Help to the project

Prayer support

Always needed.
  • Pray for us to have enough time and energy to work on programs and modules.
  • For the distribution. We want people to know about MyBible and use it for their good.
  • For interface translations into other languages, especially in the languages of the peoples who are in need of evangelization.

Main help

Use the program, notice and report faults, suggest improvements. Recommend MyBible for other.

Inform us about errors in modules

Some modules are creating from scanned text and may have errors. Many users inform us concerning errors and you may partake in it as well.

We have special way to inform us in MyBible - look Tips.

New modules

Many ask us to create a module of a Bible translation, interpretation, Strong's lexicon in their language. That's OK.
But, in most cases, this is a very big task, and sometimes impossible to fulfill. Specially if we don't know the language.

You may help us by links to sites with Bible translations, commentaries, reading plans, daily reading. This should be offered in the public domain.
List of websites is here.

You may also partake in creating modules.


We are open for cooperation on a not commercial basis. The program has been, is and will always remain free.

Connect us concerning cooperation to email: - Denys Dolganenko in Kharkov, Ukraine (English or Russian or Ukrainian please).