Recommended soft

Requirements for the text to create modules

Sure you may use any other soft you prefer. We just want to give you an idea and share the way we work.

To create modules we need the following software (actually freeware):


  1. Browser Mozilla Firefox, we need it for SQLite Manager.
  2. Application for Firefox - SQLite Manager (more)
    (basic soft to work with modules)

  3. SQLite Database Browser - SQLite editor.
    It works with bigger data base. (It does not require the additional installation of the browser. someone like it as far as to me it seemed much less convenient)


  1. Notepad++ - text editor. (more)
    (main soft to edit CSV and other text files and mass editing)

  2. AkelPad - ext editor.
    (the software is very much like Notepad++ but better works with large files, there is a 64-bit version)

  3. BabelPad - text editor.
    (name currently speaks for itself, it is more convenient to work with character sets, easily recode. It can be very useful when you are working with different foreign translations of the Bible)

  4. PilotEdit Lite - text editor.
    (It is working with large files - up to 40 Gb. there is a paid version on 64-bit)

Table editor

  1. LibreOffice. Free and correctly works with UTF-8 coding. Microsoft Excel uses own ANSI or UTF-8 with BOM.

    But if you already use Excel and it works correctly in your case, so use it.


  1. AutoIt - program for mass processing of files. (more)
    Especially suitable if you need one and the same work is done with a number of modules.


  1. ANSI2Uni - code converter. (more)
    From time to time we find material to create a module, but it is not always in our encoding UTF-8 without BOM.
    You can download this Converter from us, just unpack, installation is not required.


  1. base64image - Base64 image converter online. (more)
    To add picture to modules with HTML code.