About us

Denys Dolganenko Oleg Safonov Partners

Role in the team – the author of the project and the developer of the Android application.

Why do I work on MyBibie?

There are several reasons. I’ve tried to look into myself and formulate them, and it appears that the most important are the following:

  • By God’s grace I care when I get to know about a need of my brothers and sisters in Christ regarding studying and using the Word of God, and I realize that the Lord gives me a possibility to help them with that, and help myself by the way, too.

  • I am very glad that there is a Christian application made as for the Lord, a high quality one, and I have participated in that.

How Did It Start?

I like to read the Bible in an electronic form, so that it is always at hand, especially on my way to work and back.

My first electronic Bible was PalmBible+. I liked it so much that I kept fixing my old Palm T2 just to have PalmBible+ running – until the device has died completely.

Then, back in 2011, there were several weeks of searching for another electronic Bible. I’ve borrowed an Android smartphone from my acquaintance, saw a great number of Bibles at Google Play, and decided right then that I am getting an Android device, too - no doubt that I would find a convenient Bible in all these heaps of applications. Or so I thought. I did not even consider buying an iOS device then, as iPhones then were sold in Ukraine only unofficially, and somehow they did not attract me at all, although I could not tell why that is.

Then there were several weeks of searching and trying of different Bible applications, with a frustration at the end. Not a single one of those applications was convenient for me to use!

Then suddenly it dawned upon me: Android applications are written in Java, and I do know Java, use it at work… So why don’t I try to throw together a small Bible application for myself, a simple one but with minimal convenience features which I need and have not found anywhere? And I have some Bible texts to use, from my days of chatting with other PalmBible+ users…

It was in May 2011, and there are many holidays in Ukraine in May… I’ve told my wife that I fall out of life for a few days, will be making an electronic Bible for myself… I had a goal of making something similar to PalmBible+ on Android.

In the fall of 2011 there already was something that could be shared with others. I did not even think of Google Play then, as I could not officially explain where did I get Bible translation texts from. So I’ve put MyBible to a small web site. Some time later, one believer from Germany, Volker, has found MyBible there and asked me to make a German Bible translation module for it. And I’ve told him then: “why don’t you make it yourself - study the module format and go ahead”. And he did. And then he’s told me: you know, there is this site with many Bible translation texts from the public domain, shall we make a converter to MyBible format for them?

But making modules is a separate big work. The Lord took that into account: Vladimir Yakovlev from Monchegorsk, Murmansk area (Russia), wrote to me. And that was a miracle, because Vladimir readily took upon himself making modules for MyBible, on the same basis as I develop MyBible application, that is free of charge, for the glory of God.

And recently Oleg Safonov from Moscow has joined us. Oleg has brought fresh sound ideas and quickly became the master consultant, the main requester of the new functionality, a thorough and constructive tester. Also, dictionaries support in MyBible became possible thanks to Oleg’s knowledge and work to make word forms dictionaries, which are decisively important for that.

And so you have MyBible, being updated several times a year, and constantly maintained/cleaned modules, almost a thousand of them, in over a hundred of world’s languages.

Who am I?

I am 43, a programmer from Kharkov, Ukraine (but MyBible is my personal project, not related to my work). I am happily married for 19 years, our daughter is 17, our son is 15. We attend a non-denominational Christian church in Kharkov, Ukraine. My wife brought me to Christ - I wasn't a believer when we've got married (she was). I was in doubt about God and His Word until my pastor pointer me to materials on the Bible veracity and matching the observational science. So now I am a firm believer that the Bible is the true God's Word from the very first verse, the entire universe is created by God, as he told in Genesis, the Earth is young, and the Christ's second coming is rapidly approaching (could be even today!).

Denys Dolganenko
May 2015 – four years since MyBible was born