MyBible - Bible App for Android and iOS

MyBible project offers the most convenient, constantly improved interface and tools for working with the Word of God on Android and iOS, and a huge set of modules.

MyBible - completely free and available for anyone application:

  • lots of modules of Bible Translations, in hundreds of languages,
  • convenient paging and navigation,
  • convenient searching in Bible commentaries, dictionaries,
  • parallel reading of 2 or 3 different Bible translations,
  • some modules are Red Letter Edition,
  • some modules have Strong's numbers,
  • study dictionaries,
  • dictionaries of foreign languages - from Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Norwegian ...
  • automatically synchronized with Bible text of commentaries,
  • Bible reading plans, you may even create them on your own,
  • random verse or random chapter of Bible, or of Bible book, or of any book by your choice,
  • cross references,
  • footnotes,
  • devotionals,
  • personal notes: underlining, highlighting, notes,
  • Text-to-Speech of Bible text,
  • ... and much more!

MyBible doesn't need Internet connection.

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