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Modules or tables with HTML

  1. Dictionaries,
  2. Commentaries,
  3. Notes,
  4. Devotionals,
  5. In Info table - detailed_info.

Modules or tables without HTML

  1. Bible modules,
  2. Reading plans,
  3. Subheadings,
  4. books, books_all,
  5. Short description, language, region, russian_numbering.


The main feature - everything has to be on one page (except for links to other modules).
I mean you can't create a module with a group of files: text module, images, Javascript file, CSS file ....
You may use picture, CSS and Javascript, but inside of the file.

For example.

<style type=text/css>
.class {
	FONT: 11px;
	color: #585858;

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function start() {...}
Or in text.

The same way we work with pictures (more)


Links can be inside the program, not on the Internet.
We have some links to the publisher's site, but this is a formal necessity.
Do not violate the principle of programs - full functionality offline.

Below are references in MyBible:

<a href='B:30 26'>26</a> - to Bible chapter
<a href='B:30 26:15'>26:15</a> - to Bible verse
<a href='B:30 26:1,5,7'>26:1,5,7</a> - to Bible verses
<a href='B:30 26:1-5'>26:1-5</a> - to Bible verses
<a href='B:30 26:1-26:46'>26:1-26:46</a> - to Bible verses
<a href='C:@10 2:16'>commentary to Gen 2:16-17</a> - to commentaries
<a href='S:G1234'>G1234</a> - for Strong's numbers Greek alphabet
<a href='S:H1234'>H1234</a> - for Strong's numbers Hebrew alphabet
<a href='S:Word'>Word</a>