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From time to time people ask for a specific Bible version or a commentary.
Sometimes we are able to find the text and to create a module.
But we need your help to find texts in your native language for several modules we are looking for.

Here is the list.

Of course you may for anothe Bible version or Commentary.

  • Unger's Bible Dictionary, Merrill F. Unger
  • The New Unger's Bible Dictionary, Merrill F. Unger, R. K. Harrison
  • Греческо-русский словарь, Вейсман (Greek-Russian dictionary, Weisman)
  • Lutherbibel 1545 Alt deutsch
  • Slovak commentaries SSV - Slovak catholic translation
  • Hawaiian Pidgin English Bible
  • Chamorro Bible
  • Commentaries John Gill, Barnes, Clark and Wesley
  • The MacArthur Study Bible and Bible Commentary
  • MacArthur-Studienbibel
  • Scofield-Bibel 1914
  • Vine's Expository Reference OT NT
  • Ostrog Bible - Острожская Библия
  • Gennady's Bible - Геннадиевская Библия (ГБ), 1499
  • Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament, by William D. Mounce
  • The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (5 Volumes), by Katharine Doob Sakenfeld (Editor)
  • CWSB - Complete Word Study Bible (4 Volume Set), by Eugene E. Carpenter, Warren Baker and Spiros Zodhiates
  • ESV Greek-English Interlinear New Testament, by John Schwandt
  • NA28 with Critical Apparatus, Mounce Parsings, and Concise Dictionary, German Bible Society
  • Ryrie Study Bible Notes, by Charles Caldwell Ryrie
  • Lutherbibel 2017
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