks into an XML file. This is an intermediate MyBible version which allows the users having some bookmarks collected prepare to switching to MyBible 1.3. The 1.3 version will store bookmarks differently and allow bookmarks exchange between MyBible users.

MyBible 1.2f - December 1, 2011

  1. Corrected handling of Psalms numbering correspondence between Russian and English Bible translations.
  2. Provided numbering correspondence between Russian and English Bible translations for the book of Job.

MyBible 1.2e - November 7, 2011

  1. Can download application updates for itself from the MyBible web site.

MyBible 1.2d - November 5, 2011

  1. Can download user-selected Bible translations from the MyBible web site.

MyBible 1.2c - October 27, 2011

  1. Installation is corrected to carry data on Psalms numbering correspondence between Russian and English Bible translations.

MyBible 1.2a - October 4, 2011

  1. In the reading window the volume control appearance is suppressed on Volume Up/Volume Down. Only Page Up/Page Down action is kept.
  2. Reading windows control button width is increased for convenience.
  3. Trackball and joystick support on navigation screens is improved.
  4. On the About screen provided a hyperlink to the latest MyBible download.

MyBible 1.2 - September 24, 2011

  1. Added control, indicator, and options of chapters background retrieving.
  2. Added support of 2 and 3 subwindows with different translations.
  3. Provided 3 different ways of Psalms numbering in a Bible translation: Native, Russian, English. This includes numbering in bookmarks, reading plan, search.
  4. Provided trackball and joystick support on navigation screens.
  5. Added an option to hide bookmarks.

MyBible 1.1 - July 29, 2011

  1. Added a crash email notification to the author. If MyBible will happen to crash, during its next launch it will suggest the user to send a crash email notification to the MyBible author.

MyBible 1.0 - July 24, 2011

This is the first build made for sharing with others.